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Monday, 22 August 2016

Inside The Amazing Lagos Super Recreational Resort, Lekki Leisure Lake

Have you been opportune to go on an adventure to the beautiful four star beach resort, Lekki Leisure Lake located on LekkiEpe Expressway by second roundabout, Marwa, in a choice area of Lagos? In case you've not, the complete leisure garden is, no doubt, the fastest growing weekend hangout in Lagos and the lake offers a wide variety of excitingly relaxing experience for individual, family and lovers. According to the Managing Director, the owners of Lekki Leisure Lake, Segun Animashaun who shared with us how the dream of the amazingly stunning recreational park was conceived, ''it was a dump with lots of refuse and squatters to struggle with, cleaning and turning the place to what it is today was herculean, it involved a lot of financial, emotional and passionate investments. The good looking General manager, Alex Adegbola however treated National Enquirer's team led by General Editor, Andrew Anyanwu and Photo Editor, Bisola Badmus to a lavish reception where he told us all we need to know about LLL.
Please can we know more about the resort?
Its all about a dream and determination, my boss, Mr. Segun Animashaun saw the vision of transforming a piece of land which stretches between Oniru and Elegushi beach into a leisure resort. It's four kilometres long and two kilometres wide. His mission is to create a place where an average person can come for Leisure and stay safe.
How long has resort been existing?
Lekki Leisure Lake has been operating for under two years and is still under development. We have much more to offer as we go along.
What are the unique things about Lekki Leisure Lake?
Lekki Leisure Lake is very centralized, people don't need to go very far before they can enjoy all water and land activities. We're also affordable for an average person and safety is paramount to us.
How has Lekki Leisure Lake changed the face of leisure in Lagos?
Leisure is far beyond just sitting to drink, we have successfully changed the thinking of an average person, as lots of people thought it costs so much to be on water and enjoy its activities. For instance, we have beach buggy, Jet ski, Quad bikes, bumper boats, pedal boats, wave boats, pontoon boat, Zip line, paddle big and ropes course and all these changed the face of leisure in Lagos. It costs only a thousand or two to enjoy any of these mentioned.
Wow, interesting; will it be right to say nothing else is missing in this park?
We're still improving, with lots of work to do. We're developing in styles and there will be wall climb in the near future. We're covering all corners of leisure, next is the "hub" and it will open up soon. In the hub, we'll have a 24hours dinner/ restaurant, proper sports bar, lounge/nightclub and events/conferencing hall. We also will have "children city", which will be a play centre for children, a place where parents can bring their children to have fun with maximum security, where they can drop off their kids to be entertained while they pick them up later.
Do you allow people to host parties or ceremonial events here?
Yes! parties can be held here. People come here for parties, especially birthdays. Music is free!
What's the itinerary like, is it a round the clock leisure garden?
We're open for leisure activities on weekends and public holidays only, for now. 12noon-10pm. And we're open for bookings on week days.
What's the implication of using the services?
Its not expensive, just N1,000 (One thousand naira only) for adult and N500 (five hundred naira only) for children under 10years.
Are pets allowed?
No, pets are not allowed.
What's the entry fee?
Entry fee is N1000 per person but very soon we will start an offer on Saturdays only where entrance for kids is free of charge.
What's the average cost of food?
Freshly prepared barbecue and other delicacies are a popular feature of Lekki Leisure Lake and this can be seen from the number of people ordering from the rich and varied menu. Various refreshing beverages are also along offer at reasonable prices. Cold and refreshing cocktails on a hot and sunny day at the beach is always a hit. Most of these food items are relatively inexpensive and start from as low as N200 for soft drinks to N1500 for the food items.
You said “under development”, should we be expecting of future development?
Future developments includes more new and interesting beach activities for both kids, families and the young at heart , opening of the HUB very soon to include 24 hour restaurant and bistro, luxury sports bar with multi screens , rooftop cocktail and champagne bar and lounge with terraces overlooking the Atlantic ocean, events and conferenc hall. Also creation of the Zen Zone , a chilled out beach area for people who just want to relax and enjoy the fresh cool breeze of the ocean devoid of noise .... and much much more.
It's been nice talking to you
Pleasure is mine, you're welcome

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