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Monday, 1 February 2016

Joy of A Proud Father! Dad Sends Couple, Guests Crying On Daughter's Wedding Day

Have you ever attended a wedding party where the bride's father sends everyone including the couple crying?Then, you need to read what this man did on his daughter's wedding when he was asked to make a speech. It’s that time of the wedding reception, and the father of the bride was called upon to make a speech. When the man stood up, everyone was expecting another sappy speech and stories about his baby girl all grown up. This dad opted against it, but what he chose to do is something way more personal. If it makes you cry, you can only imagine how his daughter and the bridesgroom felt.
He chose to sing a song, but in a language that would mean much more to his sign language interpreter daughter. He started learning sign language as soon as she got engaged and took him a full year to master it for this occasion. And the song he sang? You’ll have to watch.


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