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Friday, 9 June 2017

Meet Seven Nigerians Elected As British MPs In 2017

Kemi Badenoch

Kate Ofunne Osamor

Chinyelu Susan "Chi" Onwurah

Fiona Oluyinka Onasanya

Bim Afolami

Chuka Harrison Umunna

Helen Grant
The recently concluded elections in the UK have seen seven of the illustrious citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria being elected into the enviable positions as members of the British Parliament. Your darling magazine, National Enquirer brings you the impressive lifestyles of these high profile international politicians of note.
Chuka Harrison Umunna (born 17 October 1978) is a British Labour politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Streatham since 2010 and was Shadow Business Secretary from 2011 to 2015. Umunna was born in London, England. His father Bennett, of the Nigerian Igbo ethnic group died in a road accident in Nigeria in 1992.Umunna's mother, Patricia Milmo, a solicitor, is of English-Irish background. Umunna's maternal grandparents were Joan Frances (Morley) and Sir Helenus Milmo QC, a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials.He is married to Alice Sullivan, an employment lawyer.
Bim Afolami is a Conservative Member of Parliament for Hitchin and Harpenden constituency since the United Kingdom general election, 2017. He had stood in the Lewisham Deptford constituency in the previous 2015 general election. He works as a corporate lawyer at Freshfields. Afolami comes from Crowthorne, Berkshire. His father is a Nigerian consultant doctor who works for the National Health Service. He was educated at Bishopsgate School, Eton public school and Oxford University where he studied modern history. He was also vice president of the Oxford Union Society.
Fiona Oluyinka Onasanya is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Peterborough since 2017. Onasanya is a solicitor at DC Law in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. She was a Labour Cambridgeshire County Councillor for King's Hedges in Cambridge and deputy leader of the Labour group on the council.
Chinyelu Susan "Chi" Onwurah (born 12 April 1965) is a British Labour Party politician, who was elected at the 2010 general election as the Member of Parliament for Newcastle upon Tyne Central, succeeding the previous Labour MP Jim Cousins, who had decided to step down after 23 years. She is Newcastle's first black MP. She is the current Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, as well as Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, having been appointed to both posts in September 2015.
Kate Ofunne Osamor (born 15 August 1968) is a British Labour Co-operative politician. She has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Edmonton since May 2015. In June 2016, She was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for International Development.
Kemi Badenoch has been a member of the London Assembly since September 2015. She is the GLA Conservative’s spokesman for the Economy and also sits on the Transport Committee and Policing and Crime Committee. Prior to the Assembly, Kemi was a director at the Spectator Magazine and before that, an associate director at Coutts & Co. She holds two degrees in engineering and law, from Sussex University and Birkbeck College respectively. She is currently a board member for the Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life and for 9 years was a non-executive director for a London housing association.

Helen Grant (born 28 September 1961) is a British Conservative Party politician. She has served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidstone and The Weald since 2010, when she succeeded Ann Widdecombe. Grant was the first black woman to be elected as a Conservative MP, having also been the first black woman to be selected as a candidate to stand for a Conservative-held parliamentary seat. She first served in government as jointly Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Women and Equalities (from 2012 to 2015) and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice (2012 to 2013). She also became Minister for Sport and Tourism in 2013, a post she held until after the 2015 general election.

Sosoliso Plane Crash Survivor, Kechi Okwuchi Shines @ America’s Got Talent


Kechi Okwuchi, the Nigerian lady who was one of the two survivors of the 2005 Sosoliso Plane crash that claimed the lives of 108 passengers including 60 students of Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja, Nigeria was among some of the talent wonders at the ongoing America’s Got Talent competition in the US.

The 28 year old who graduated with honours from the University of St. Thomas, against all odds, wowed the tumultuous audience leaving the quartet of critical minded Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Melanie Janine Brown-the panel of judges dumbfounded by her inspirational performance.

Without mincing words, Kechi who lives in Houston Texas, US narrated her ordeal in the ill-fated plane crash telling the judges that she would want to show her talent, saying she has been singing since she was about eight years old, but only very seriously for about 12 years now.
The judges were almost moved to tears when she says, while she was recuperating in the hospital, bandaged from head to foot, music was the only ‘escape route’ she had.
“That’s why music means so much to me,” the 28-year-old lady says, before she given the floor to render Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. Below is the video of her awe-inspiring performance.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Nigerian Lady Walks Tall As Black’s 1st PhD Holder In Biomedical Science

A Nigerian lady, Adeolu Deborah Olubamiji has made history by walking tall in the world of science by breaking all barriers and obstacles to become the first black person to bag a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.

Born in the ancient city of Brown Roofs, Ibadan, Oyo State, in 1985, the beautiful Adeolu Deborah Olubamiji who’s the last of the 5 children of peasant farmer parents beat others to the enviable record that was announced on June 5th, 2017.

According to sources, the academic ingenuity of the brilliant Deborah begun when after her primary education at Alafia nursery and primary school Mokola Ibadan, she became the Head Girl at the St. Gabriel secondary commercial school where she came out in flying colours by making one of the best results during the West Africa Senior Secondary School exams among the 2001 set.  

And as if that was not enough, the brilliant Debbie soon made another outstanding record when she led the Physics department class with a Second Class Upper division at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, ago Iwoye, this, we gathered opened, yet, a new door, as she proceeded to Finland (University of Tampere) for her Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Coming from a humble background, it was not a walk in the park for young Adeolu, as she had no one, no money and being a black girl from a poor home, so she had to juggle, working as a part time Cleaner during this tough academic years studying for her Master’s degree. Out of determination, she applied to over 100 schools for her PhD and finally got a full 3 years scholarship ( later extended to 4 years) in the University is Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.

While at the PhD programme, she worked part time as a make-up artist, and seller at Sephora Canada. She braided hair and weaved for students including teaching jobs to make extra money. It was a harrowing experience, but she never gave up, she was already used to waiting for her time; as she muses , on her graduation day " As the 5th child of 5, I always had to wait in line for my turn. I was the last, a girl child and was raised by mum who is a farmer and my dad who had little. I hawked pepper on the streets of Ibadan as early as age 10 to help my mum. Went to a public primary and secondary school in Ibadan, attended OOU and studied physics, so it looked like I won't amount to much".

Today, Dr. Adeolu. D. Olubamiji is the first black person to have received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. Currently she works as a Lead Metallurgical/Material Engineer in an Aerospace Manufacturing company in Canada. She is single and in her early 30s, smiling with pride and fulfilment as she says to her future husband, " I walked tall for my future husband and unborn children who patiently waited for me to fulfil my dreams so that he can have a wife he will be proud of and they can have a role model to look up to.

Let's change the role models we are giving to Nigerians. It's about time to show them that being educated is the New way to pepper them.

Jav Fredericks Imoni.

French Students Shoot Nollywood Movie @ Africa Films Day

Nollywood, the Nigeria blooming movie industry was recently given a befitting honour and classroom priority in one of France’ Ivy League institutions, Lycee Notre Dame, Chartres when the school management obliged its students the opportunity of having a feel of the evolving entertainment industry reputed as the second biggest in the world.

Lycee Notre Dame Directors, Marc Tranin and Fred Maillard's welcome address
The school management led by its humility personified top directors, Marc Tranin and Fredrick Maillard invited notable Nollywood practitioners such as star actress, Hannah Ojo and UK Based topflight movie director, Chucks Mordi amongst other experienced personalities as resource persons for the 1-day teaching and workshop project which held on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017.
Others who’re part of the success story of the Nollywood teaching class engineered by Nigeria born academician of international repute, Cyprian Josson who teaches English, History and Geography in the school are Longy Agoha, Nesto Duru and Tunde Moshood.  

French journalist, Roxanne de Witte interviews Hannah Ojo
Tagged  “Film for Students Day”, the interesting event which is part of the school’s teaching techniques to broaden the learning and retentive memories of the students got to its crescendo with the production of a short movie, scripted, directed and shot by the brilliant students.

‘’We have never seen such fast-learning students before, they were so engrossed in the teachings to the extent that they volunteered to write a script instantly and we’re able to shoot a short movie in few hours, they’re so brilliant and interested in Nollywood’’, some of the resource persons, Chucks Mordi and Hannah Ojo couldn’t hide the amazement.

Actress Hannah Ojo  receives Certificate of Participation
The event kicked off with a breakfast meeting between the resource persons and the top echelons of the school before the students were divided in groups for the project of the day. The initiator of the project Nollywood in Lycee Notre Dame, Mr. Cyprian Josson was the moderator who intermittently coordinated the event took the students through a brief history of Nollywood before handing over to Tunde Moshood who shared ‘’The Nollywood and Media experience’’ after which Bleeding Rose, a film produced by Chucks Mordi was later screened.

Actress Hannah Ojo later spoke to the students on ‘’Low Budget Movie Production’’ with Nollywood experience as case study while motivational speaker, Mr. Longy Agoha spoke on the use of language and display of culture and tradition in the movie, Bleeding Rose before Mr. Nesto Duru, an experienced France trained cinematographer crowned the day by the movie review.

Nollywood Director, Chucks Mordi receives Certificate of Participation
In his submission, the academic director, Fredrick Maillard who was so happy at the students’ charismatic disposition on the project spoke on the reasons for the Nollywood Day, the project is aimed at introducing students to the Nigerian Film industry called Nollywood, we’re so proud of what the African movie industry has become and the display of culture and tradition, we want our students to be accustomed with foreign culture. The project’s goal is to support classroom teaching on Africa by screening a Nollywood film, he squealed.

After the movie screening, workshop and the short movie production, there was a panel discussion between the students and resource persons, this was to enable the students have a more profound and thorough understanding of African cinema, precisely Nollywood. Simultaneously, the objective of “FILM FOR STUDENTS DAY” was to accomplish its educational mission by raising the consciousness of African development through cinema to students of LycĂ©e Notre Dame, Chartres, France; to inspire and further students’ critical engagement and to broaden their horizons to a new cinema, which is neither Hollywood nor Bollywood.

Cyprian Josson watches with keen interest during the project
It was indeed an avenue to project the Nigeria’s blossoming movie industry and this no doubt seems to have paid off as talks are on-going for a bigger picture of partnership with Nollywood practitioners, very very soon.

Group photograph with students 
Some exciting students

Monday, 15 May 2017

Gory Video…Stupendously Rich Igbo High Chief Caught In Robbery Operation…

A stupendously rich young Igbo high Chief was among the dare devil bandits that confronted a team of armed policemen in a bank robbery operation in Lagos yesterday. 

The operation, which eye witnesses have described as one of the deadliest in recent time left so many policemen wounded but the gun totting kings of the road were also not opportune to go Scott free. The nouveau-riche high chief, Chief Ugoebenaja who led the robbery operation paid with his dear life. 

According to sources who identified the young multimillionaire as High Chief Ugoebenaja from Orsumuoghu, Delta State, no one will ever believe he's an armed robber, "what an irony of life, this is a young man who gives money at will, he spends as if he doesn't work for the money, we all believe he's a drug baron because he's always saying he's traveling abroad", the source told National Enquirer. 

‘’These are the kind of guys that throw heavy parties where moneys are being splashed like water, they’re obviously not making the money with their sweat, they’re armed robbers or Yahoo Plus guys’’, the source told us.

Chief Ugoebenaja, the source told us further is in his late 30s but he has so many wonders on wheels and his all-marble architectural masterpiece-his country home in Delta is a fortress to behold. 

Before he was eventually caught and shot dead in the I'll fated robbery operation at a Lagos bank yesterday, Chief Ugoebenaja is one of the richest young men from his village, Amaduru Orsumughu but nobody knew him as an armed robber. 

The man is known for his undying penchant for worldly accomplishments and sophisticated beautiful women who're mainly fair skinned undergraduate school girls, " he likes to always be in the midst of beautiful women with his friends, they like to throw party every time and each time, they sprinkle money, mostly US dollars as if it were mere powder", the source informed us. 

He was part of the armed gang that were terrorising a Lagos bank before he got shot in the tough gun dwell with the Police. Below is the video of his last hours in the throes of death.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Billionaire Sujimoto Fingered In Dabota Lawson Daughter’s Paternity “No, Dabota Is My Sister”-Sujimoto

If there’s any luck that can be termed as the best of luck in this world, it’s the luck one makes with his/her senses and if there’s anyone who’s enjoying such best of luck, it’s no one but the erstwhile Miss Nigeria United Kingdom, Dabota Lawson who left the comfy empire of one billionaire for a pampering arms of another billionaire, little wonder she keeps addressing herself fondly and registered her business as Billionaire Wife Limited.
The beautiful mother of one adorable girl, Dabota Lawson who just moved into a multimillion Naira business mall she named, Two Six, a figure that stands for her birthday celebration, 2ndof June, located on Admiralty way, Lekki, Lagos is presently seeking to divorce her billionaire husband, Prince Aku, the man who invested heavily on her business and almost everything she’s become today and this is why sources have come out to smell foul play.

Though, she has come out to say that, her husband, Prince Aku never set her up and that all those saying such are fools, “am not a gold digger, if you need to hear. I'm beauty and brains and that's a fact !!! In a world where females think to get rich quick, I've paid my dues and still paying. I got my first job at the age of 16 whilst in the College in Leicester. @justice_2ndus @redlipsblackmascara remember how funny it was when we were registered to blue arrow agency in college and we were so proud to be working class girls .. Looool. For those of you especially in the media that try to portray my first " taste of wealth" in your myopic mind to create hits for you by saying it was when I got married . You all didn't do any research, you are all lazy and are a disgrace and sorry excuse and demean the real job of journalism. As a child I had the best life and my parent provided everything, we were given the best education and two holidays each year abroad. No poor family can train 4 children in the UK on international school fee. God bless my mum and dad for the opportunity. ( thank God almighty) That never made me have a big head and if anything my childhood inspired me to want to be great. When I met my husband I was still working, he had to beg and pay me to stop work and still I refused and found my calling in business which I started out of my pocket money N789,000. No one gave me millions to start a business. Anyway I'm tired. It's really easy for women to try to bring other women down. It's fun because it makes them feel good about themselves. It gives those women a temporary relief of the fact that their own lives is in shambles or the person too is not perfect . BUT WHO IS PERFECT ANYWAY??? BUSINESS NOW A FEWS YEARS LATER WITH LIFES UPS AND DOWN , WITH ALL MY MISTAKES AND WRONG DOINGS , ITS BOOMING THANKS TO MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. This is my flash back ... IM AM A QUEEN AND NO ONE EXCEPT GOD CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!!!", her response to anyone who thinks the man ever contributed a dime in her business.
“She think she’s the smartest lady ever born, so how much is N789,000 to the billion empire she’s got now and why did she marry a billionaire and not her mate if she ever think she’s an entrepreneur, we know her gold digging type, and after she’s claiming not to know that the man, Prince Sunny Aku is married before marrying her, why did you accept to date somebody older than you for almost 2 decades in the first place, it’s like marrying your father because the man is exactly your father’s age, don’t even know the kind of rich family that is, never heard of rich parents that sold their daughter to a billionaire for money, the Lawsons are the first, who knows how they managed to send her to the UK for schooling sef, there’s more to this and we shall see as the interesting episodes develop”, the source told National enquirer.
And as if that’s not enough, one of her close friends again is allegedly casting doubts on the paternity of her baby, a bouncing baby girl, Reena who should be 5 or 6 months old now and if we have to go by what the impeccable source is rolling out as the facts at hand, there might be enough reasons for the paragon of beauty to address this damning allegation of her daughter’s paternity. 
The ex-beauty Queen, Dabota who just called it quit with her much older billionaire husband, Prince Sunny Joseph Okechukwu Aku, the Chairman of Novena Majesty Industries has started lounging with another billionaire, and this time somebody much younger and arguably one of Nigeria’s youngest billionaires, Sijibomi Ogundele of Sujimoto fame.
The ravishing beauty has been lucky all her life. Raised in a silverspoon home, according to her by a wealthy father who’s believed to be the former managing director of the National Fertilizer Company of Nigeria-NAFCON and attended the prestigious University of Leicester where she graduated with an enviable second class upper in Financial Economics in 2008 when she was in her early 20s, this much National Enquirer can reveal.
The lucky girl began life when she walked tall to win the 2009/2010 edition of the Miss Nigeria UK, a spectacular status that got her equipped the more, to negotiate what she really wants in life. Very bold and daring, Dabota soon took a bold step having identified her strongest weapon which is her beauty. 
And what she did? She didn’t care a hoot, the go-getter invested the very first dime she made in herself by reconstructing some vital parts of her body like the nose, and mainly liposuction to remove excessively unwanted fats at sexy areas, including white washing her skin and all that, this office gathered set her back with a whopping $30,000 (Thirty Thousand Dollars) over a period of 2012-2014.
We gathered reliably that it was shortly after the reconstructive surgery that she met the Igbo billionaire businessman, Prince Sunny Aku who got hook, line and sinker at first sight and dazzled her with the very latest wonder on wheel, Range Rover vogue before the wealthy mogul proposed and later married her as wife number 5 on December 13th, 2014.
What a mystery, the colourful marriage which was contracted fabulously in the presence of people of high administrative capability like the former governor of Anambra State, Peter obi among other topflight boardroom colossi in the oil, banking and business circuits hardly lasted a year going by the facts at hand.
As at December 2015, the smart ex beauty Queen had left her matrimonial home in the guise of being afraid and also that, her husband is still technically married to one Mrs. Elizabeth Chioma Aku and on this ground, she’s praying a Lagos High Court dissolve the marriage courted on December 13th, 2014 in February 2016.
And despite dragging the man to court for divorce, we gathered reliably that, the ex beauty Queen is yet fighting one of her friends, a fellow erstwhile beauty Queen, Sylvia Nduka calling her out on social media alleging that, she’s the one that destroyed her marriage and that, the lady is dating her husband, a man who has been begging her for leaving him without any reasonable cause. 
The dependable source also raised a vital point in the birth of her baby, Reena who was delivered in a U.S hospital on the 8th of October, 2016. Though, no one has seen the birth certificate of the innocent child to ascertain her father’s name, the source is of the opinion that, for a married woman who left her matrimonial home before December 2015 and gave birth in October 2016, there’s every possibility that, she must have her reasons for leaving home in such a strange manner.
The daring beauty is not hiding the fact that she’s in a relationship with a fabulously wealthy and rich young man whom she openly showed the world the alerts of a whopping N3m he credited her when she was in the US shortly before delivery calling out her billionaire husband, “old money my ass…living in a mansion with no liquid cash and lots of debts…mtcheww, shout out to all the youngsters who came from nothing to something”, she lashed out at Prince Aku “God has compensated me, He wiped my tears and answered my prayers when I said God take it all, let me just have my peace, now I have the most wonderful man by my side and the most beautiful daughter”, she boasted in one of her social media rants.
The source argued further that, she dare not say Prince Aku fathers the little innocent girl, she knows who the father is and we equally know him, all that shall be sorted when Prince is ready for her, she’s a gold digger and money monger who can go extra mile to use her body to con any man, so she thinks she can swindle Prince Aku and go scot free and move to another billionaire right? Clap clap for her, she gushed further.
Further checks by this office revealed that, while the ex beauty Queen is hiding under the flimsy excuse of her husband’s technical marriage to another woman, we gathered reliably that, the billionaire business mogul actually caught his wife pants down, though allegedly and according to the source, ‘’she was caught red handed cheating with a younger lover at a hotel. Her Range Rover plate number was wrapped up to avoid olofofos but those who saw her checked in with her younger lover alerted her husband, Prince Aku who drove in the middle of the night to confirm. He caught her and she started begging but Prince Aku was totally broken and couldn’t bring himself to forgive her. Her family has been begging relentlessly. At some point, he tried to forgive (the charade of a video) but trust was gone especially with her suspicious movements in the name of her make up line. What next? Divorce? Dabota only acted first to avoid the huge embarrassment of Aku taking the lead on divorce process’’ the excat words of the source“
While all deception requires secrecy, all secrecy is not meant to deceive and leaks, as they say are not the problem, but the symptoms, they reveal a disconnect between what people want and need to know and what they actually do know, the greater the secrecy the more likely a leak. This source who’s claiming to be so close alleged that, the younger lover is no one but the latest and biggest investor that has happened to the real estate business in Nigeria, at least at the moment, he is billionaire Sijibomi Ogundele, the newest business wonder kid who stormed the Nigeria’s real estate industry with a bang few years ago.
The nouveau-riche Sijibomi Ogundele also known as Sujimoto, the property whizkid whose name is synonymous to finesse and perfection is one of the greatest investment drivers of this era, and with his sterling records of aggressive achievements in the modern day architectural financing, winning in everything he’s putting his hands on, there’s no doubt in the fact that, no one else possessed his kind of might including “off-road” cruise.
But while naysayers are staking the bets nailing Sujimoto who’s nudging his 30s as the man in the centre of this whole controversy including allegedly fathering the baby, Reena others are saying it can’t be true because Sujimoto is a friend of the Akus family, in fact, Sujimoto’s star studded events had been the only show the couple had stepped out severally and there are pictures of those shows in circulation. “Yes, it is Sujimoto who has been taking responsibility of everything including the daughter’s welfare, when Prince Aku stopped paying for the building where she used for her business, Dabota Cosmetics, it’s Sujimoto, the property merchant that’s responsible for her new plaza and business mall, they can’t fool everybody, they can only fool themselves, if he calls himself family friend, why didn’t he wade-in and resolve the couple’s differences, at least we all know Dabota listens, hangs around him and likes him so much, why is he still being close to Dabota and no longer sees Prince Aku again, we have the facts, it was Sujimoto that Dabota was romantically caught with at Eko Hotel on that fateful night and for your information, they both travelled to Ibiza, that posh tourist city located in the midway between Spain’s coastline and the larger Island of Majorca, there are pictures, please publish it, those hot legs are Dabota’s and the pictures were taken in Ibiza, for them to know we know what we’re saying, Paddy Adenuga was on same trip with them and if you read between the lines, they’re always throwing several ironical eulogies on social media, look at this for instance, in those hot legs’ pictures, Sujimoto wrote, “beauty meets location, architectural meets lifestyle…Ibiza motomaticians” can you beat that and also, Dabota was referring to Sujimoto as baby in her last Christmas message

We made it baby girl, we did good this year. We started a new family, went through pregnancy like it was nothing, got that big ol house we always wanted, added a new car, business been steady growing, we traveled. Girl, you invested in yourself, you put all your energy into your goals and dreams, instead of temporary people and things. Every member of your family and your real friends are alive and well. God really smiled on you this year. Remember baby said in two years you’ll be thankful because He’s going to change your world and teach you new things in a way you’ve never experienced before? Well look at you now. Just a year later… Without being a social media nuisance (credit to baby). It’s amazing what you can do and get when you QUIETLY, CLEARLY and AUTHORITATIVELY DEMAND it. When you don’t concern yourself with what everybody else is doing. No matter what you’ve been through, no matter what anyone says about you, no matter what you’ve done, if you make a firm decision to change your world with the help of God, someone will recognize the power in your existence and never want to let it go. Do it for you, because in the end the only person who is going to be down for you is you…. #ToughWorld#protectyourhappiness#OnlyAsillyIndividualWillStillTryToTwistMyWordsAndSuckTheJoyOutOfMyPost#GodAboveAll#StilliCelebrateMyself#JoyLikeARiverFlowing #2017loading#ImReady”, the source insists Dabota is referring to Sujimoto as baby in the message.
There are a backlog of proofs from this same source who’s ready to go extra mile but in our facts finding mission, we got in touch with Sujimoto and after rolling out what we have at hand, about his relationship with Dabota, the new plaza being rumoured to have built for her by him and the daughter’s paternity, here’s his simple response, “Dabota is my sister, that’s all, she owns her plaza and her beautiful daughter, Reena is not my daughter, how I wish I have such a beautiful daughter, please don’t contact me again after this”, he responded.
We have also made contacts with the billionaire business mogul, Prince Aku who we gathered is of town as at the time of filing this report, we have no doubt for his audience as soon as he comes back. Kindly watch out.

Jite Usman

Meet Seven Nigerians Elected As British MPs In 2017

Kemi Badenoch Kate Ofunne Osamor Chinyelu Susan "Chi" Onwurah Fiona Oluyinka Onasanya Bim Afolami Chuka...