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Monday, 22 August 2016

From Ireland In Esse Agesse's Voice, ''Yes, I Can Marry A Younger Lover If He Doesn't Want Babies''

She's one of the top rated team of old school female pop musicians. She was very famous before relocating to Dublin, Republic of Ireland after the irreconcilable differences that broke her marriage to renowned music producer and Nollywood starman, Kingsley Ogoro. After many years of sojourning abroad, Esse Agesse has finally gotten her rhythm back and ready to pursue her musical career in full blown. She spoke candidly to National Enquirer's Jav Fredericks Imoni during a recent chat.

Was your recent trip to Nigeria project driven?
I haven't been in Nigeria of late, however, my latest the song, Worship Yahwey was done in Nigeria sometime ago and I am only just promoting it.

Why so late, were there challenges?
We face challenges all the time in whatever we're doing, the issue of which producer to use, which studio etc arise. The song was on my lips when I woke up in the morning a few years ago. I was in a dream and singing the song and dancing, I had in fact been praying and fell asleep while doing so only to be in the dream and waking up singing the song.

You've been away for so long, how many years now?
A long time but I have been going back and forth.

What are you doing in Ireland?
I am a Learning and Development Executive and I volunteer as a mentor with a renowned children organisation. I am very much involved in my church, RCCG Freedom Hall, Mallow Ireland. My work with Women Of Love International in advocating for girl-child's education is also a personal journey I've been struggling with for a while. I have chosen to work with a dear friend, Ini Usanga who champions a cause for women and children here under her organisation, Love and Care for People Worldwide. The cry for the education for children and the girl child in particular cannot be over emphasized.

When you're not singing or ministering, what do you do?

How's life away from motherland?
Not easy but with God it has been bearable.

What does being famous mean to you?
 I think it's when you have the support of your people home and abroad.

Your most cherished moments?
Whenever my children and I have talks that give me an insight into their minds
 You've been separated from your husband for years, what's happening to you?
 The right man hasn't come along and when he comes, maybe I'll jump at the offer.

Have you ever thought of going back to him, maybe for sake of the kids and since there seems to be no man anywhere?
 No comment.

 Does he look after the kids or see them regularly or you just the father/mother?
 I prefer this question stricken out.

 Okay, who're you seeing now?

What has life taught you?
To totally depend on God no matter what.

 Your regrets in life?
 The only regret is probably not focusing on my musical career.

 Can you date or marry a younger lover?
 Yes, if he has a mature mind and as long as he doesn't expect children as well because am done with child bearing.

So, that means there's a marriage plan in mind?
 Why not, If the right man comes along. Yes.

 Favourite holiday spot?

 For now I'd say Delta State Nigeria.

Your children are abroad-bred, will you allow your daughter marry from here?
 Yes, if that's her wish.

 How often do you come home, and the kids?
It used to be every year for me, however, in recent years, I haven't been home due to financial reasons.
 You seems to be missing the music scene, what would you say has changed?
 Hmm... change is the way, almost all the songs sound the same but danceable. Also both men and women are getting the exposure needed, then, it was mostly men in the industry. I miss the performances.

 Who were the people that inspired you in life?
 My Father and Whitney Houston with reference to music.

 What's your favourite verses and why?
 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Because it gives me courage when I need it.

Life philosophy?
 Always show love and kindness no matter what.
 Favourite quote?
If you fail try again, success is down the line. ( LEA)

Fashion fetish?
Jeans really.

 Ever crush on anyone?
  Yes, Denzel Washington.

 Sources of inspiration?
 Jesus Christ, my children and my siblings .

 What's cooking in you?
 Working on a new song.

 Why did it take you so long to come back?
 It feels right now, I didn't have the time, now my hands are not so tied.

 Message to fans?
 Keep on keeping the faith. I love you all.

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