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Monday, 14 November 2011


At first when I heard some big mouths talking about how African China has been faring so badly lately, I attributed it to one of their numerous rumour-infested chit chats they engage in just to while away time! And honestly I hadn’t seen Chinagorom Onuoha a.k.a African China in a very long time after the video of his hit track , If you love somebody” where he featured Faze, was released. A video where he was really looking cute spotting a brand new look without his long braids, with a nicely styled hair cut! To my utter amazement, African China was spotted at an event that held on the Island only recently, in the midst of about a 20-man-entourage almost going unnoticed, clad in a pair of inferior jeans trousers, a white shirt, and a baseball cap, looking really spent and unkempt. His eyes were red and teary like he just had too much cannabis to smoke; his cheek bones were so high that you could almost tell that he hadn’t smiled in a long while. His braids  grown back, but not as long as they used to be. His beards looked discoloured rather than tinted. I was forced to walk up to him and ask him what’s up with his new looks, and all he could do was nod severally and say I am growing my hair again! Shuo! Does that mean he is spending all his proceeds from music on his hair? Me I am just asking o! China over to you!

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