Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Help! This French Man Kidnapped 6 Year Old Pupil In Abuja

The alleged Court judgement

Mitchelle and Xavier

Help! This French Man Kidnapped 6 Year Old Pupil In Abuja

A young woman, Mitchelle Nwakalor Todd is presently in distress as her lover, a French National, Frank Reymann who was on transfer from Bouygues headquarters in Paris has connived with some armed policemen to kidnap her 6 years old son, Xavier from school in Abuja. The expatriate, who used to work for Bouygues Nigeria Limited as a Civil Engineer lost his job with the multinational company on account of his reckless lifestyles including alleged dealings in drug usage among others. We learnt he also got another job with the RCC which he has lost again.

The extpatriate recently stormed a school situated at Citec Mbora Estate, Abuja in company of some armed policemen who presented a fake court judgement purported to have been gotten from a High court in Abuja and with the help of the policemen, the 6 years old innocent boy was given to him and we gathered Frank is planning to run away with him to France.

According to the young woman, Mitchelle who's so disturbed because the French National had threatened to run away with her son having used money to get judgement from the back door to have access to the little boy's custody', 'how can they get judgement without iunforming me of any court proceedings, this is someone who can't take care of himself, how will he take care of Xavier who's just 6 years and he's not used to him, please my voice needs to be heard right now, I need the intervention of security operatives and authorities before Frank left the country', she wails when she spoke to National Enquirer.

Tracing the genesis of their liaison, Mitchelle told National Enquirer that she met Frank in Abuja through a friend in 2005 when she came back from London and we dated for 4 years, during the courtship, we travelled together to France and he came to check on me severally in the UK too. it was when I went to visit him in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea in 2009 where he was on transfer that I got pregnant for him, he denied it at first and later accepted it when my mum asked me to come over to London.

According to Mitchelle, bubble burst when Frank started showing strange behaviours, 'I didn't get to know the type of person he is on time, it took me some time and the moment I realised he's so violent, womanises so much and I suspect he's into drugs, I offered to leave the house for him because we used to live together in Abuja, I love my life. So, we've been having a running battle since then, I have dragged him to the human rights office and also Womens' Right, WRAPA where our case is being attended to before he bribed some people to get a judgement from the back door to kidnap my son, she told us.

Investigating has begun on the 'fake' judgement they presented to the school and also we're closing in on the French National, as at the last check, a source disclosed to this office that, he might have found his way into one of the nation's multinational indigenous constructioin firms, Dantata & Sawoe again, and we're working round the clock to get the management involve in his illegal activities if he's truly working there.

Till date, Mitchelle does not know the whereabouts of Frank and may likely leave the country any moment from now with the innocent boy, we're appealing to everybody to help notify concerned authorities before things get out of hand.

Below is a detailed SoS message from Mitchelle :

''On Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016, I received a call from my son's school asking me to come over immediately because a man named Franck Reymann stormed into the school with armed policemen and court bailiff, presented a document asking the school to handover my 6 years old son, Xavier to them... But obviously the school insisted on waiting for my arrival. I called a lawyer immediately and we went to the school together. They presented me and my lawyer with a court document granting Xavier's dad, Franck Reymann, full unconditional custody of Xavier. I couldn't believe my eyes because I was never served any court proceedings nor informed. So my lawyer insisted we go to the Maitama High court where they got the backdoor judgement first. When we got there, we entered one office and met a man there, the bailif handed a file to my lawyer and explained the suitation. He said he understands my point of view but by law when an order like that is given, we have to obey first which I painfully did. And my poor little boy looked so terrified because of the armed police men, without saying a word, he kissed me and walked towards the man he calls uncle Franck,that was the last time I saw Xavier. What shocks me the most is we have a pending case at human rights office and we have had several meetings with them, so basically they are the ones handling our case...and I was the one that took the case there, when he forcefully abducted Xavier for 4 months in 2013/early 2014. I remember going to Bouygues Nigeria Limited's gate pleading to see my son, instead I was physically assaulted by the guards at the gate, including uniformed men... Pushing me to leave immediately or they will shoot my tyres. While all this was happening, Franck drove past with Xavier in the car and alsmost hit me with his car, I had to run aside immediately . I sent emails to the company's head office in Paris, went to the ministry of foreign affairs to report, sent countless emails to the French embassy, which of course I didn't get a reply. The only reply I got was from Bouygues headquarters in Paris and obviously he's been sacked by then, and when I figured no one was interested, then I went to human rights office.... And till today that case is still pending because Franck refused to appear for the last appearance. Now he is claiming he doesn't know my house or anything about me, so how did he find the school. I have called Franck on several occasions, even showed him my house, my shop and of course he also knows where my family lives. Oh I also forgot to mention I reported him at women's right office (WRAPA) end of 2011 because he seized Xavier's passport and threatened to leave the country with Xavier. When we got there, he told them he wants to take him to France for Christmas and he is assuring them that he will be back after Christmas and as soon as he gets back he will return Xavier to me and the passport, so the lawyers at WRAPA's office insisted we all sign an agreement stating he will be back January and will return the passport to me. When he got back, he brought Xavier to me, but refused to give me his passport till eventually got him kidnapped recently! So now I don't know where Franck lives or works, don't know if Xavier is still in Nigeria. I am totally devastated and need help in getting my Xavier back.''

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Emir Of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Slams President Buhari's Fiscal Tactics

Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president, risks exacerbating the country’s economic woes and undermining his government’s achievements on security and corruption by endorsing exchange rate policies that are doomed to fail, an influential former central bank governor has said.

Lamido Sanusi, governor from 2009 to 2014, told the Financial Times he was disappointed to see Mr. Buhari’s strong security and anti-corruption efforts overshadowed by a monetary policy regime with “very obvious drawbacks that far outweigh its dubious benefits”.

As governor, Mr Sanusi won international acclaim for cleaning up Nigeria’s banking system and later blowing the whistle when billions of dollars in state revenues from oil sales went missing. He was suspended by Goodluck Jonathan, the former president, in 2014, shortly after his revelations and subsequently became emir of Kano, the second highest Islamic authority in the country.

The Central Bank of Nigeria, with Mr Buhari’s public endorsement, last year imposed tight capital controls and pegged the naira at an official rate currently 35 per cent stronger than the black market rate. The policies sparked capital flight and hurt Nigeria’s reputation as a frontier market investment destination.

Unfortunately, because the exchange rate is right out there in front now, monetary policy is being seen as the barometer for broader economic thinking,” he said in an interview at his palace. “It is sad that on this one policy you get it so wrong that you risk taking away attention from everything else you are doing.”

Noting that the president had been dealt an extraordinarily difficult hand, he added: “There are no easy options and devaluation is a bitter pill.” During his own tenure as governor he had also resisted it. “But I had reserves of over $40bn and an oil price at over $110,” he said.

Oil prices have nearly halved since Mr. Buhari took office eight months ago. At the time the treasury was heavily depleted following the failure of the state oil company to remit billions of dollars in oil revenues under his predecessor, who enjoyed a sustained boom in prices.

The country’s economic woes were now being exacerbated, Mr. Sanusi argued, with the currency peg and restrictions in the foreign exchange market creating “a lot of speculative and precautionary demand”.

Exporters and investors “are holding on to foreign currency, as no one would sell at the rate the government is setting”, while “the government does not have the reserves to keep the exchange rate at its official level in the market”, he said.

These policies have been tried in different parts of the world and in this country before and they have just never worked. No matter what the stated intention behind them, they are wrong.”

The gap between the black market rate and the “artificial” official exchange rate would keep widening, Mr Sanusi predicted, until the bank adopted a more realistic policy or the price of oil climbed and dramatically increased reserves.

Mr Buhari has said repeatedly that he will not devalue the naira.
Nigerians voted the former general into office last year largely because of his reputation for being tough on corruption and security. Mr Sanusi pointed to a number of early victories on these fronts: a military offensive had put Boko Haram insurgents, who have ravaged the north-east, on the back foot, and the president had begun root and branch reform of NNPC, the notoriously opaque state oil company.

These measures are good for the economy and display strong political will to change the system,” Mr Sanusi said. “But getting monetary and fiscal policies right will be crucial for broader progress in structural reform.”
Meanwhile, the president’s anti-corruption stance was “totally inconsistent” with the foreign exchange regime he supported, Mr Sanusi said, pointing to the arbitrage opportunities this had created.

This encourages corruption and rent-seeking similar to the fuel subsidy regime” that enabled industrial scale theft of oil revenues under the previous government.

A more flexible exchange rate policy at this point was the “least bad option”. “We are hopeful that given all the other positive things done so far, policy will head broadly in the right direction and flexibility will come in down the line.”