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Monday, 22 August 2016

Meet Nigerian/Austrian Fashion Star Who Clothes R. Kelly, Agbani Darego

Omatu Fulani is no doubt one of the newest dames of enterprise on the bloc. Quite attractive and gifted, the beautiful multi talented fashion designer and singer who's waiting to explode  is  half Nigerian  and  half  Austrian  by  birth.
In an exclusive interview with National Enquirer's Teiko Sannor, Omatu told us her story of life and entrepreneurial voyage, ''I got self-employed shortly after my stint at the Modeschule Hetzendorf school of fashion in Vienna and then jumped right into the cold water!'' As a rookie, she continued, ''I left Vienna and went  straight to Hollywood and Las Vegas where I had my biggest break by getting world class celebrities like R. Kelly, Michelle Williams, Kim Porter and Agbani Darego to wear my creations,'' she reminisced. Another of my biggest break was when I released my first Extended Play-EP titled, "Melancholody" in Los Angeles last year. I made a lot of noise there, it was great! My face was all over the place on the red carpet and in VIP exclusive parties,''  her  exact  words.

To Omatu who's got a very good eye for colours and shapes, and can visualize a garment before ever putting any idea on paper, being able to style international 'A-list' celebrities, showing her collections on international platforms like New York and Paris fashion week, selling to stores worldwide and building a name internationally, is what she calls her success story. "As a Fashion designer and singer, I've gained international experience and recognition. When times are good and your designs are wearable, you can make a lot of money!" *smiles* "And as a singer, my songs are currently being played on radio in Vienna, London, Lagos and the States. The sky is the limit!  I have a lot of plans, when they're ripe, sure you'll be the very first to know." *she smiles again*

The name “Omatu” is of Nigerian-Igbo origin, the iconic fashion designer told us, when she was asked what inspired her brand-name. "Fulani sounds very Italian if you pronounce it the European way, so people like to compare it to  Cavalli, Armani, Gucci and so on. I know the name of my clothing line is namesake with the Fulani tribe in Nigeria. I love the fact that the Fulanis are one of the most beautiful tribes in the world, that fits perfectly into my creative concept  and as for my music, I do soul and RnB, followed by Hip Hop, Trap and Afrobeat. Then I also love disco and classic music, especially if it's a piano piece. I've got an album and two singles, of which one of them is titled, "YOU," and that was my most sold single, and the single that actually brought me to limelight.  My latest single is titled, "The Dream." I used to be my own manager, but  I'll soon announce my new  manager.”

The Austrian based, stylish, modernist, creative, and elegant fashion  designer and singer said she had always wanted to design as a kid when she used to dress her dolls and teddy bears, and had always wanted to sing and dance as well, so she joined the musical school, Vienna conservatorium. "I went to a designer school and  thanks to my mum who is a free spirit, I was able to go to musical school in parallel. When I first came across R. Kelly's music, his voice touched me, I had goosebumps and this was when I knew I wanted to do music.  I was so shy at first that it took me years to actually come out with my own sound.  I want my music to be heard, I'm not making music for the money,  I  sing  from my mind, body and soul, and I want my listeners to feel the same way I feel. I just want to put my music out there without any expectations." According to the fast rising singer, Omatu, ''a singer is someone who is able to give his/her listeners goosebumps when sharing  their music.'' And a Fashion designer? ''Someone who has the ability to bring his/her creations not only to paper, but actually to life and get people to wear  them  on  a  daily  basis.'’

"My client, I would say, is a self confident woman who's not afraid to show her feminine side at all times, a classy woman who likes to try new things and styles when it comes to fashion. Age range, 25-45. Music inspires me, most especially because I am an artiste as well. I am a huge fan of Wale, so I once heard about a rap competition he  was having on Instagram and I jumped on it. God knows I'm NOT a rapper but I'm a songwriter, so I was really proud when he picked me as one of the seven finalists. That gave me such a boost and also the confirmation that I got it, man! Traveling all over the world gets me a lot of inspiration too, seeing different cultures and what their fashion is like.”

Speaking on her first ever entrepreneurial shot, "Oh no, it's tough! No one came to my first show. It was literally my PR and I!" She confessed. "You've got to have a thick skin when you're in show business," she said.

Omatu's strength and power, according to her, is in her root, ''My company is in Vienna as well as the production and cutting company I am working with, so a typical day in Vienna is hectic because there is always something to do and people want to meet you in person. Great times too though because I'm constantly on the go to achieve new things, especially when I'm away from home. Mostly, I am out of town so it's more relaxed because all I do then is network and get my Fulani duties done via email which is less stressful. I regret that I haven't had a mentor, things would have been much more easier."
Talking about the bad influence of buzz, smokes, drugs and meeting men in the entertainment industry, Omatu shared with us... "Oh yeah, the industry is like that but God gave us the free will, so it's up  to you how strong  or  weak  you are, to resist certain things. I think we all know what's good and bad so it's in the hands of the individual which route you want to go. I've met all kinds of people in this career. I've met musicians, great musicians, I was star struck! I met strangers with a lot of influence in the industry who helped me without asking me to give them anything in return, and I'm very thankful for that! But the industry can eat you up and also manipulate you quickly. So yeah, I've come across all types of people, good and bad, but haven't we all?”

No doubt, this very daring personality could also have a place in the movie industry if she puts her time and energy into it. "I can see myself as an actress, but I won't have time to achieve that. But hey, if I got a movie request, I would jump on it!

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