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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Again! Flesh Eating Nollywood Actress Beats Police Officer, Charged To Court

Stunning facts have emerged on the shameful biting episode between two Nollywood actresses, Princess Chineke and Christabel Goddy, this much National Enquirer can reveal. In case you've not been following the news, bubble burst one fateful evening when two actresses paired to stay in same room at a movie location in Lagos reached out for each other's jugular turning the whole hotel upside down.

According to the information, Port-Harcourt based upcoming actress, Christabel displayed the weirdness in her when she decided to bite her colleague, Princess Chineke just on a slightest provocation and the news of the seriously dangerous attack went viral.

Although, the flesh eating actress has since been suspended by the Actors' Guild of Nigeria president, Ibinabo Fiberesima, there are other surprising bad attitude of the carnivorous actress which no one has heard.

National Enquirer gathered reliably that, the lady who was bitten is not taking it lightly as police have been involved. It will also interest you ti know that, the stubborn Christabel the carnivore did not just refused arrest, she also engaged a police officer in fisticuffs kicking the female officer with the door.

The case against the vampire actress Chrystabel Goddy is actually messier than earlier reported. The bitten actress, Princess Chineke has revealed all the messy details leading to that tarnspired before she was bitten by Chrystabel on that set. We bring you the story as told by Princess Chineke where she shared how she was bitten, how Christabel resisted arrest and smashed her mother’s phone among other rudely uncultured behaviours and above all, the bias interest of the movie director on the saga.

This is not the 2016 I saw,certainly not a good way to start the year. Hmmm its well. You claimed I pulled your hair, why not pull mine? I would rather deal with the whole of my hair pulled off than these pains, Fever, trauma, scar, being home bound, losing out on several jobs, events and activities.

Having so many unanswered questions roaming through my head, God why, why me, what, why, where did I go wrong, after concluding the beginning of the year 21days fasting and praying on the 31st of December, all I get is a bite in less than 2weeks? if I had the slightest inclination this would have happened I wouldn't have gone for the job. it took me a while before I accepted the job, had a flat tyre that morning, my car broke down on 3rd mainland bridge that day on my way to the job, my friend said all these temptations for this job.
I said the devil didn’t want me to work, little did I know it would be this. Why didn’t I see this coming? But like my loved ones said, it could have been worse if not for the prayers.Thank God. I thank God the hot water Chrystabel asked for came when everywhere was crowded only God knows what would have become of me.You said I’m worse than ugly, you said I envy your beauty, new complexion you did to look good on camera, why waste energy to design an ugly being? Thank God i was lying down when you attacked else you would have bitten off the breast you bitterly complained about.from my school of thoughts,every woman is beautiful, being a female is beauty itself. I don’t indulge in envy and comparison, I only compare where I am now to where I want to be. I reported the first incident to the director, Aaron Ugede he said he will take care of it.Your words before the attack was “PM take this tramp out of here, she is not meant to be in this project, she is not meant to be in the hotel. I got marveled at such words from a Rivers state junior colleague who just relocated from Port-Harcourt to Lagos last year, calling me and my family witches, I replied “are you the executive producer or is this your father’s job? Then I turned away playing with my phone lying sideways, next thing was a hit on my face, her fingers on my neck before I could be done with taking off her fingers and sitting up, she pounced on my thigh with her teeth, being more of advantage standing up while I was still lying on the bed, I struggled my thigh off, ,picked off my phone and called our senior colleague, the room got crowded the director peeped and left without saying a word. She said, Princess you have been in the industry but you will see how far I will grow more than you, check your leg, that bite is little compared to what I will do more. After the hospital stitches, the director insisted that I continue with the shoot. When the pictures went viral she cried to the director which made him call us for a meeting saying I have to remove all her pictures on the internet or make a press Conference call with her saying we have resolved it. I refused. He said Christabel I will take off your pictures from the Google search, Internet though it has gone viral. He and his friend did try to remove the attached injury to my pictures.”

Blessing Okeke

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