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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Top UK Producer In £4,000 Extortion Mess

One of the prominent big players in the UK movie and entertainment business is sure in the center of a serious controversy that's capable of denting his image should he refuses to retrace his steps. Although, we gathered reliably that he's been able to get a soft landing on this, movie makers in the UK have promised to be tougher the next time he's found wanting of such a demeaning situation.

According to the information gathered by National Enquirer, the man in the eyes of the storm is one of the popular movie directors whose works have won many awards in the UK. The name George Kelly Toghanro is not a push over in the London entertainment industry, even though he's Sierra Leonean, George Kelly is more comfortable in the midst of Nigerians simply because of their population and expertise in the entertainment industry.

The CEO of Black Films Academy/Studios is said to be a dynamic businessman who also have interest in music promotions and he has been part of one of the concerts of Nigeria's hip hop rave, Dapo Oyebanji also known as Dbanj. And as for the crush of the matter, tongues have been wagging over George Kelly's alleged clandestinely unethical conducts that border on extortion and other professional vice.

Informed sources told National Enquirer that, the producer of The Lower Cut , a docu-drama on female genital mutilation who has also directed award winning films such as Broken Bride, Ikpaya and so on was said to have allegedly requested the sum of £2,000 each (Two Thousand Pounds) from two upcoming actresses, Ene and Prisca Richards a.k.a Vee Posh before they can be part of a movie production.

The innocent upcoming actresses, we gathered were dumbfounded when nothing happened even after they've been made to part with their hard earned £2,000 each; this was what informed the whisperings until the issue became a public interest.

This office gathered reliably that, an ad-hoc panel was set up by the Actors Guild United Kingdom Nollywood-AGUKN to look into the matter and they eventually summoned George Kelly who later promised to pour oil on troubled water by returning their money.

The estranged George paid up though, we were told he allegedly claimed the upcoming actresses were always eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on him every time they visited during the course of the offer, so they were only able to get between £1,600-£1,800 or thereabout instead of the £2,000 he extorted from them.

In our facts finding mission, we tried to hear from the award winning actor by meeting up with him somewhere in Hendon Central, North London when we got an information that, he might probably be at a movie audition venue but unfortunately he was not there and when we eventualy got his number, he refused to pick calls; he however engaged us on whatsapp chat later and here are the messages: ''Hello bro, did you try to call me'', he asked, Yes, been ringing you for the past one week, we responded. Okay sorry but I couldn't recognise the caller from that photograph, that's why am calling you. He later sent another one, ''please make it easy for me by reminding me who you are. (smiles smiles emoticon) and we replied, am a journalist. ''Great, he said what media outfit do you work for and how did you get my number. I am from Enquirer and we had to come looking for you somewhere in Hendon because we learnt you might possibly be at an audition. Okay thanks a lot. I'm trying to put finishing touches to one or two things. I'll contact you once am through, thanks again, have a nice day. Our chats on whatsapp, we did wait for him to get back to us as promised but he never did till we hit the press.

We went a step further by sounding out one of the top AGUKN members but the response we got is, ''my brother, you know this is a private matter, am not sure I know much about what you're talking about but I think its been sorted and everybody is happy''.

We await George Kelly's side of the story and we shall tell let you have it unedited as soon as he got back to us.

Jite Usman


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