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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

''The Craziest Thing I've Done''-Talented Singer, Kessydreez

She's a daughter of a preacher but that's far from being an impediment for this daringly hot and adoringly sexy upcoming artiste who believe you have to zero-in on what you have to get what you need. "I know am smallish but mighty in appearance", she boasted. In the real sense of talent, petite and pretty R n B vocalist, Kessydreez  is just da bomb waiting to blow. You need to watch out for her. In this no hold bared exclusively interview, the Igbo born promising artiste confided in National Enquirer where she spoke bluntly on what you won't expect to hear. It's quite interesting and explosive:

What were the traits you saw in yourself that propelled you into music?

I noticed that each time I open my mouth to sing I impacts a positive feeling on my listeners, people feel blessed, lives are touched and connected to my music, then I took it to a professional level, though I started as a gospel singer.

If it hadn't been music, what will it have been?

If not for music by now I should be a broadcaster or a porn model, dunno why; I just love my body and I ain't afraid to flaunt it.

Tell us about your real name, education and family?

Am Mbonu Kessy Doris (KessyDriz), a graduate of Linguistics & Mass Communication from the University of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. I'm the 8th child in a family of 10,  my dad is a Preacher and mum a caterer.

Share that bad experience you faced while you were dying to make your first single?

The biggest challenge then was finance to push my first work out there and that was because I was still in school but still have huge passion for my music, secondly, it's a very difficult game when it comes to female artistes in the industry, you see people (opposite sex) wanting to help you with a huge condition tied to your neck.. if I can be so determined and strong enough to release my first single "Soldier Go" which gave me my first 3 Awards in different categories, I don't think I'm ready to give up now despite other challenges, I will conquer.

Artistes, especially the female ones are always at the mercies of music producers, tell us your story?

Lol well, I don't think there's any producer I can't work with, some producers are very stubborn while others have that patience to work with female artistes. Working with female artistes ain't the same as the male folks. You need a whole lotta patience and tactics to follow them because they can be emotional sometimes and hardly give in to criticism.

What genre of music do you play and what's the inspiration?

KessyDriz can be easily traced to RnB and highlife but as a musician I can still do other genre. My RnB songs are inspired by environments and happenings while my highlife songs are strictly happiness and love.

How supportive were your parents toward your musical career?

At first my parents didn't support me because it seemed to them that I was going astray but now they've started seeing things differently and have no choice but to support me in prayers.

You want to tell us about your virginity, are you still with the lucky guy or was your own story too the normal harassment from an older guy?

I lost my virginity to a guy everyone sees as a pastor. He deceived me and slept with me and that's my biggest reason for leaving gospel, I hardly trust gospel singers.

What exactly are your ultimate focus and reasons for being a musician?

No ultimate reason.. it gives me joy each time I entertain people and they really feel entertained.

Who's your godfather in the industry?

I don't have any godfather 

And who's your crush?

My crush...hmmmmmm.. DJ Exclusive

What crazy thing(s) have you done as an artiste?

Crazy thing I've done? Uhmmm...I Had sex in the pool in broad day light.

What differentiates you from other female musicians?

Well, I'll say the only thing that differentiates me from others is the fact that I know I have a small stature and sexy and I know how to use my stature to my advantage unlike others who feel intimidated. If I appear at any function you have no choice but to notice my small stature presence, am small but mighty.

What will make you fulfil as a musician?

I can only be fulfilled when the world has said they've had enough of me. By then I should have my own empire with artistes signed under my label, in other words I should be seen as an "icon" or Legend.

What was the first artiste fee you got and what's your rating now.

The first fee I ever received was N13,000 years back but now I get paid well depending on the nature of the event, for instance, my last event during the Christmas, I was paid more than N300, 000 for a show and I see that as stepping up, it means am growing.

Which shows would you say are your biggest for now?

Uhmmm...my biggest show? I'll say the Port-Harcourt Carnival where I performed alongside Psquare, Wyclef, Patra, Phyno, Burna Boy etc. I also did the theme song for that event. Secondly, at Shell's end of the year party where I performed with Yemi Alade and Duncan Mighty. Again at the "Face of Democracy" at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja where I performed alongside Patoranking, Jawon, Niyola etc. I was also privileged to do "TheKingAndI " with Alibaba and Dan d Humorous, and "Pink Matter" with Victoria Kimani, Denrele  and also the Nigeria Most Wanted Model show. Others are the "Njiko Carnival with Charlie Boy and Friends to mention a few, these are the big events I did in 2015.

Tunde Moshood 

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