Friday, 6 March 2015

World Exclusive! Reckless Lifestyles of Senator Smart Adeyemi’s 23 Yr-Old Daughter …Hooks On Drugs, Snatches Tonto Dikeh’s Lover With N20m Ride…Exclusive Pix Inside

Adeola Smart

Adeola and her lover CEO Malivelihood
 The lawmaker representing Kogi West Senatorial district in the upper chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Smart Adeyemi and his wife according to feelers reaching National Enquirer are seriously having sleepless nights over the lifestyles of their first daughter Adeola
Adeola, a Law graduate, National Enquirer gathered reliably is living a life that has painted the responsible family in a bad light especially her hardworking father as she’s allegedly totally out of control and has chosen to be the ‘spoilt silver spoon kid’.
Adeola's customized hookah
Deola, according to sources within the family, has not only imbibed the habit of drinking to stupor but also a chain smoker of substances ladies of her age (23) would never dare.
during her last trip to the UAE
“She has this certain  clique who are mostly UK born like her that has chosen to live life the way they like in spite of her parents’ moral standards and position in the society”, Our source slammed.
“Can you imagine a daughter of a notable Senator publicly smoking Shisha (drugs) in a customized pink AK-47 Hooker”? “I just think she is set on destroying her father’s good name or what other explanation do we have as she has everything at her disposal” the insider quipped.
Our grapevine also hinted that the chocolate skinned beauty who loves to call herself “a disciple of Jesus” might be using some of her father’s money to buy love owing to the type of affair she’s having with a Jeweler.
Her Car Val gift for Malivelihood
His Val gifts for her
“DS as she is called is currently having a clandestine affair with the CEO of Malivelihood Luxury; Michael Awujola”, the source revealed. Remember the Jeweler who dumped Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh sometimes last year 2014?  Apparently, MA as the luxury designer is addressed quitted his affair with the Nollywood diva for the billionaire’s daughter without blinking an eye because of her father’s wealth and influence.
Deola and her Senator Dad
We further reliably gathered that Deola who resides in her father’s mansion in Panama Estate Maitama, Abuja whenever she’s in the country, has been spoiling her Jeweler lover silly especially since he dumped Tonto for her.
“She is the spender in the relationship regardless of the picture they are painting to the outside world”, “Michael is just a flash in the pan who only deceives ladies with his customized blinks”, our source explained.
Her Father's Mansion in Abuja
National Enquirer also gathered from another source that Malivelihood is a wanted man in Dublin Ireland where he used to reside before absconding after swindling an unsuspecting lady of her hard earned money some years ago. “Could you believe the Senator’s daughter (DS) bought the jeweler-lover a very expensive ride as 2015 Valentine gift while the ‘generous’ jeweler CEO gave her candies, teddy bears and flowers!”, our source queried, “it is only a fool that won’t see that he’s into DS for her father’s money and connection ” she added.
The busty lady who cruises around town in a N48million bullet proof G-55 G-Wagon which her father bought for her only flies on business class with her lover whenever they travel out of the country. “They travel together a lot and they were recently at Dubai together”, they lodged in one of the most expensive hotels in the world, Burj Al Arab” our source disclosed.
Our source also intimated us that the jeweler, Michael is set to launch a charity foundation named Setting it Straight which he co founded with Deola. However, there are whispers that the jeweler’s intention is to use the billionaire heiress apparent, Deola again and this time, his aim is to exploit her father’s contacts.
Deola sitting on her G55
On the other hand, a close family friend who claimed anonymity informed your darling National Enquirer that the Senator and his wife are experiencing parental challenges as Deola is gradually becoming a strong influence on her younger sister Gbemisola.
the love birds

“Why she has chosen her wayward ways is totally beyond them. Her father is presently running the 2015 race…he is a hard working and generous man. In fact the man who’s believed to be the richest Senator in Kogi State has donated up to N400million for various empowerment projects in his district” the insider said. There are backlogs and more of Deola’s alleged drugs story, we shall be bringing you more in our next edition.   
                                                                                     Faith Irabor

Thursday, 5 March 2015

APC Lawmaker, Hon. Faleke Lures Friend’s Daughter To Bed…His Dirty Sexcapades

Hon. Faleke and wife Bukky

For many politicians of our generation, money is not just the most important thing, but the only important thing existing in this life, and that’s exactly the sad way of life of Nigerian politicians who think they can have anything just with the whiff of their ill-gotten wealth.

One of such that falls in the category of this immoral lifestyle, National Enquirer gathered is the All Progressives Congress member of the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. James Abiodun Faleke whose stock in trade is serial-dating anything in skirt. The unrepentant polygamist, Faleke who’s nudging his 50s has dated actress Bukky Wright before now, aside having three different women as baby mamas has done it again.

According to sources close to the stupendously rich former helmsman of Ojodu LCDA, Hon. Faleke’s new catch which is tearing his family apart is one Kudirat Thompson, a 22 years undergraduate of the Lagos State University-LASU who we gathered is his friend’s daughter.

National Enquirer’s dependable source disclosed that, this new development in Hon. Faleke’s life has been giving his legal wife, Bukky sleepless nights to the extent that, she (Bukky) couldn’t cope with her chain of businesses anymore.

We were told that, Bukky who owns a classical and well equipped salon on Opebi, Chic & Style, a state of the heart Spa and also a high profile boutique in Omole among others is also a gold-digger, she was said to have eventually won Faleke’s heart during her days as a “street-wise babe” at the University of Lagos where she was an undergraduate. Before Faleke who’s in his mid 50s married Bukky, he already had grown up kids who school abroad right now.

The man, Faleke we gathered is one of Nigeria’s richest and reckless lawmakers with chain of investments everywhere. He’s so rich that when he didn’t know what to do with money again, he wasted hundreds of millions of Naira on a Nite Club and Lounge, High Levels somewhere in Aguda Ogba in the outskirts of Ikeja and he never bothered to check back when the business is not getting patronage.

The new twist in his 22 years old undergraduate lover, Kudirat who we gathered Faleke will stop at nothing to make happy is that, the girl’s father has got wind of the affair and he’s spoiling for a show down on one hand while madam Chic & Style too-Bukky has vowed to get a revenge by every possible means.

Hon. Faleke who hails from Erinkiadde in Ijumu local government area of Kogi State has been running from pillar to post to keep situation under wrap but close friends of the Kaduna Polytechnic’s Purchasing & Supply graduate-Faleke have advised him to do the needful. We shall tell you what Faleke’s friends told him in our next edition.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

“Biggest Economy In Africa Tag, A Ruse” –Yayi

Behind the fa├žade of his quiet mien and heavily framed figure lies a well informed personality who’s no doubt one of the nation’s firebrand politicians, that’s Hon. Solomon Olamilekan Adeola popularly known as Yayi. The unassuming lawmaker who’s the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Public Accounts & Internal Audit was recently a host of honour at the chit chat session organized by the League of Soft-Sell Publishers where he fielded questions on sundry issues of national importance. Hon. Adeola, known and widely addressed as YAYI is also the All Progressives Congress candidate contending for the oval seat of the nation’s largest senatorial district, Lagos West that boasts of 10 local governments in the forthcoming March 28th, 2015 elections. In this no-hold-barred chat session, the handsome and intelligent lawmaker takes a critical look at the nation’s nascent democracy as well as its deceptive gains and losses. You would enjoy the interesting session monitored by the duo of National Enquirer’s News Editor, Faith Irabor and Reporter Researcher, Bose Bamidele.
Incursion Into Politics

As we are all aware that Nigeria democratic rule started in the year 1999 when everyone was skeptical and pessimistic asking if it would be or not. I was a victim of the 1993 struggle; I lost my younger brother to a stray bullet during the bonfire exercise when we had the cancellation of the most free and fair election that was held in this nation through the process of electioneering. And we believed that since the military had succeeded in cancelling this electioneering process, then there is no hope, we shall continue with the military rule, so everybody was like “return to your tents O’Israel”… until 1998 when the adjudged winner of the June 1993 12 polls, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola died. There were lots of issues in the country, the idea that Nigeria would break up, the fear that the existence of the country would come to an end. Virtually a month later, General Sanni Abacha followed and at that period, everyone believed firmly that these two were the cause of the uproar we were having in Nigeria. Then General Abdulsalam Abubakar came into power. He promised that he would be handing over to a democratic rule by 1999 and I am of the firm belief that none of us here believed it would happen. We felt another joker had been sent to us. Lo and behold in1999, a democratically elected president was sworn in as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, in person of Chief Olusegun Mathew Okikiola Obasanjo. Despite that fact, we were still skeptical; but Obasanjo came on board and a democratic government began. In 1999 we were full of hope because there is the saying that the worst democratic rule is better than the best military rule. From my own interpretation then, I believed it was because of the decrees  involved with military rules, once the military decrees, you have no choice…know it too that the judiciary is under the mercy of the military government, they have no independence like in a democratic set up. In the democratic process, we are governed by the constitution of the federal republic which was even passed to us by the military, yet we make do with what we have and we began the process. After 1999, there was the need for another four years and Obasanjo re-contested and the issue went on without any military intervention. Then, pressure started mounting on me to contest for a public office. Mind you, I was doing very well in my private business and I was of the belief then that if I left certainty for uncertainty, what would become of me? My personal business even as at that time was enough for me and I will say that if given another chance to choose, I would stay with that business. You would have known me on a different platform if I had stuck to my business. But I chose the service to humanity at the expense of my personal interest. I contested to represent my people of Alimosho constituency 02 as honorable member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, that I did and God crowned my effort, by the grace of God we won and I was elected into office to represent the good people of Alimosho constituency 02.

Dividends Of The Nascent Democracy

Now how has Nigeria democracy fared in my own perspective from 1999 till date? My dear brothers, publishers of soft sell magazine, I will say Nigeria democracy has not been fair to the Nigerians as a whole, if you look at the following indices and data which I will be reeling out, it would be clear that those of us who have the opportunity of serving in government at different levels, we will know that today Nigeria deserves better than what it is getting. But due to insincerity on the part of our leaders and due to lack of focus by those who should have changed this nation for good, what we have today is a mere nascent democracy and not the democracy we craved for while there was military rule. Let us ask ourselves, from 1999 till date how much we have accrued through the federal government, from the one and only source of revenue where we rely solely…that is from oil. Outside the oil industry, I for one do not know of any other source that the nation relies on for revenue. Let us look at the corresponding expenditure and marry it to see how we have been able to fair under a democratic process. Ordinarily, democracy by its definition ought to be a government of the people by the people, and for the people. But this time around what we have is different. A lot of us are not even interested in the system, we always say “don’t mind them, let them do their thing, they know how they do it” and that is what has led us to where we are and I think now that we have a lot of awareness in town, everybody is interested for the future of this country to be secured, for its wellbeing to be guaranteed and for us to change this country for good. Everybody is interested in the process; and we see it as a welcomed development because until we start electing good leaders and sending out bad leaders, Nigeria will not change. Let’s assume 1999 till date the resolution was we want to fix the power sector. If ordinarily, power is fixed, 60% of Nigeria’s challenges will disappear. It is a statement of fact…but because we have an insincere government, a government that is not interested in the general welfare of its people. During the tenure of Olusegun Obasanjo, there was a claim that they expended $8.7 billion (US) into the power sector, it’s no longer news that the Jonathan administration has equally released its own figure about $8 billion (US) too, added together we have close to 17billion US dollars expended into the power sector and as we speak, the total megawatts generated by our dear nation of about 180million citizens, over 251 ethnic groups and over 251 languages, the biggest country in Africa is still under 4,000megawatts.
While South Africa as at the last time we checked was 160,000 megawatts. Ordinarily, using that as a measure of development, you will know we are not there.

The Deception About Nigeria’s Economy Being The Biggest In Africa

Of recent there was the news in town that Nigeria’s economy was the biggest in Africa. I know if we are sincere with ourselves, everyone was taken aback by that submission. Using my office as the Chairman, House Committee On Public Accounts and Internal Audit, I invited the Chief Executive officer of the Bureau of Statistics who did that job and sold the lie to the whole world what almost caused crisis in the nation. He was invited everywhere to come and speak to justify how he came about that figure that gave Nigeria the status of biggest economy in Africa we have ascribed to ourselves...because to my understanding, we have only ascribed it to ourselves since it doesn’t really reflect. So I called this man to my office and said to him;
“DG, you know I am an Accountant even though I am not an Economist, but this figures you have reeled out, I need to hear from you one on one…”
Do you know what he told me? He said; “my dear brother, all that was put together that gave us these figures are not physical things you can see on ground”. But ordinarily, there are some indices that when you put together, it will give us this figure. He gave me an example that if the federal government budgets to build a hotel for 100billion, and the contract was awarded, probably the government mobilized the contract with 5billion, when the report is being put together, even though only 5billion had been spent, the government takes the whole 100billion out of the government’s purse. If at the end of the day, the contractor refuses to do the job, the issue is 100billion went out for the project and was invested into our economy. I asked him if all the abandoned contracts were added and he said all even contracts awarded since the days of Buhari, Obasanjo and Babangidas of this world which were abandoned; everything put together formed the GDP that described Nigeria as the biggest economy in Africa.  Are you not taken aback? Because I asked him one question that if Nigeria is indeed the country with the biggest economy in Africa, what is the per capital income of an average Nigerian? To which he replied that an average Nigerian lives below $3. I told him categorically that the figures were not realistic. If care is not taken and we are not taking the right steps in the right direction, we will only continue to live in a deceitful world. Don’t let us forget that United Nations in one of their reports says that 70% of Nigerians live below poverty level, leaving only 30% in the upper and middle class and as far as I am concerned we do not have a middle class in Nigeria anymore, we have only the lower class and the middle class meaning we don’t even have that 30%, we have just 10%. Therefore we have 90% living below poverty level. I know and I believe that is not the Nigeria of our dreams. The cost of everything either in naira or dollars or whatever currency compared to the per capital income of salaries of an average individual, you can not relate it to being the biggest economy in Africa. What can you say of a man who works thirty days in a month and earns N18,000 with three children, his children have to go to school, be clothed and fed, he has to provide all the basic things and pay his house rent, how can that kind of man be a normal human at the end of each month? Yet he is working so hard to earn even that meager amount. So, once we can’t relate what we earn to what we spend, we can’t say that democracy has fared better than the military…there is nothing to write home about. If you ask me, I will say we are still under a military process but this time around, we wear no uniforms. That is the way our economy is being run and that is the way we are going about everything. I am of the strong belief that Nigeria democracy has not fared better, has not improved. It has not affected the Nigerians in any positive way. If we look at all the indices all the data, it is a pointer to the fact that we still have a long way to go in trying to have our own democracy. I will like to rest my case here. Thank you.

To be continued…   


The National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, leader in Oshodi, Lagos, Musiliu Akinsanya a.k.a. MC Oluomo, is as you read this wanted by the Nigeria Police following last week’s turmoil in Oshodi that claimed many lives.
It would be recounted that the story about the mayhem which broke out in Oshodi following power tussle between MC Oluomo and his rival Germany Oshodi, was exclusively reported by yours truly sometimes last week.
The fracas that has since left many dead and others in critical conditions has attracted the attention of the Nigerian Police who have now arrested all the suspects involved including Germany as he's fondly called.
 Oluomo according to our source has since absconded to the UK where he is hiding while he hopes to get the intervention of his godfather; Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who sources confirmed is disappointed considering that it’s a very sensitive period.
Germany, we also gathered has submitted himself to the Police and presently in detention following the 24hours ultimatum given to him before he’ll be declared wanted.
 Meanwhile Oluomo has failed to honour the invitation of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Kayode Aderanti, after announcing that he should report himself to the nearest police station within 24hours.
The Police Commissioner has now declared Oluomo wanted since he failed to surrender himself to the police last Friday 27th of February 2015 which was the given deadline.
As at Monday morning, Oluomo had not reported to the police, while cops stormed his house at the weekend but did not find him
Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Lagos Police Command, Ken Nwosu, has also issued a release to that effect.
Nwosu said since Oluomo had not reported himself to the police, he might be on the run and that the police would sure get him.
“He has not reported. He was given 24 hours to report and he did not report. Technically, he has been declared wanted, but we have not made the pronouncement yet. We still want to perfect the court papers to declare him wanted , we will do that. He has not been seen. If he did not show up, you know what that means,” he said.

                                                                                                      Faith Irabor