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Sunday, 17 April 2016

See The Newest Sexy Look Ladies Are Dying For

The crave for the sexy and attractive lion-hearted physique, athletic figure, gangling frame and body building posture which are ladies preferred characteristics for choosing their men must be finding its way out of fashion if the newest looks mature men are cutting right now is anything to go by. Your darling magazine, National Enquirer takes a breath taking look at what fashionable male celebs adore as newest dazzling looks.

There's a new look which mature celebs have cultivated of late and which they find more easy, economical,sexy and attractive enough to sweep ladies, especially curvy and beautiful young babes and teenagers alike, off their feet. And you know the interesting thing about the new sexy discovery which they term ' new 6 Packs', its old age oriented meaning, its strictly for fashionable mature men between 40s and early 50s who're still envogue.

If you've noticed mature celebrities of late in most society gatherings, you'll discover everyone of them now step out in this new sexy look, dandily dressed and you'll agree that its something attractive and interestingly different from the norm. Please take a look at them again.

'These young guys wouldn't let us enjoy our lives again all in the name of 6 Packs, they're threatening to force us to retirement from active 'social service' but its a white lie, we won't succumb to such cheap blackmail, let them keep brandishing their well chested physique and we'll flaunt our own 6 packs in return, and you know what!, we have an edge over them because we've got more money to spend on these young ladies than they do', one of the male celebs confided in National Enquirer's editor during the course of putting this feature together.

The celeb who spoke to us only on anonymity disclosed that, funny enough, these so called fine boys who flaunt 6-pack chests all about are '5 minutes' exponents, they just monopolise these young girls and from our discoveries, we're even better than them in bed, he told us.

The newest 6 packs for the mature men is not far-fetched, its just a well lawned, carefully nurtured, shaved and cleaned white beard, then get yourself clad in fitted nice attire and you're good to go, no young guy can push you over. Look at these celebs and tell me if they're not cute, sexy and attractive to be taken home.

Jite Usman

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