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Monday, 14 November 2011

JIGGLES:-Star Artiste, Nigga Raw’s Wife In Lesbianism Scandal…Marriage Threatened!

Star Artiste, Nigga Raw’s Wife In Lesbianism Scandal…Marriage Threatened!
Information at our disposal is rather alarming, as Nigeria’s leading Igbo rap act, Nigga Raw, who is also called Raw Nwanne, is currently engulfed in a domestic cacophony that has snowballed into an unconceivable scandal. We have it on good authority that Nigga Raw who has managed to maintain a scandal free career has being placed under the radar of negativism by his adulterous wife, who goes by the name Matilda, Ewere Ukeje. Matilda who is a top staff at the Visafone Victoria Island branch is alleged to be involved in extra marital affair with same sex, implying she is bi-sexual. It was initially thought to be just a wicked rumour to tarnish the good name of her husband (Nigga Raw) but alas the beans was spilled last September, 2011 at a hotel in the city of Port Harcourt, where Matilda’s clique called the “Sexy Chicks” organized  a bridal shower for their friend, Ebi Karimo, who was getting married. Our failsafe source squealed that Matilda and 3 of her other friends, Abigail George, faith, and Marika, whom she flew in from Abuja, gang-raped an innocent girl , either as initiation rites into the “Sexy Chicks” clique, or just to satisfy their lustful desires. We gathered impeccably that they took turns on the girl, until she literally blacked out from exhaustion. Little was said about the whole thing, until lurid pictures of the diabolic act started circulating! When this story got to our desk, we put a call through to Matilda Ewere Ukeje, to hear her own side of the story, but instead of helping matters, the alleged adulterous woman started raining insults on us, threatening fire and brimstone should we dared publishing the story, that she was going to make sure we paid dearly for it. About 3 minutes later, we got a call from her husband Nigga Raw, who was rather on the reasonable side, pleading with us to divulge the full information about the story to him. So we invited him and his wife over to our office, which they promised to honour, but failed to. We expected their calls and hoped they had come to our office, but they didn’t until we went to press.

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