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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Toyin Aimakhu Leads Linda Ikeji, Toyin Lawani, Mercy Aigbe, Others To Win Social Media Awards

The advent of the various social media platforms have indeed shown the true colours and personal idiosyncrasies of so many of our celebrities, like they say behaviour is a mirror with which every one displays his own image. The happenings and behaviour excesses on social media are so common and rampant that the situation is calling for recognition as a way of rewarding everyone as deemed fit as regards social media conducts. This awards, Enquirer's Social Conducts will be reviewed every quarter to serve as check and balances for societal dos and don'ts among notable celebrities who're supposed to be rôle models. Please see who got what...

Epitome of Success
Just like it implies, the memento is in recognition of an outstanding personality in the art whose status and high profile lifestyle is unrivalled. Aside being a rôle model to beat, the winner in this category is the only celebrity whose fans team, rate as the highest. Arguably though, not sure there's any other celebrity that has clocked 1m followership on instagram in Nigeria. She's definitely an idol, a shining example, a mentor and mirror with which the upcomers can see-through. Its for no one else but superstar actress, Genevieve Nnaji.

Serial Juliet of The Year
This award goes to a popular Yoruba actress who has been adjudged to have displayed the most gullible and shameless social media conduct so far and also for her indecency and recklessness in ''body offering'' for different male folks even as ssomebody's legal wife. Overall, she beats others in her category to walk tall having allegedly flaunted 4 men or more as lovers over a period of 4 years. This actress who boasted of being a frontline rôle model has been romantically linked to a Yahoo Boy in Ibadan who gave her a car she was cruising about town then, the romance packed up and she moved to another sizzling affair with a guy, Kunle Fatai Shoyombo who later dumped her and married his pregnant lover. She found God's favour not too long after being dumped when she met a lanky, tall and handsome dude who appeared to be the bone of her bone. She had a society wedding and in what looked like a spiritual warfare, she woke up one day again to pack out of the celebrated relationship and as if that's not enough, she emptied every dirty clothes in her wardrobe and began to wash them at the centre of a market square when she jumped on another man called Seun Egbegbe for yet another shameful affair just weeks after leaving her husband. And when Seun threw her out, she employed the services of local drummers who saw her off to Instagram where she danced to celebrate her disgraceful track records once more. The public awaits again, her new found love even though, her body language is contemplating going back to her legal home. Can we have a resounding round of applause for the winner in this category....And the winner is......Toyin Aimakhu.

Queen Of Owambe
This award goes to a girl next door, a fortunate lady and an On-Air-Personality who got her full groove after treating her skin from being a COKE to a FANTA, infact, the gist in town is that, some of her family are finding it hard to believe she's the one owing to her total transformation from skin to new lease of extroverted lifestyle which she's capitalising on it to rule the social waves. Her social agrressive style paid off recently though as the cosmetic freak just cornered for herself, a juicy mega deal of becoming a cosmetic ambassador. She has also had her fair share of matrimony squabbles when her hubby-to-be impregnated former GF leaving her in the cold, and this was the beginning of the restlessness that catapulted her into attending every parties in town whether invited or not like an NTF (No Thinking Faculty). Her catchment area is in ''famsy...ing'' different designers on her social pages with a decoy to getting enough to wear to parties. Winning in this category is beautiful Vlogger, English & Literature graduate of the University of Lagos and OAP extraordinaire, Toke Makinwa.

Regent of Parody
This category honours a thoroughbred practitioner in the art, an extraordinary female actor, an award winning Nollywood personality who has been able to step up her game by crossing over from regular acting to a comic dramatist of note. In fact, she has carved a niche of uniqueness for herself by being a household name in a newest genre of drama which can aptly be described as witticism. This can be attested to by the various post of her comical sitcom on her instagram page-Jenifa's Diary. In this category, actress Funke Akindele a.k.a Jenifa rules

Duchess Of Pursuit
This goes to a serial entrepreneur, business amazon, and dynamic investment adventurer who has displayed more than enough passion in her areas of specialty. This woman of substance is bestriding every trade like a collosus. The activities on her social media platforms are amazingly diverse with her fingers stock in all kinds of commerce. She's a fashion designer, make up artist, builder, architect, food vendor, photographer, wardrobe manager, actress, presenter, model and what have you. The winner in this category is a master planner, Toyin Lawani of Tianah's Place.

Queen of Instagram
This goes to an all round A-lister in both social and professional achievements. A fulfilled dynamo with an outstandingly impressive profile among her peers. This leading actress of note is a beauty to behold with an alarming fashion sense. On daily basis, the population of fans thronging her social media page is tumultous. Actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry is no doubt worthy of being honoured with Queen of Instagram award.

Drama Queen
This award goes to a blessedly privileged actress who's always daring to be in the news. She's very beautiful but weird and controversial personified. She doesn't care what people think about her public assessment as long as she's having fun. In the past, she has posted pictures of many weird tattoos in different areas of her body; this coupled with pictures of her holding mariyuana are what qualified her in this category. The Drama Queen of The Year Award goes to nursing mother, Tonto Dikeh-Churchill.

Lady Brandish
This award honours a nouveau riche entrepreneur and dame of success whose thoughts, body language and public mannerism have been greatly influenced by her sudden wealth and unexpected rise to fame. Forcibly lovable and vigorously accepted, this style spellbinder has no consideration for humility and chooses to behaving affectedly all the time. Picking up the Lady Brandish award is popular blogger of international repute, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji.

This award goes to a passionate professional, a happy go lucky girl, dame of doggedness who has shown to the world that the only way you can be happy is to do your thing. Yes, she's doing her things but with somewhat of an extra zeal without minding the fact that you don't spread every clothes in the sun. Her professional courage is second to none but some things are better kept within the ambit of privacy. Virtually everybody knows the winner in this category whenever she's working, she's shooting, she's gymming, she's booby, she's shedding, she's eating, she's flying, she's traveling and so on. For the Workermania award, the winner is actress Yvonne Jegede.

Baby Mama

This category rewards a promising artiste, a fast rising singer whose social conduct is being remote-controlled somewhere we don't know. She's fighting hard to have a befittingly artistic image but its been to no avail because of her reliance and allegiance to a set of people. Her idea of always acting and toying with being a Baby Mama on social media has cut her an image of a loose girl in show business. In this category, the award goes to Cynthia Morgan.

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