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Friday, 15 April 2016

Fast Rising Actress, Matilda Lambert's Birthday Bombshell ''My Sexy Hips, My Ass and Majid Michel''


Sultry actress, Matilda Lambert is one actress so many people haven't got close to but the epitome of beauty is a bunch of elegance and brains. The ravishingly atractive fast rising actress who's a Philosophy graduate of the University of Abuja is no doubt career driven. In an exclsuive interview with your darling tabloid, National Enquirer, the fast rising actress who celebrated her birthday with the less privileged children in a motherless babies home in Abuja last Wednesday, April 13
th, 2016 told Editor, Tunde Moshood of her insatiable appetite for the academic, 'am presently studying for my masters and am not stopping there when am through with that', she told us this among other interesting insights into her life, family and sexual privacy. Below are excerpts of the chat :
Share with us the story of your incursion into the movie industry?
It's all started in my final year in school during ASUU's indefinite Strike...I travelled and came back but the strike continued..So my mum advised that I should try to learn Fashion Designing to keep me busy since I love Fashion (lol)...The next day I went out in search of a good Tailoring Shop and I got one, getting there the manager of the shop told me the requirements and when I was about leaving, he called me aside and said,,"but why fashion design, your good looking and I know you'll make a good actress" please join the Movie Industry (in his voice)" and I just laughed...later he introduced me to a production house and then the Actors' Guild of Nigeria-AGN, Abuja Chapter and the rest like they say is history.
If you were not acting, what would you have been doing?
I would have been working in an Oil Company, any of these ; Shell, NNPC or NLNG etc)
Tell us about you, education and family background?

My name is Matilda Gogo Lambert, am a native of Ngo-Town in Andoni LGA of Rivers State. I was born on April 13th, am a very simple and easy going person, my favourite colour is white and I love FishermanSoup (FreshFish with Seafoods). I attended Police Children School, PortHarcourt. Federal Government Girls' College, Abuloma PortHarcourt and University Of Abuja where I studied Philosophy (B.SC), am currently studying for my Masters at the University Of Nigeria, Nsukka. And hopefully my PHD afterwards..I come from a Christain home and a very humble background. Am the second child and the only girl in a family of Two (Male and Female). We were trained to pray always and believe in ourselves..

What won't you be caught doing as an actress?

Would you consider yourself a homely girl and what are the characteristics you think make you one?

Oh Yes!! Am a very homely girl..I love to cook and put the house in order. Am an extremely indoor kinda girl and loves the comfort of a serene environment..

Who's your crush in the industry?
I am not Crushing on him but I just love the way he Acts...its Majid Micheal

Have you ever fallen or how close have you been to falling for a fellow actor after a passionate romantic role on a set and who's this person?

Nope I haven't because when I get such roles, I do it from the professional angle so I don't attach feelings

Who among the actors have you dated and would you settle for a fellow actor if the proposal is right?
I haven't dated anyone from the Industry.
Have you ever found yourself lusting after a friend's boyfriend, maybe the guy's look and the way he treats your friend?

Okay what about vice versa, have you caught any of your friends pants down with your boyfriend?

Tell us that unfortunate story that has happened between you and your boyfriend that almost resorted to a serious commotion?

No Comment!!!

What do you look forward to in your present relationship?
Am not dating anyone presently

When you say men appeal, what weakens you in a man?
A man who doesn't stick to his words...
How crazy can you go to satisfy your man?
I can go to any Lenght to satisfy my Man because he's my man and I love him...

What does sex means to you?
Sex to me means Pleasure with someone I REALLY ADORE..
What part of your body do you consider the sexiest?

 My Hips/Ass
Supposing the pay is right, how daring can you bare it all for a sleazy role in a movie? 

As a Professional Actress, I can act all roles EXCEPT a role where I have to go nude. Irrespective of the amount of Money, I won't do it..

Some people believe actresses do other things to make ends meet, is this true

Yes! Actresses are hard working and disciplined individuals who have their personal businesses they run outside acting to support themselves...
Okay would you say what you get in acting is what pays all your bills, be truthful to yourself on this question? 
What I get from acting doesn't pay all my bills because I have a Beauty Palace I run outside acting to support myself and also little support from family and friends..

Can you mention some popular movies you've featured in and what has been your most challenging role out of your movies? 
Career Woman, Barrista Anita, Blood and Conscience, War Against Men, De Bishop, Udu Bundle, Born Again Sisters, Loosing Heaven, Our Community School, Jackie Goes to School, Eqwu Onwa Season 3 and 4, Father Ebube etc..My most challenging role was the character I played in *RoughRiders"....A movie Produced by Uche One and Two Films and directed by Chidi Anyanwu..

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