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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Trending! Toyin Aimakhu's New Social Media Series, 'An Evening Of A Thousand Insults''

If there's anybody that doesn't have the feeling of a fish in the glass, it is no one but Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu. Yes, the fans of the Yoruba actress are really mad at her right now and there's no name she hasn't been called, ''you're shameless, you're not a good rôle model, you've been used and dumped again are some of the insults being hurled at her on her instagram page. Seing is believing, please visit her instagram page @aimakhutoyin to laugh off your sorrow how her very own fans are taking her to the cleaners over her gut to come out publicly to disclaim a relationship she's not meant to celebrate in the first place. By law, she's still Toyin Aimakhu Johnson having not tidied a dicorce process with her former husband, Adeniyi Johnson whom she was legally married to. According to the information made available to National Enquirer, bubble burst when Toyin came on Instagram earlier today to release a disclaimer on the supposed love of her life, Seun Egbegbe with whom she's been dancing naked all this while in the name of love wantintin. The actress' message reads: ''DISCLAIMER: Without going into details of why I went into an affair with Mr. Seun Egbegbe, I am very much aware that a lot of people look up to me as a rôle model and considering this salient fact, a detour at this point is very necessary. However, against the backdrop of my moral responsibities to my fans and the general public, I wish to state unequivocally that henceforth, I dissociate myself from Mr. Seun Egbegbe. I will implore all and sundry to stop connecting me with Mr. Seun Egbegbe or whatever he represents from now on. I humbly request and would appreciate if I am allow time to recuperate. Once again, I apologise for all the negativity that emanated from the whole drama in recent times, trust me on this, I am sincerely sorry. My attention and energy are now focused on re-uniting with my work, friends, families and fans. I thank my ever loyal and stedfast fans. You all are my strong pillar of support. God bless me and you all. He is the greatest pillar in times of tribulations. You will always be part of me. Miss Toyin Aimakhu. Can you beat that. The comments are growing by the minute on her instagram page, you don't wanna miss it. We serve you some munched messages for your reading delight.

Blessing Okeke

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