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Monday, 14 November 2011


Yoruba beautiful actress Mosunmola Filani is no doubt a fantastic role interpreter any day but she might need to apply caution if the gist flying around town about her turns out to be true.  According to a reliable source, tongues are currently wagging over Mosun’s newest but strange policy. Those who had worked with the actress lately, according to our source would give it a nod that the actress unlike the rest of her colleagues does not go anywhere without heavily built body guards. The very strange attitude we learnt is presently giving producers and directors concerns and according to an eagle eye, it has started affecting her chances of getting roles like she used to. One of the incidents that made some top producers and directors kicked against her parading body guards, a reliable source disclosed was in connection with a particular scenario that happened on a movie location involving the actress and a top director recently. According to the gist, Mosun was on the location which was somewhere in Ikorodu, outskirt of Lagos with two of her hefty men and surprisingly she demanded that they must be allowed stay around when she’s taking her lines and as expected this didn’t go down well with the entire casts and crew especially the director because to him, the request is humiliating on other casts especially those old enough to be her father, uncalled for and unprofessional. This we learnt was how the actress angrily stormed out of the school premises where the scene was meant to be taken into her car with her body guards and rudely told the director to call on her whenever they’re ready for her and after serious deliberations, the director the source continued, ended up persuading the rest of the casts and crew to dance to the actress’ tune because she’s playing a major role that can’t be suddenly yanked off and more so has been paid. The source revealed that the gist went round the whole Yoruba industry and since then producers have started black listing the actress because they feel she’s now too big to be controlled and don’t want her to hold them to unnecessarily ransom when there are many upcoming actresses dying to be more famous. “They’ve concluded that it’s not only rude but also demeaning for an fast rising actress like Mosun to be intimidating them with touts that parade themselves as body guards when bigger and well paid stars only come to locations with their PAs who help them watch over their costumes and pick their calls whenever they’re on set”, the source said. She further went on to reveal that even some of Mosun’s senior colleagues have also black listed her for trying to prove that she’s now suddenly bigger than them and have vehemently vowed not to honour any producer that dares include her in their movie and wants  her to act alongside with them.  

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