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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Meet Patience Yisa, The Wanna-Be Actress Who Shed Crocodile Tears On Psquare PalaverHer secret traditional marriage

Stunning facts have now emerged to National Enquirer on the lifestyle of Patience Yisa, the lady who publicly threw caution to the wind by posting on social media, her pre-planned-recorded crocodile tears on the family squabbles of the popular singing duo, The Peter and Paul Twins a.k.a P Square, begging them in tears not to separate.

It would be recalled that, the story of the messy break-up of the influential star musician Twin brothers, Psquare has generated lots of controversy in social media and to the extent that, their fans began to call for decorum advising the lovable twins to have a re-think on the imminent danger inherent if they go all out to split.

And while the news was rocking the social media, an upcoming actress who has been described by few people who know her as star struck hit the town with a recorded crocodile tears advising the singing duo not to break-up.

According to information available to National Enquirer, Patience Yisa who came to limelight when she won the Queen of Culture & Tourism pageant in her home, Makurdi shortly after her youth service has been known for her eccentric life. Those who were privileged to her reign as Miss Culture & Tourism in Benue State disclosed how bizzare her ways of life as always been from inception.

One of her very first strange behaviours was the car she flaunted as the star prize for winning the beauty pageant, the source told us the car is better seen than described as the way the rickety car was branded left a sour taste in the mouth.

''Her life has always been a bizzare, it would have been better for her not to be given any car at all than the disgrace she got as a beauty Queen carrying a rickety car that never moved all about town'' a source who claimed to know her at Ogiri Oko Secondary School, North Bank, Makurdi revealed.

Another shocking queer stage of her life is the issue of her strange marriage to a Nollywood producer and director, Lawrence Lurrenz Onuzulike. In her bid to hit the stardom by all means, the overzealously aggressive actress who has featured in few unpopular movies was lured into a hot relationship with the movie director and not too long they kicked off the affair than she gullibly agreed to a secret traditional marriage which didn't last more than one month.

And as if that was not enough, Patience picked up the remaining pieces of her heart and moved on scampering with every Dick, Tom and Harry and waiting for another golden opportunity to get famous, by fire by force.

Before she posted the controversial crocodile tears where she was seen taken medication on the Peter and Paul Okoye's family headache, she had posted a video of her wardrobe showing all sorts of funny multi coloured bags, shoes and clothes hung on an ancient wooden hanger in a shabbily unkempt room; and to crown it, she was excited to have reached 1000 followers mark on Instagram when her mates are eyeing 1m mark. It was so amazing that, some of her friends were like, ''this lady needs an urgent check-up'' because according to them, no sane person will post such a demeaning and disgraceful video that's far from being a movie shot and how on earth will she be celebrating 1000 followers on Instagram.

She has boasted to be very close to so many notable faces in town such as Klint Da Drunk, Mr. Ibu and so on telling everybody who cares to listen that they're her right hand buddy.

And the last straw that broke the camel's back is the Psquare video she posted where she tagged herself as a concerned colleague. Industry pundits are of the opinion that, if she ever knows what a colleague means or has ever met the Psquare duo, she won't bother to woo them publicly in such a demeaning manner.

She's been enjoying the attention she sought anyway as all the media exposures generated from her crocodile tears have been pasted on her facebook walls and all other social platforms and to crown it all, she just got hosted and treated to a sumptous meal by one of the fighting duo, Peter Okoye who saw the post and invited her for a secret meeting days back but the question now is how far can this ''fake'' attention seeking attitude safe Patience' face. Below are the videos on her facebook wall and other exclusive pictures.

Jite Usman

Her secret traditional marriage

The rickety car

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