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Monday, 7 September 2015

The Grass To Grace Story of Laredo Boss, Olanrewaju Jimoh

Not so many people can figure him out with that name because he’s the conservative type who doesn’t believe in throwing his face above corporate brand and besides, humility happens to be his watch word. His grass to grace story as seen by National Enquirer team is as inspiring as that of a boy born of a poverty background and eventually rise to the top against all odds.

From a humble beginning, he has risen to become one of Nigeria’s rarest entrepreneurs in a business no one ever thought could stand out amongst comity of friends. But today, his corporate name and identity have become a household brand to reckon with.

“I started this business with one of my brothers some 19 years ago but now he’s on his own, he left to start what he also loves doing after graduating from Yaba College of Technology, he’s actually into Furniture making now and he’s doing good; that I can tell you.”, he told National Enquirer in his new office.

According to what he told us at National Enquirer, “we give the Almighty God the glory because when we started this “buns and puff puff” business, sorry they used to call what we do then “buns and puff puff’, now it’s been modernized to small chops (lol), who can ever think it’s going to grow this big but we thank God for his mercies”, he confessed during a visit to his ultramodern new office.

There are just few of them ruling the world of small chops business but he’s no doubt one of the most reckoned and this can be attested to, by his new feat, the construction of a multimillion Naira ultra modern office inside the heart of Lagos. His clienteles cut across the high and might, people in the oil and banking including notable politicians.

Lanre Jimoh, the multiple ward winning entrepreneur popularly known as Laredo began the trade almost 20 years ago in the busy but popular Sandgrouse market; then he was occupying just a small space in the slum which doubled as the administrative office and kitchen where they fried the small chops. By determination and dint of hard work, the tall and lanky shrewd businessman grew bigger and bigger by acquiring more outlets in the same market; infact, at a time, he expanded so much that, he had to think of what to do to compensate market council for tolerating him that much.

“My brother, they really supported and tolerated me here, I was inconveniencing them with my frying fumes, you can imagine disturbing people with the fumes of the food they won’t get to taste out of it, it was that bad, more so, from just one small space as an office, I had expanded to getting like 10 more shops; at this point, I thought of what to do, so I got an extra space, paid for it and built a separate office for them to rent out and utilize the proceeds as a way to appreciating their immense support”, he told us.

Like the popular saying, “ you don’t change a winning team, I don’t want to leave but because of the information that, the Lagos State government is demolishing the market to build an ultra modern structure, and this to me might be far-fetched  by the time they finished, so I had to think ahead by getting a befitting property of my own”.

Just days back, the managing director of Laredo threw open his new corporate office situated on Omididun Street, Adeniji Adele, Lagos Island for business. The new multimillion Naira 3-storey building corporate office which is constructed on a not-too-big a space was so maximized to occupy different and important offices such as 2 big kitchens, administrative offices for the MD and key staffers, laundry, free business centre for customers waiting to get delivery, staff chalets and so on.  This is wishing LAREDO boss, the small chops giant more grease to his elbow. Below are some of the pictures of the fabulous new office.

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