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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Boko Haram's Nightmares Ressurect At IDP Camps...Teenagers On Rampage To Kill

The weird spirit of the brutal episode of the deadly Boko Haram group witnessed by some teenagers seems to be giving them nightmares with attempts from teenagers at the Internal Displaced Persons, IDP Camps beginning to attack and kill themselves.

According to information made available to National Enquirer, a teenage boy escaped death at an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Borno State, after some of his peers allegedly tried to slaughter him. The story, which has little details, as at the press time was shared on Twitter by a social media user Dan Borno, and it shows the boy, not more than 12, spotting a gash on his throat.

Dan Borno explained that the children are mostly orphans who had the most horrifying experiences and are now living it out at the IDP camps.

“Government should start working on the reorientation of these teenagers and everybody in the IDP camps or a new set #BokoHaram group will be born in the #IDP Camps of #Borno,” Dan Borno said, adding. “These children survived under terror for years and see it as a normal life.”

Currently, there are no updates on how the situation was handled, and if this is rampant in the camps.

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