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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Femi Branch Reincarnates With Wife In Aunt Maria

Have you seen this thoroughbred star actor, Femi Branch of late? Anyway, he’s not been around, he’s been seriously busy at a location with his new flick, Aunt Maria where he played 2 roles; one of a male and of a reincarnated woman. As you read this, the interesting movie is just been wrapped up and will be heading for editing soon. And one thing you need to look out for is that, you’ll be privileged to see the wife of the award winning actor playing a role in the yet to be released movie.

According to Femi Branch who’s the producer of the movie, “Aunt Maria”, of course, my fans will have the added benefit of seeing my wife acting alongside me but I won’t give that out for now, they should just be on the look-out for my own Ibitola, he told us during a brief chat.

What an interesting movie you would say, Aunt Maria tells the story of how a dead man reincarnates in form of a woman to revenge for his family for being duped when he was alive, it is produced by Femi Branch, directed by Toka Mcbaror with special prosthetics by Hakeem Effect. Below are some of the location pictures.      

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