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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

''If I Ever Want A Constructive Surgery''-Yvonne, BEFFTA Award Winner

There's no denying the fact that, she's got a place in the acting world and the reason is simple; she's blessed with some of the characteristics of a potentially promising career woman in the make-believe world. Aside epitomising beauty, the gorgeously seductive belle whose natural charming artistry pleases the aesthetic senses is also talent personified. In just few years of her incursion into the entertainment business, the elegant goddess has been one of the honorees of the popular UK awards, BEFFTA where she won the 2013 edition of Best Actress In London and still hoping to get more. That's Yvonne Hays, the British born actress of Igbo extraction who started off as a model before diversifying to acting. The light complexioned damsel has starred in movies which  Ilu Oba-The Queen'sland, Rubicon, Shameful Deceit, Urban Rhythm, Heartless Carer, International Games, Strive To Survive, Battered, Purity of Heart, Day One In London and many more. She was one of the star characters in a TV series, Bayou City Kings which was shot in Houston Texas, Cafe Afrik, another TV series showcasing the lives and experiences of Africans in the UK and also Labo-Life is a journey. The wave making actress, entrepreneur, compere, businesswoman who's ready to take a shot in music hosted editor, Tunde Moshood to a talk in London. 

Meet Her

My name is Yvonne Hays, I'm a Nigeria actress/model of Igbo extraction, based in London, United Kingdom. I was born in London, from a family of 7 of which I am the last. 


I had always wanted to be an actress but was never ready until 2012 when I took the plunge. I have always loved the 'arts' as I believe it is a reflection of life in its totality from the good, bad, and ugly. I see it as a means of passing on information while also entertaining in the process. I also love the idea of playing all the different characters of life while entertaining and educating the audience in the process. The movie 'Roots' was what opened my eyes to this fact, as it enlightened us all on slavery and history of the black race. It was what touched me and influenced me into wanting to be an actress.

Growing up

I grew up in a Christian home with strict parents whose discipline and upbringing have shaped me into the person I am today. 

Modeling and acting

I love modeling and acting equally and could never choose one as I have passion for and derive pleasure from both. I actually started modeling first to enable me get comfortable in front of the camera before embarking on my journey as an actress. I have done TV commercials, runway, editorial and print modeling. 

Movie roles

I have enjoyed playing the different roles I have played in my various movies as each one was different in its own way. I like playing characters that challenge my personality as I strongly believe in 'versatility' as an actor. My greatest challenge as an actor is yet to come and I look forward to that role.

Career so far

My journey has only just started, so I have definitely not reached my peak yet.

Sexual harassment in the industry

I have heard 'hear says' like that but I have not been exposed to it. 

Model and drugs

I believe in being professional at all times as 'how you start is how you carry on'. Drugs have never been a positive thing but it's each to their own I guess.


I draw inspiration from actors like Angelina Jolie, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep because they are so versatile and such professionals; when it comes to their body of work, that, I remain in awe of them. I look forward to the time when I will attain their level of respect and success.

Peak of career

Being a producer is another dream of mine which I am taking my time to actualise as I do not want to rush into it. I want to start by producing short films to get the much needed experience and expertise before going into feature films. 

Experience of life

Life has taught me that all we have on earth is 'time'. It is a gift in itself so we should make proper use of the time we have by valuing and appreciating it. Losing my dad brought this closer to home really hard and made me more relaxed about life but more driven to chase my dreams to attain 'happiness' which is very important. 

About herself

What would I like to change about myself if I could...nothing...I appreciate God and I appreciate myself therefore I am forever thankful and grateful.

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