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Monday, 14 November 2011

Am Quitting Spinsterhood Soon-Lola Margret

Am Quitting Spinsterhood Soon-Lola Margret
It won’t be wrong to identify Lola Magaret as one of the best Yoruba actresses when it comes to doing what they know how to do best. The light skinned actress came into the lime light through the movie titled Bisola Alanu some years back and ever since then has refused to look back, she has even produced her own movies having featured in flicks like Eyin Akuko, Onome Aganga part 1 and 2, Mr. President to mention but a few. The bulged eyed actress, in this interview with Enquirer’s Faith Irabor disclosed how she was trained under comic act, Mr. Latin’s Theater Group but became famous through late Ahmed Alasari’s movie as well as other sundry issues. Excerpts

Can you tell us what's been happening to you of late?
Good, so much have been happening to me, I have been outside the country, I actually went to rest for a while because of the stress I have been putting myself through lately, but came back recently to produce another movie that would be released soonest.
Which was the last movie you acted in before you produced yours?
I think it should be Fathia Balogun’s Onome Aganga where I acted a very challenging role but I really liked the script and I’ve been getting so many calls from producers and marketers who never thought I could speak slangs like I did in the movie.
Really? Can you tell us one of the slangs?
(Laughs) Se o fe gba Canal de Canada and all sorts (meaning do you want to get to Canada through Canal) laughs
Can you talk about your latest movie and the marketer in-charge?  
The truth is I don’t always like disclosing my story line, casts and how much the movie gulped until it is officially released for reasons best known to me, besides am already envisaging some fears for my new movie because of piracy, they are really killing the industry, I think they are the most challenges we are facing now, imagine spending over N2.5m to shoot a movie and not sure to recover your money because of piracy? It’s really not fair, most of us only produce for the passion for it and also to remain in the system because this piracy thing is really killing us.
How are you coming together to think of a way to resolve this, there was a time Jide Kosoko as the ANTP president stated he would do everything possible in his regime to stop piracy even if it’s the last thing he will do?
The truth is, it’s only the Federal Government that can help us fight piracy to a standstill, the whole movie industry has honestly tried their best and done a lot but things seem to be the same. I will like to beg our government to do something, we can’t do it all alone, we’ve tried, we have been to the Lagos State governor’s office, Babatunde Raji Fashola to talk to them to find something to do, but they are not doing anything.
How true is it that the movie titled Bisola Alaanu by Ahmed Alasari gave you the limelight?
Yes of course! My breakthrough came through my role in BISOLA ALAANU, by late Ahmed ALAASARI, may his soul rest in perfect peace),
That would bring me to this question, what are you people doing to make sure that his family is remember and his name not forgotten as he was said to leave behind a few months old baby?
Yeah you’re right, we are already doing something to that, but I can’t just talk about it, all I can say is that we have tried especially some of my colleagues in Abeokuta.
Where is Lola from?
Am from Ilesha, Osun State
Where were you trained as an actress because most of your colleagues get their training from one theater group or another?
Yeah, I will say Mr. Latin Theater Group in Abeokuta; I went to him through a friend when I discovered I have this passion for acting so he is more or less like my boss.
So how did you now meet the late Ahmed Alaasari?
He was in Abeokuta too, he was one of the bosses in Abeokuta, so I met him through Mr. Latin.
But while you were with Mr. Latin you didn’t shoot any movie passé or were you training then?
Yes. That’s the exact situation though I did like four movies with Mr. Latin before playing the lead role in late Ahmed Alaasari’s Bisola Alaanu.
What are the names of the movie?
One of it is Mr. President but I can’t remember the names of the remaining three now.
Who are your contemporaries in the industry and which caucus do you belong to because it’s believed that actors especially you ladies are fond of forming caucuses to oppress and intimidate other colleagues and features only caucus members in their movies?
(Laughs) Actually everybody is my friend. I don’t have close friend in the industry, they are all my friends, my colleagues, we talk we chat on BB if I need them for anything, I don’t form cliques or caucuses. I don’t believe in it and that’s the truth.
So how did you get the script of Fathia Balogun’s ONOME AGANGA?
I got a call from her that she wants me to participate in the movie. Probably she saw one of my jobs, so she just called me. That’s all. It didn’t happen because I belong to her clique. If you don’t get close to me you won’t know the kind of person I am, I am not that kind of person.
Tell us about your siblings?
They are all fine, they are here in Lagos. We are three, am the only girl.
What are the boys doing?
The eldest one deals with cars, but the last one that is my younger brother is still in school.
What of your mum and dad?
I lost them years ago.
Sorry about that, when do you intend to settle down and are you in a relationship?
Of course yes!
Would you want to talk about him and is he in the movie industry?
I would not say anything about my jewel o, that’s what I call him but don’t worry I would invite you soon for the union.
Or is he the politician we heard you’re dating and he’s planning to marry you secretly?
I really insist that we should leave my man out of it please.
So when is the wedding bell ringing?
Very soon, trust me.
It’s been nice chatting with you

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