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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Football Star, Samuel Eto'o Girl Friend Jailed For Stealing Rolex Watch

The prayers of international football star, Samuel Eto'o who incidented a case of stealing against his girl friend of 7 years have been heard in favour of the footballer leaving the ex-girlfriend of the Cameroon football legend getting sentenced to jail for stealing his Rolex watch. 
Aside the judgement which sees Koah beginning a six months jail term, the embattled lady has also suffered an attempt to publish a book titled, ''Revenge Porn'' which captures details of her sizzling romance and sexcapades with Samuel Eto's for 7 years.
The football star had accused his ex-girlfriend, Nathalie Koah, with whom he had sexual relationship for seven years, of stealing his Rolex wrist-watch, and the court deemed it ‘improper retention’
Pronouncing the sentence in Yaounde, Cameron, the court sentenced Nathalie Koah to a six months jail term having found her guilty of stealing the footballer’s watch. The court in its sentence termed the ‘act of stealing’ as “improper retention” of the footballer’s property.
Koah was given a suspended six-month jail term and asked to pay 12.7 million CFA Francs to Eto’o, the cost of the watch.
Also, with this sentence Koah has suffered yet another major loss against the footballer as her book based on the 7-years relationship with the Cameroonian footballer titled “Revenge Porn” has been banned in France and Cameroon and her court case against Samuel Eto’o for blackmail and coercion was thrown out.

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