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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Nigeria’s Political Bickering Takes A New Dimension

The petty argument on trivial matters which have become the order of the day in Nigeria’s political landscape seems to have reached its crescendo with perceived supporters of the two strong political parties-APC and PDP keep fanning the embers of controversies. After more than a year of the hot and sizzling political turbulence that saw Africa’s biggest ruling party-PDP losing to the APC, the rivalry seems to be waxing stronger by the day with loyalists of the two parties trading bandy words.

Instead of seeing the war which has been lost and won as a “no Victor no Vanquished” affair to let sleeping dogs lie in order to give peace a chance and support the new administration, the Nigerian youths have doggedly vowed never to cease fire; it has been torrents of negative criticism from both camps thereby threatening the peaceful coexistence of the Nigerian nation.

One of those society rows is the parody of the wave making single of one of Nigeria’s star artistes, Harrisong whose popular song “Raggae Blues” was distorted for political pappy show. The first gauntlet had the body language of the PDP while the latest is a perceived response of the ruling party-APC.

Though, the developing atmosphere may portend a comic relief right now, the end result on the populace smells a doom.

National Enquirer presents to you the different versions of the beautiful work of arts adapted by political jobbers to settle their petty differences.

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