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Monday, 22 August 2016

‘'I Can't Date A Poor Ugly Guy But Won't Mind A One Night Stand With…'’- Dayo Kujore's Daughter

For Ayinke Dayo Kujore, the cute and beautiful presenter of the wave making programme airing on Orisun TV on Startimes, there's nothing like basking in the euphoria of one's father's old glory, the bubbly lady is enjoying the limelight bestowed on her person by her father's fame as a musician. ''Everywhere I go, my father's name opens doors for me,” she told our editor recently.  Ayinke's old man is the popular  Juju musician, Wonder Dayo Kujore, whose musical exploits shook the air waves in the 90s and early 2000. She spoke to your darling National Enquirer on her adventures  of  life. 

Tell us about your passion for TV presenting, how  did  it  all  start?

That's a long story o... but anyways,  it all started  in 2013  when Uncle Bimbo Ogunsanya,  a  movie  producer called me about presenting on a new TV station, Orisun TV on Startimes decoder. At first, I was scared because I didn't really think I could do it but then my mum and Uncle  Bimbo  encouraged me that I can do it so,  I started going to Orisun studio to experience  how  it's done .  After a while,  I was given a show called “Miliki Express”  to  handle  and  here  I  am  today.

What doors will you say your father's name have  opened  for  you?

My father's name, Wonder Dayo Kujore is a powerful name in the entertainment industry. Well,  anytime  I meet people that know my dad, they always want to be my friend and associate with me. Also, in my profession as a presenter, the name has allowed me meet and interact with top celebrities . I can remember back then in secondary school, whenever my dad was not around and we hadn't paid school fees, they will send everyone out of the class except myself and my siblings... I get these special treats from people, so the name has been a blessing.

What's growing up like, schooling, siblings and so on?

Well, growing up was fun, I attended Starfield Kiddies College, went on to Brainfield college for my secondary education, proceeded to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife to Study Music and presently at NIJ (Nigerian Institute of Journalism) studying  Mass Communication.  I'm from a polygamous family,  the third and last  of  my  mum.

Who will you consider your biggest guest for now?

Wonder Dayo  Kujore... My Dad.

What was your first experience as a presenter like?

OMG... lol.. On the day of my first TV shoot, I was shaking, in fact, I was almost a nervous wreck but Uncle Bimbo Ogunsanya was there to help me through...  in  the  end,  it  was  fun!

What's  your  ultimate  dream  in  life?

To become a good name and a success in the entertainment industry.

If you have your way, when will you be married?

I don't know.

What kind of man can't  you consider settling down  with?

A man that lacks the fear of God, a poor man, a wife beater and an  ugly guy, lol. I love cute guys.

Every woman has made one or two mistakes meeting bad dudes,  can you share yours  with  us?

I've never met a bad dude in my life, I've been very lucky,  thanks  to God for that.

What's that thing you regret in life, of which you'd love to redress  should  in case the  hands  of  clock  be  turned  back?

Nothing, I've had a good life so far and I thank God for it... I live life  the way it comes and it's been  a  blessing.

Who's your professional role model?

Oprah Winfrey.

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