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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Science Wonder! Human Hybrids Pets For Super Rich Citizens Cost $50m

Scientists have uncovered a new pet for the super rich to toy with. They have just perfected a new cross breeding process that gave birth to human/dog hybrids meant for the delight of the super rich citizens.

In an undercover laboratory in Vancouver, scientists have been slaving away for the finding of the century. It’s not a cure for cancer, or even a way to conquer death. This research is a lot more sinister.

Scientists have found a way to cross humans with dogs, to cater for a market of very rich people who like collecting unique pets. Dr. Paul Bradshaw, 54, from the Hartman Collinge Institute explains “There is only so much you can buy a person who has it all. This is better than buying your loved one an iphone 6!”

Animal rights groups are up in arms, as Pauline Crosby, 34, activist with the Animal Defense League explains “If one of my children saw these creatures, they’d be scared half to death. Imagine one of them sucking on your toes, in a dark alley”.

Dr. Bradshaw explains some of the advantages of having Human/Dog hybrids, “they’re obviously very intelligent and their vocal cords are functional. This means, not only can they keep you company like a dog can, they can read you bed time stories and answer the iPhone for you”
One of these hybrids would set you back around 50 million dollars. Not only are they being sold in North America, but there are orders for them in Manchester, Cardiff and London and probably coming to a city near you.

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