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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Meet Military Officer's Wife Whose 4 Kids Are US Armies

This is a story of a proud mother, a military officer's wife whose 3 daughters are serving officers in the US Army, and as if that's not enough, her son was also said to be a uniformed man in the US. Mrs. Agatha Benson is that lucky US based woman of substance who hails from Owerri, Imo State Nigeria. Call her an activist and promising politician, you would definitely be saying the obvious because of her undying passion for motherland.

Her daughters, we were told are all gallant officers who have served in different capacities, they were infact part of the US combatants that fought the Iraq and Afghanistan war where they won Silver Awards while her oldest, Captain Remi Benson now Major had her first stint as one of the delegates on peace keeping mission during the Kosovo crises.

Informed sources spoke to National Enquirer about madam Benson's love for her dear country, ''she's so much in love with her country, her belief is to see Nigeria of our dream in our life time, that's why she's always actively involved in the Nigerian politics, all you need to do is check her facebook walls and you'll marvel at the kind of information she dishes out on daily basis, she's so current; most times trying to teach and correct the excesses of Nigerian politicians'', the source told us.

According to close sources, the US based woman who's also a grand mother is the wife of Captain O.O Benson, a native of Ikoro Ekiti and top rank military police personnel before his demise. Like father like children you would say, Mrs. Benson's four children are towing their father's steps but instead, they prefer a career in the US.

Information gathered from their mum who's so fond of her children's profession revealed that, they all attended Air Assault and Airborne Schools preparatory for a career in the US military. The good news is that, another of her daughter, Captain Tokunbo Benson has just been promoted, she's been enlisted as a Major leaving the proud mother with 2 Army Majors and a Staff Sergeant in this order: Major Remi Benson, Major Tokunbo Benson and Staff Sergeant Opeyemi Benson-Walker respectively.

Mrs. Benson was so happy that she couldn't wait to show her gratitude to God by reeling out this messages, read the unedited version

''My passion for uniformed men and women came from Nigeria Army to US military. I want y'all to join me to congratulate my daughter Captain Tokunbo Benson in US Army who made Major list. List first then promotion comes later on. 2015 was my oldest daughter Captain Remi Benson promoted to Major. She was enlisted first. I know most of y'all are confused about my daughters in US Army. They're Major Remi Benson, Captain Tokunbo Benson who made Major list, and Staff Sergeant Opeyemi Benson-Walker. Their father was late Captain O. O. Benson of Nigeria Military Police. Old saying like father like daughters. My son was in the US Army too. My daughters in US Army fought Iraq and Afghanistan war and worn Silver Awards. My oldest daughter Major Remi Benson started her first assignment in 1998 during the Kosovo crisis. My daughters went to Air Assault and Airborne schools. Pls, parents out there with more girls don't be discouraged. Support their goals for what they wanna be positively. Girls are as important as boys. My children are from Ikoro Ekiti, South Western Nigeria. I'm a true Nigerian. I want to let those who often confuse about my state of origin. I'm from Owerri, Imo State the Bongo Zone. God has done it again in 2016. Nigeria youth there's hope for y'all. God hasn't forsake Nigeria Youth. God is great. Continue to pray for her next journey. '', in her voice.

Tunde Moshood

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