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Friday, 11 September 2015

Nigerian Doctor In Dublin Diagnoses Giant Boobs’ Growth In Woman

A woman in Dublin, Ireland, has been living with a giant bre*$t-sized tumour on her back for more than 10 years!

An unusual growth appeared on the right-hand side of her back a decade ago, and since then it reached 19cm in length and 6,7cm in width. Although the tumour did not cause any pain it had increased considerably in size over the last three years, compelling the unnamed woman to consult a doctor.

The impressive firm ma$$ appeared to be a lipoma, a benign tumour composed of fat cells. Dr Tunde Abdulsalam, who provided the case report, said: “It is unusual to let it grow that big. Most patients would have it removed sooner for cosmetic reasons.

“From my clinical experience, most lipomas are small in size and most patients frequently leave it alone because it is relatively stable for years and does not affect bodily function but in some cases, it can increase in size as a person’s BMI increases.”

The woman is now waiting for the huge tumour to be weighed and removed with surgery. Lipomas are soft to the touch, usually movable, and generally painless. Many lipomas are small but can enlarge to sizes greater than six centimeters. They are commonly found in adults from 40-60 years of age, but can also be found in younger adults and children.

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