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The Rot In Nigeria’s Petroleum Industry Under Jonathan’s Weakest Administration-1

This is a must read, an insightful expose of how being weak can be the biggest thing to happen to a leader. You’ll marvel at the story you’re about to read and why it is important for the incoming government to probe the immediate past government of Goodluck Jonathan. The writer is a notable person who served in the downstream sector, he wants to be anonymous for now but has offered to give us all the information we need, not just to bring sanity back to our dilapidated petroleum industry but also to probe those who have stolen the country blind. Here’s the first sequel:
In discussing this very volatile issue, let me make one point very clear. I am speaking from a very informed perspective. This is not just one of those social commentaries.
I worked in the downstream petroleum sector for about 36 months as legal counsel and this was at the peak of the subsidy crisis. I handled and prepared critical documents, advised on transactions and participated in the subsidy scheme as a staff of one of the biggest indigenous players in the sector. I have a perfect understanding of the system from the point where these products are negotiated and bought from refineries abroad to the contract for their shipping....from arrival at the Port in Nigeria to the inspections and the final destination at designated tank farms, so am speaking with authority. When the subsidy probe started, I also made several submissions to the National Assembly Committees and also was at the EFCC during the investigations.
Weak and reactive leadership is a disaster to any country/organization that has it. The hallmark of great leadership is the ability to identify risks and institute effective risk management systems. No country/organization in this world can survive uncontrolled hemorrhage of scarce resources.
The subsidy scheme became an issue under President Obasanjo. It was under him that the concept of petroleum importation became full blown. For reasons best known to the Owu Chief, our four refineries were left to rot while our country relied on fuel importation. That policy remained the biggest disservice former President Obasanjo did to this country.
However, as bad as that policy was under OBJ, there was still some level of sanity and control. At no time under OBJ did subsidy payments exceed 190 billion Naira annually. There were stringent measures that controlled the participation of companies under the subsidy scheme.
Just before OBJ left office, he sold two of our refineries to Dangote and Otedola, a measure that would have worked if fully implemented. It is beyond doubt that the private sector remains the best economic and commercial managers. Government is a cesspool of waste and corruption.
When late President Yar'Adua took over, he rode on a staccato of uninformed voices to reverse the sale of the refineries. He reversed the sale but did nothing to bring the refineries back to work. He continued to run the subsidy scheme and kept the restive sanity in the system. As at the time Yar'Adua died, Nigeria's subsidy burden was about 230 billion Naira per annum.
Now for the uninformed, the petroleum subsidy scheme is a system where the federal government, on a bid to reduce the cost of fuel paid by Nigerians chooses to pay the difference between the landing cost of petrol imports, the prevailing price of the commodity at the international market and what is actually sold in Nigeria.
For instance, if the landing cost of petrol in Nigeria is, say, N 115, and after adding lightering charges and other logistics costs, the price of petrol should be N147, the federal government asks the marketers to sell at N97 and decides to pay the marketers the difference per litre.
Now enter President Goodluck Ebelechukwu Azikiwe Mainasara Jehoshaphat Effiong Jonathan!
Under him, subsidy costs jumped from 200 billion Naira to over 1.2 trillion in the first two years of his government.
Why? What happened?
Did the population of Nigeria triple within that period or did the number of cars quadruple? Was there an industrial revolution?
The answer is simple. Again, I speak from an informed position.
Due to weak regulatory regimes, the downstream sector became an all comers affair. Every Dick, Tom, and Harry entered the business. Companies with no verifiable addresses, no tank farms, no vessels, no financial structures, no bank guarantees all became fuel importers. It was a bazaar. It is only in Nigeria that such bizzare things can happen. Emergency millionaires were made in days. Time and space won't allow me to give you details of the unbelievable things that happened. Every top official of the federal government became an emergency fuel importer or middle man. Importation licenses were hawked openly. All you needed was for the PPPRA to give you a license to import. You could sell it for millions just outside the door.
Now there is a complex web that links the Petroleum Ministry, the DPR, the Navy, the NPA, NIMASA,PPPRA, DMO, CBN and Commercial Banks in this fraud. Documents like the sovereign debt statements and the sovereign debt notes flew about and our money kept disappearing. From about 30 companies in the scheme, the number shot up to 300. Monthly, billions of Naira were paid out to people who have never had any contact with a Jerry can of fuel in their lives. No verification, no authentication, nothing. Money was being paid with reckless abandon. Dr. Okonjo Iweala and Mrs. Alison Madueke were all there watching and smiling to the banks!
It got so bad that some people will arrange with ship owners......take a two day hire of an empty ship, move it to Lagos Port, berth it there. Officials of the PPPRA, Petroleum Ministry, DPR will come there to inspect an empty vessel and certify that the empty vessel carried 10,000 metric tons of petrol, collect their money and walk away. The vessel simply sails away and three weeks later, close to 6 billion Naira will be paid as subsidy when not even a single drop of petrol was brought in.
It was when the government saw that it could no longer sustain that level of waste that GEJ made that attempt at removing subsidy which was stoutly and rightly rejected by Nigerians.
If you recall, the call for the probe of the Subsidy fraud didn't even come from the Presidency. GEJ never called for any probe. Neither did Alison Madueke nor Okonjo Iweala. The call for probe was triggered off by the submissions of Senator Bukola Saraki on the floor of the Senate when he took time to tell the sad story of the biggest fraud in modern Nigeria called FUEL SUBSIDY.
Nigerians should ask GEJ to tell us how our subsidy burden jumped from 200 billion to 1.4 trillion in two years.
Between 2008 and 2013, the PPPRA was about the most corrupt government office in Nigeria. People who worked there lived like Emperors. They spent dollars like there was no tomorrow. Only the privileged found their way there. Each time I went to their office in Abuja then, I left with a heavy heart. This country is in serious trouble.
The only time sanity came to that sector was when GEJ brought Reginald Stanley, former Group General Manager of PPMC who also headed the London Branch of the NNPC into the picture. Reginald Stanley cleaned up the PPPRA, redeployed close to 80% of the workers and rejigged the subsidy programme. It was then discovered that more than 60% of the funds paid as subsidy in the last three years were paid wrongly and fraudulently.
That was when the subsidy probe started. Out of the over 300 companies that were collecting subsidy, it was found that not up to 30 were really importing fuel. Close to 700 billion Naira were stolen in the subsidy scheme. Till date, not a single person has been convicted.
Again, throughout the five years that GEJ ran this country, not one single attempt was made to even find out what is the problem with our refineries.
And yet, people say I shouldn't blame GEJ!
Who should I blame?
My his grave

"You Must Punish Corrupt Nigerians"-Redeemed Elders Tell Buhari

The National Council of Elders of the Redeemed Christian Church of God-RCCG has called on the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to punish all acts of corruption in the country, noting that the peaceful atmosphere in the country after the 2015 elections was the outcome of sustained prayers. The elders stated this at a press conference in Gbagada on the 14th annual elder’s congress holding at the Redemption Camp on Friday and Saturday. It was chaired by the Chairman of RCCG National Council of Elders, Pastor Israel Abatan. Speaking at the press conference, the Publicity Secretary of the council, Pastor Ayodeji Olulani, said if the President-elect and the Vice President-elect, Prof. Oluyemi Osinbajo wished to succeed in the next four years, there must be consequences for all acts of corruption. He said: “There must be consequences for all categories of corruption; either those involved in drug trafficking or engaged in armed robbery. Corruption is corruption. Contractors who build substandard roads or bridges should face the full consequences of their actions.” The council also called on Nigerians to stop glorifying criminals and corrupt leaders. “We should question the corrupt leaders and reject their ill-gotten wealth to re-establish the country’s moral value,” he added. Also speaking, the council’s Vice Chairman, Obadiah Mulero, expressed concerns at the scale of corrupt practices in the country’s political system. He said, “Our leaders must demonstrate strong will and readiness to serve common and popular interests above selfish and parochial interests. The mechanisms for checks and balances should be strengthened to promote justice and fairness.”

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Kashamu Buruji's SoS Message On NDLEA Obstinacy

Despite being ordered, for the second time, to vacate the premises of the embattled multimillionaire business, Prince Kashamu Buruji, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency-NDLEA has refused to obey the Law of the land. It is based on this that, the media adviser of the Senator-elect, Austin Oniyokor today released an SoS message on behalf of the political stalwart. It reads below: Just as it's been widely reported on social and traditional media, the judiciary has once again risen to the occasion in serving the cause of justice and showing that it is truly the last hope of the common man by ordering the operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency to immediately vacate Prince Buruji Kashamu’s residence. However, we are taken aback by a statement issued by the NDLEA today saying it will not obey yet another court judgment. It is most ludicrous that NDLEA has chosen to further sink not just the agency but the Federal Government and indeed Nigeria into the abyss of lawlessness. By its conduct, the agency has not just proven once again that it is a lawlessness, it has shown that it has no regards for the judiciary but  also holds it in utter contempt. We urge all well meaning Nigerians, civil society organisations and the international community to help prevail on the NDLEA to desist from its strings of illegalities and stop embarrassing the the country among the comity of nations. If the NDLEA  claims to have got an extradition request, it should be taken to the court of law and the issues properly addressed, not this gestapo style that it has resorted to as if we are in a Banana republic.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dapo Adesina's Ex, Oyin Oshinkanlu Threatens Lagos Biggest Spender, Sam Aikhionbare 's Home

Oyin...rocking Sam's house

Sam...abandon family for Oyin

Dapo and wife enjoying matrimony

Last year, when Oyinkansola Oshinkanlu, the Ibadan varsity drop-out missed the idea of committing suicide by whiskers after losing in the race to hook the heir apparent to the Lam Adesina's empire, Dapo Lam Adesina, little did she know that, happy days are still ahead, even though it is still at the expense of another woman’s home.

Today, your darling National Enquirer can report authoritatively that, that rejected stone who lost Dapo for popular Make-Up artist, Tosin Osewa in the game of matrimony is now a proud corner piece in Lagos cruising fleet of cars such as latest Range Rover (black), a blue colour Thundra, latest CLK and so on with an eye popping mansion in a choice estate in Agungi, all courtesy of her new benefactor, Sam whose wife squats in the UK with kids. 

Oyin, maybe you don't even know is the biggest gal behind the top flight property development and investments firm, HoneyVille Apartments that holds sway on the Lagos Island and beyond.

The Ijebu, Ogun State born but Ibadan bred beautiful lady who wasted her hey days following Dapo, the commissioner son of the late governor of Oyo State, Alhaji Lam Adesina has arrived, at least, she now commands loads of respect on the Island with retinue of staff and a business partner, Dillon in the property investment company, named Honeyville Apartments.

And her benefactor, National Enquirer gathered is no one but one of Lagos biggest spenders and Access Bank's Aig Imhokhuede's errand boy, Sam Aikhionbare who has lavished almost N100m (One Hundred Million Naira Only), just to make his beloved mistress happy.

Sam, informed sources told this magazine is the very close friend and business partner of Chuks Iroche, the Abuja based managing director of Ice Energy and Petroleum Products, the company indicted in the fuel subsidy scam and believed to be co-owned by the Access Bank's big man. The dirty story of their $2billion involvement in the fuel subsidy is a complete expose to tell for the incoming government’s attention. 

Sources confided in National Enquirer that no sooner Oyinkan and Sam Aikhionbare met through one of his (Sam) friends who lives in the US than the Edo born dude, Sam encouraged his wife to resign her plum job as a top staff of Fidelity bank to relocate to London where she now hustles in the cold with their three children.

Though, Sam's wife who had her mum's burial recently has started having the premonition that a certain girl has fed her husband with the proverbial vegetable owing to his strange behaviour of ignoring his family lately, we gathered Oyin's close friends who don't like her impulsive proud manners have promised to spill the beans including other dirty secrets which we shall serve you in our next edition.

The source is said to be compiling the genesis of their love affair, pictures of the beautiful house Sam bought for her in Agungi, Lagos, the complete story of her South Africa “runs” and the deal between Oyin and Ochuko who’s the link man.

Jite Usman

Monday, 25 May 2015

Funke, Femi Kuti Dream Each Other’s Comfy Arms Again…Their Reunion Game Plan

This might be a good and happy time for Funke and her estranged husband, the Afrobeat King, Femi Anikulapo Kuti, according to reports flying around town.
The couple who divorced and have lived apart for several years (though they refused to reveal the reason for their separation) according to facts reaching National Enquirer, are back together as lovers!
The fire of their love, we exclusively gathered is seriously burning that they can no longer hide it to friends and close family members since they got back sometimes late last year 2014.
Funke and Femi who have been frequently spotted together lately unlike when they shared just platonic friendship because of their child are also said to be planning having another child if their trial reunion go as planned.
 "They keep painting this ‘we’re best of friends picture’ because they are afraid of failing again but ironically you all buy it even when Funke is not flaunting any man as pretty as she is with her nice character and Uncle Femi is also not proud of his babymamas and yet they go everywhere together " a close family source revealed.

However, our suspicions were confirmed when they were spotted together again at Tunde and Wunmi Obe's house party, the two held hands, laughed, conversed and even posed for the camera in a way typical of lovers. Although this is not the first time in recent times they were seen together but this last outing got the public asking if they were back together as couple hence our reason for investigating.
 “The truth is, they are working on coming back as husband and wife reason being that they’ve not gotten over each other in the real sense of a divorce despite trying different relationships, this might be coming as news to some people, but seriously, it isn't news to us”, she added.
Another insider who is privy to the affairs of Funke (but prefers to remain anonymous) disclosed that the mother of one is seriously considering having another child and have seen the father of her only son, Made as her best choice if she must go ahead with the decision.
"Apart from the fact that she loves Uncle Femi unconditionally, she wants more children and she prefers him over the relationships she tried in the past" The insider said.
Meanwhile we also gathered that, Made who is their only child together had always advocated for the reunion of his parents. Who knows, this might just be the reunion the new graduate of a London varsity had prayed for as we also got to know that despite Femi's many liaisons that have produced other children, Funke happens to remain the love of his life.
National Enquirer took a step further and contacted Funke for confirmation, while she did not out-rightly confirm it, the beautiful mother of one did not deny it either.
According to her” did you people see us together to confirm if we are back? Anyway you can go ahead with your story because whatever I say won’t change what you’re already fed with, she told us laughing away as if she was enjoying the conversation.

Faith Irabor

How Lebanese Billionaire’s Plan To Poison Nigerians Leaked…The Amin Mousalli’s Dubious Trade Secrets

But for the quick intervention of the eagle eyed men of the National Agency for Foods and Drugs Administration Control-NAFDAC, the Amin Mousalli-led management of the much publicized Chocolat Royal would have poisoned hundreds of Nigerians who throng the Etim Iyang, Victoria lsland, Lagos location of the company on daily basis consuming their dairy products, this much National Enquirer can report.

The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control-NAFDAC last Tuesday night sealed, completely, the business outlet of the Lebanese billionaire businessman who owns the popular confectionary company, Chocolat Royal for importation, storage and use of fake, unregistered and expired/unwholesome food products to produce consumables for customers, we can authoritatively report that Chocolat Royal was sealed by NAFDAC on the discovery of six illegal 40ft cold rooms fully stocked with contaminated food products built on top of sewages (soak away pits) and in front of toilets.

Not only that majority of these food products discovered have expired since 2004, which is 11 years ago, with the most recent expiring in 2013, the most worrisome aspect of it all was the discovery to the consternation of NAFDAC officials that the management of Chocolat Royal had revalidated the expiring dates of almost all the food products, with 90 per cent of them were not even written in English language and therefore not registered.

While two of the illegal cold rooms built in front of toilets were discovered at the Chocolat Royal headquarters at 267A, Etim Iyang Crescent, another two were discovered and also sealed at 1, Karimu Kotun Street, the residence of the company’s Chairman, Amin Moussalli, both located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Investigations revealed that Moussalli, the Chairman of AIM Consultants, with chains of media houses including Cool FM, Nigeria Info, Wazobia FM stations, as well as WEE television stations, who is now at large, travels abroad to source for companies whose food products have few months to expire.

NAFDAC officials said the Lebanese business mogul receives these products mostly for free or at a reduced price and also gets paid by the companies to evacuate the products, which ordinarily would have cost them colossal amount of money to dispose.
He then ships them in large quantities to Nigeria, which as alleged by NAFDAC has become his dumping ground for food toxic for close to two decades.
These products are then cleared at the wharf and off-loaded inside the two cold rooms at his Karimu Kotun residence, Victoria Island, Lagos from where they are then transferred to Chocolat Royal headquarters and then used to prepare ice creams, chocolates, beverages and pastries for members of the public.

At the end of the double operations, which lasted for nine hours, imported fake, unregistered and expired food products worth over N1 billion stocked in these illegal cold rooms were evacuated in six Hilux vans and buses, which NAFDAC stormed the place with.
This remarkable feat by NAFDAC was as a result of a tip off from a journalist who for three years has investigated the activities of Chocolat Royal, a company reputable for playing host to top Nigerian and foreign echelons, including governors, legislators, managing directors, artistes and others for close to two decades.

When the officials of NAFDAC stormed Chocolat Royal at exactly 12:15pm on Tuesday with some team of mobile police officers, they were resisted vehemently from carrying out their duties by some senior staff of the confectionary company, allegedly led by the Director of Finance, Idowu Adebayo, and others who apparently were in the know of the plot by the company’s management.

Understanding the gravity of what was about to happen if eventually discovered, they denied NAFDAC officials access to the cold rooms and stores to forestall more discoveries after some large quantities of the expired food products were discovered in their freezers, kitchens and bars upstairs, requesting for search warrant from the officials, a ploy later discovered to be a strategy to enable them evacuate the cold rooms and stores.

The atmosphere was charged to the extent that the company’s bouncers were almost engaging the NAFDAC officials in a brawl, forcing the mobile police officers to apply force and made some arrests, which eventually made most of them to retreat.
But access to the cold rooms and stores was not granted.

However, a little drama ensued when the obstinate management of the eatery invited other mobile police officers, who were probably their accomplice, to the scene to scare NAFDAC officials who they felt were acting illegally out of their premises, but the Superintendent of Police who led the NAFDAC police team ordered them out.

On realizing that the operation was not illegal after they had put several calls across to some top shots in the society, the daughter of the Chairman, who also is the Deputy Group MD of AIM group, Tatiana Moussali Nouri, was left with no choice than to cooperate.
Nouri asked the staff to also cooperate, while she led the officials round the premises, opening stores and cold rooms, which they were able to evacuate as the melee was on, but the NAFDAC officials could not be deceived based on the information already in their possession.

In order to re-strategize, the NAFDAC officials took inventories of the expired products discovered inside the freezers, kitchen and some bars upstairs and urged the management to sign the papers, while every cold room in sight was sealed to prevent the management access for more evacuation.

Pretending to have concluded inspection, they asked the Chocolat Royal management to report to the NAFDAC office the next day and then stormed Moussalli’s Karimu Kotun residence where the first two 40ft secret illegal cold rooms filled with fake, unregistered and expired food products built on top of sewage were discovered.

On getting to the apartment, however, the foreign national security guards and other domestic staff unleashed dogs on the NAFDAC officials and refused to open the main gate leading to the building against all entreaties.
This however forced NAFDAC officials to put a call across to the Director of Investigation and Enforcement of the Agency, Kingsley Ejiofor, who immediately stormed the scene.
The arrival of Ejiofor spurred everyone to action as he immediately ordered the officials to break the gate and shoot the dogs if the security guards eventually refused to chain them.
When finally the gate was forced opened and the guards subdued, the cooks voluntarily opened the two cold rooms where the entire products in stock were discovered to have expired, many as far back as 2004, with maggots’ found in some.

At the end of the evacuation, two buses and two Hilux pick-up vans filled with the fake and expired products worth over N500 million, all imported, were evacuated from the Karimu Ikotun residence of Moussali alone.
On interrogation, the jittery cooks, who identified themselves as John Gbokasa and David from Benin Republic, confirmed to NAFDAC officials that the house belongs to Moussali and that the fake, unregistered and expired food products found inside the two cold rooms were for Chocolat Royal.

“I know that the products have expired. Some, 2004, 2006, 2009, but I am a cook and I take instruction from my boss,” David said.
“Anytime they need some products to prepare edibles at Chocolat Royal, they come here with van and mine is to give them key to take whatever they want and after they finish taking the items, they will return the key to me,” John added.
They however begged the NAFDAC officials not to arrest them but wait until their boss, Moussalli, who has allegedly absconded and still at large, or the wife who they said was out of the country to return.

The NAFDAC officials, however, turned down their plea and arrested the two who during interrogation at the Apapa office of the Agency gave vital information to NAFDAC.
From there, the NAFDAC Director and the entire team stormed the Etim Iyang Crescent headquarters of Chocolat Royal at about 6:15pm for the second time with the aim to not only break the cold rooms but also arrest Tatiana and the staff who had earlier wilfully obstructed NAFDAC officials from performing their duty.
However, only Adebayo and one David had not taken to their heels as others, including Moussalli’s daughter had left.
NAFDAC officials, however, were able to inspect only two cold rooms as it was getting late already.
Except some few products purchased in local markets in Nigeria, all the imported products inside the cold rooms have expired.
The expired products, which filled two Hilux pick-up vans worth about N500 million, were also evacuated and the entire building sealed.

Reacting to the incident after the operation, Ejiofor said NAFDAC had in its custody six persons in connection with the incident, adding that they were arrested for intentionally obstructing NAFDAC officials while on official duty.

“The suspects will be interrogated, while the food products will be sampled and taken to the laboratory for analysis, where the labels and contents will be properly analysed and at the end of the day when the reports are out, that will determine the next line of action,” Ejiofor said.
The NAFDAC director, who commended the officers and the entire team for the successful operation despite the intimidation from the staff of the offending company, further said the food and confectionary outlet will continue to remain close to allow for proper investigation.

“They will be investigated by the Federal Taskforce on Fake and Counterfeit Drugs and Unwholesome Processed Foods, and at the end of investigation, files submitted will be reviewed and after evaluation, we would send them to our legal department and we will be advised on what to do by the legal and if we have enough facts, then we will now proceed for prosecution,” he added.

But in a twisted press statement meant to obfuscate the truth as well as deceive the members of the public, the management of Chocolat Royal on Wednesday presented the invasion of its premises by NAFDAC as a normal routine check, trivialising the development as nothing serious. Not only did they deny ever using the expired products discovered to prepare consumables for their customers, but stated that the expired food products were discovered in their “cupboard”.

The statement also said the expired products found in Moussalli’s house were discovered in the house of one of the directors of the company.
“The items found were never used in preparing food or confectionaries. As corporate citizens, we will work with NAFDAC to ensure that these issues are promptly resolved and any breaches if any are remedied,” the statement reads in part.
Meanwhile the Director General of NAFDAC, Paul Orhii, who arrived Lagos from Abuja earlier on Wednesday after inspecting the fake and expired food products evacuated from Chocolat Royal on Thursday morning at NAFDAC enforcement office Apapa, said the matter will be thoroughly investigated and the people involved prosecuted if found culpable.
Orhii said: “As you can see, these products are not even registered. Not only are they not registered, they have expired, some in 2004 and they are not even written in English language, so they could not have been registered.

“Not only that, you also noticed that the case is not only that the products have expired, some about 11 years ago, but they attempted to revalidate them, which is also a serious offence.
“They were caught in the process of using these expired products. So after investigation we will begin the prosecution. Anybody can build a cold room anywhere provided the place is not prohibited, but in this case, I understand that there was a cold room on top of sewage; soak away pit. Of course you cannot use that kind of cold room to store stocks that you are going to use for the production of food for the members of the public, so that is an offence.”
Orhii said that Chocolat Royal sealed outlet will remain closed until investigation is concluded, adding that compliance with NAFDAC regulation must be ensured first before the issue of reopening of the outlet will be discussed, but not anytime soon.

Investigation carried out has shown that minimum of 5,000 Nigerians and foreign nationals patronise the three Chocolat Royal outlets at 267A Etim Iyang Crescent, Shoprite and Lekki.
A medical practitioner, Dr. Bassey Richard, who spoke to our correspondent on the telephone, when asked to give insight on the health implication of consuming expired food products, said consumption of fake and expired food products can cause food poisoning and very dangerous especially to pregnant women and infants.
Richard said: “Eating expired food products will likely lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning consists of diarrhea and vomiting that can last for weeks, lead to fever and in some extreme cases to death.

“When it has to do with foods prepared with fruits such as nuts, apples and grapes, growth known as mycotoxins can occur, which can cause itchiness, diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness. It is not advisable to eat expired food products,” he said.

BurujiGate! Protesters Storm Court As Kashamu Refuses To Leave Home

The extradition proceedings of Ogun East senator-elect, Buruji Kashamu begins today at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Some pro-Kashamu protesters have stormed the High court, calling for his freedom and have labelled the proceeding against him as politically motivated by some of his enemies.
The protesters who were carrying placards want Kashamu to be freed.
Some of the messages on the placards reads: “Leave Kashamu alone”, “We voted for him, he is our man”, “Kashamu is a great state man”, “Kashamu is not a drug baron”, “Ilegal detention, illegal arrest must stop”.
The embattled Senator-elect has refused to leave his residence while the Extradition case is on as we speak. Sources say Kashamu’s counsels are requesting for the warrant of arrest and valid extradition request from the NDLEA officials which they’re yet to produce.
Kashamu was indicted by a grand jury in Illinois in 1998 for conspiracy to import and distribute heroin. He has claimed it is a case of mistaken identity and that, in fact, his brother was the leader of the purported drug ring.
Since then, Kashamu has become an influential political leader in Nigeria, where he was elected as a senator under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
The senator-elect barricaded himself in his bedroom as his house was surrounded by drug agents on Saturday. They reportedly arrived at the house at 4:30 a.m.