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Monday, 22 August 2016

"Day I Lost Lead Role To A Car Owner"

She's hot, beautiful and fashionably attractive. AmarachiIgidimbah, fondly referred to as Goddess Amah is one of Nollywood's promising stars who hails from Egbuoma In Oguta L.G.A of Imo State. The fair skinned and bubbly actress was a year older and she took the editor of your darling magazine, National Enquirer, TundeMoshood through her background, acting and how she once lost a plum role simply because she didn't have a car. You would enjoy the chat:

You just celebrated 25th, how true is that figure because ladies don't share their DOB?
Lol...well, I won't disagree with you on that, but personally I don't see myself hiding my age or reducing it because I have no reason to, so far am grateful to God.

Tell us what crazy thing you did on your birthday?
Didn't do anything crazy, just the normal thing I do everyday "was extremely happy".

At what point of your life did you decide on which path to follow?
Well, I have always had love and passion for entertainment right from childhood, I participated in every dance show/competition in all drama groups from primary school, secondary school, university up to NYSC Camp but my mum didn't like the idea so I stopped dancing but couldn't stop acting in church drama, before my NYSC, I worked as an auditor in a finance house but one day after four months of working, I just realize I couldn't keep up, so I resigned, that was in 2012, I went for NYSC and finished in 2014, after my NYSC I was trying to enroll for my masters in 2014 but one day after watching one of Angelina Jolie's movies I started mimicking her and a friend of my said "Amah you're a good actress, am taking you for an audition tomorrow, so we did go for an audition, the judges commended me, gave me a role and that was it, then I realized this is who I am.

What were the thoughts of vocation on your mind?
I never lost an argument and then I love buying and selling, so I was thinking of Law or being a very big business tycoon.

Aside acting what else pays your bill?
Am a fashion stylist, I own a clothing line called Amah's Dress up, I sell female clothes and hair wigs.

How has your educational and family background influenced what you do for a living, tell us everything about school and siblings?
Educational background has helped me in my work because the course I studied, Religion and Human Relations taught me how to relate and cope with different people no matter the situation, attitude, mood or circumstance because in line of my duty, I meet different people everyday, colleagues, crew and fans. As for my family background, its like my root and remote control remembering where I came from, reminds me of my limits, goals and virtue. My secondary school was Owerri Girls Secondary School Owerri, Imo State, from there to Imo State University, Owerri. My schooling, I will describe as a journey of life, some days were  bad some were good but in all I am happy, I am here today and about my siblings I have just one brother, no sister.
Every actor especially female has got a first bad experience, what's yours?
Wow...I've got a bad one to share, it was at a location where I've been given a script and was ready to go, then surprisingly, because I didn't have a car, I was swept off the role and it was given to a lady who had a car simply because they need a car for props on set, I will never forget, so painful.
And what's your status like today?
To God be the glory, am upwardly mobile with two state of the art cars in my garage.
How bare can you deliver a romantically sleazy script.
I can deliver any romantic script beautifully well but if it's immoral or corrupt NO, I won't do a movie that my family won't proudly sit and watch with their friends, apart from that my future kids too.

Who is your role model in the industry?
I have a couple of them for different reasons, Angelina Jolie, Genevieve Nnaji, FunkeAkindele  and Mercy Johnson

And your crush?
hmmm... myself I guess...lol

What's your catchment for a dream man?
Tall, Neat, Smart/Hardworking understanding, God fearing and ambitious, most especially Real, I can't deal with fake and selfish people. 

Are you free to mingle with guys or you have been taken ?
Am single ready to mingle 

What brings out the bitchy behaviour in you?
When I try to respect myself and you, but you want to show that you don't have home training, although I pick my fight carefully but if you step on me where it hurts unnecessarily I will give you a double dose.

What turns you on?
Neatness and good heart and good attitude

What are your projections as an actress in the next five years?
By God's grace and mercy because its not by my might I see myself on every billboards on the street and I see myself doing my other  projects as an entertainer

What won't you be caught doing at any time?
Smoking Cigarette

What and What are the beauty products you can't do without?
NONE at all, I can do without all,  actually sometimes, I don't even open my make-up purse for a month, I love to wear my natural hair , if there is one thing am lazy at, it's being girlie all the time.

What influences your fashion sense:
Apart from acting, fashion is another passion I have and my mood is what determines what I wear, am creative at that, am a trend setter

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