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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Mayweather's $20,000/Night Vac Jamboree, ''No Fronting Needed, Am A Rich Man By All Standard''

Boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather who's arguably world's richest athlete is on vac and the greatboxer has been on spending spree junketing around the globe in company of his daughter, Moneyyaya. Theduo has been spotted together at the famous eifel tower in Paris and later at an exclusive designer boutique where he lavished a whopping $400,000 on high end bags.
The American superstar regularly posts pictures on social media demonstrating his fabulous wealth but his latest purchase in the French capital may well have topped the lot. 
Mayweather, who has been linked with a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, headed to the city of love with his daughter Iyanna and his latest Instagram video shows the eye-watering amount of cash he's splashed out. 
The 39-year-old spent a remarkable total of $400,000 (£280,000) on bags from designer label Hermes.
He posted a video of him doing exactly that with the caption: 'Went bag shopping at Hermes in Paris, France today. I treated myself to one size 55 Hermes Hac crocodile men travel bag and 3 size 50 Hermes Hac crocodile men travel bags and bought @melissiarene a 40 orange crocodile Birkin. 
'Over $400,000 spent in Hermes cause I stay in my lane.'
The expensive shopping trip at one of Paris' most expensive stores followed a trip to one of the city's most famous landscapes, The Louvre. 
It all formed part of Mayweather's recent globe trotting expedition which has seen him enjoy his time away from the ring.
But if reports over a potential rematch with Pacquiao are to be believed, Mayweather may well be returning to the ring in the near future. 
The man who calls himself 'Money' Mayweather has previously indicated he has no desire to return to competitive boxing but the pull of a fight with Pacquiao of the Philippines and its potential mega earnings may well be too hard to turn down. 
Unbeaten in 49 professional fights, Mayweather may also find he'd like one more success to bring up a half century of wins before retiring for good.
The boxing star is at present enjoying life at the Maldives, Indian Ocean and here's what he posted on his instagram page on his on going vac, ''whoever said I wouldn't enjoy retirement couldn't be anymore wrong. How can you not enjoy the luxury of flying out 20 people for a dream trip around the world? Flying on Air-Mayweather and I chartered another private jet just for my luggages and the extra shopping bags, we've flown from New York to Paris to Dubai and now to the beautiful Maldives. I personally chose to stay in the best of the best, a 3-bedroom Landaa estates where I woke up to my very own private beach. At $20,000 a night, you can only imagine the amenities and the view is A1, top of the line. I worked hard and made smart investments, so honestly spending $300,000 on a vacation is just staying in my lane. Everybody is rich on social media but am wealthy in real life. No frontin' needed'', he boasted in Maldives.
Below are pictures of his vacation adventures and the video of his Maldives' breath taking $20,000 a night estate.

Floyd Mayweather, world famous boxer and questionable human being, is no stranger to the high life. In fact, thanks to the multi-millions he pulls in per fight, he's able to flaunt his wealth in ways other can only dream of. That means when he's in a high-end luxury store like Hermès, he doesn't just shop. Rather, he takes dozens of pictures documenting the shopping spree, sets the gallery to a song about being a baller, then posts the video to Instagram. And then he flat-out states how much he spent during the whole thing, which in a recent case came to a grand, grand total of $400,000.

Clearly, the dollar amount isn't surprising for a guy like Floyd. This is a man who once dropped a million dollars on a watch—twice. What is surprising is that he dropped it on just five bags. Now, Hermès is hardly known for its affordability, but even by their standards Floyd's new bags are at the higher end. And if you're wondering what a man would need to do with oversized leather/alligator bags (especially ones that are coveted by women across the globe at that), then consider the fact that their oversized shape is actually pretty perfect for a man who will certainly be hauling more luxury goods in the very near future. What is he going to do? Put a pair of $50,000 shoes in a paper shopping bag?

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