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Monday, 22 August 2016

Enquirer's Under Cover Exclusive Mami Market Where Police Uniform, ID Card Sell For Peanuts Uncovered

This is definitely the very first seemingly insurmountable task for the newest police Inspector General, Ibrahim Idris to crack as recent shocking revelations in the Nigeria Police Force have revealed that, the NPF is the biggest and most dangerous cankerworm this country faces and it will take bravery for any super cop get to the roots. National Enquirer gathered reliably that, almost a quarter if not half of the 370,000 (Three hundred and seventy thousand) personnel in the police force are fake officers brandishing police uniforms for various criminal reasons across Nigeria. The source confided in us that, some of them are either retired police officers while some are equally dismissed personnel who can't adapt to any other means of livelihood than forcing out their ways the way they were used to in the force. 
According to National Enquirer's findings in an exclusive under-cover investigations where what can best be described as the most crookedly-organised crime ever was unearthed, the Nigeria Police Force is indeed the most porous in the world leaving the sovereign nation sitting on a keg of gun powder if the on-going felonius racket ravaging it is not nip in the bud. 
This office scooped and decided to follow-up the unbelievable story of how police uniforms, ID Cards, Emblems, Belts, Caps and other intimate accessories that make-up a complete kit are being offered for sale freely in a MAMI market somewhere in Ikeja. Our daring team of crack reporters led by editor were truly at the Mami market directly facing the popular Area F Police command, Ikeja, Lagos and the discovery was astoundingly appalling, all you need to do in some cases is shave your beard very clean and walk into one of the shops there majestically, as long as you've learnt the slang, ''abeg gimme one ID Card or ID dey?'', the moment you approach the woman like that, she knows you're a 'son of the soil' or maybe a serving policeman. 
Meanwhile, some of them are very cautious perhaps because of the illegality of selling police stuffs openly, such person may ask you, ''you be police, where you dey serve'', as cheap as that, and the moment you answered yes, I dey barrack here, I dey serve for Idimu, she'll bring out anything you want provided she has them because it's like pure water, selling like Akara. During the adventurous under-cover investigations, we couldn't get Identity Card the first day but we were able to buy Uniforms, the light blue material is just little above a thousand naira, same with the black trousers' material, everything is sold separately, NPF emblems, caps, belts to the extent of giving it to a tailor to sew for you, all in the same neighbourhood. Alas, we later got the ID on the second visit and pronto we have a complete and original police uniform properly sewn with a budget just close to N10,000 excluding the boot, there is anyway, but we didn't bother to go that far because the mission is just to blow out the scandal and get the police IG to smoke out the perpetrators.
Can you differentiate our man from other police officers you see outside, this is a uniform we bought and sewn from the Ikeja/Area F Mami market. We however dug further by talking to innocent policemen who gave us more damning insights into the Nigeria Police atrocities, ''those uniforms you're seeing are meant to be given strictly free officially, with proper identifications before you can get it but those Ogas use their powers to bring it out forcefully and illegally from the central store and give to their wives to sell, everyone buys it anyhow, that's why the number of fake police in circulation is so enormous, different people doing different things, even those police guarding many politicians are fake, and that's not all, there are so many ex-convicts, rogues, touts joining the police, there's no control in the admission system, once you have a godfather, you don't need any educational background, tell most police to bring out their certificates and you'll marvel at the type of personalities entrusted to man our security of lives and properties, the police needs a total cleansing and complete turn-around, enough should be enough for now'', the man who proved anonymity shocked us the more. Another major leaking roof of the Nigeria Police lackadaisical leadership is the issue of proper identification, ''there's no seriousness in the Nigeria Police Force, it's the worst in the world, do you know aside the fact that, there's no way anyone can detect if you're a fake police or not, so many people, even real police personnel claim any rank they like outside duty post, for instance, if you walk your way to getting a transfer to another state or anywhere in Nigeria, just tell them at the new police station on resumption that you're an ASP and straight away, an ordinary rank and file will be kitting himself as a SUPOL, believe me, no one will query you because there's no data base or any electronic device of confirmation and you know what, we don't know the true figures of the NPF, it's that bad, tell me how guns won't be everywhere when you can buy the uniform like Akara in the market'', he revealed. We're really at cross roads on this story because of the police uniform in our custody but it has to be told for the sake of the high crime rate in our society, we owe the masses that obligation to unravel such an utterly odious, evil, abominable, unpardonable heinous crime. We certainly know the FORCE will be on our trail to, ''come and interview the IGP by 10am' at the Force HQ, Abuja on so so date, we're planning to send the uniform in our possession to the FORCE HEADQUARTERS the moment this publication hit the streets. There are other serious allegations which we shall tell in our next edition. Tunde Moshood and Sherif Ajalaruru

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