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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

"Lazy Men Are Big Turn-Off For Me"-Sexy Blogger, Helen

She's not just one of those run of the mills bloggers, hers is a thoroughbred

professional who believes in creating a niche in the industry. The very beautiful lady is also one of the few cautious and controversy free female bloggers in Nigeria. Quite humane and respectful, the unassuming lady behind Helenevents blog bares her mind on sundry issues plaguing the new media world as well as her incursion to the online business. You would enjoy the excerpts of the interview she had with your darling online portal, www.enquirermag.blogspot.com.

What prepared you for the challenges of life?
While growing up, I had almost anything I wanted.. my dad made sure I never lacked anything.. but as time went on, things became tough and my sisters were taking up jobs even while in school. My dad was against it but my sisters never stopped trying to work to make some money. I learnt that, all the challenges back then didn’t stop any of them for making the best out of life. It was more like a foundation had been laid in the family. You have to work, you don’t have to rely on anybody all the time. And that’s why immediately after secondary school.. I started doing ushering jobs, calender jobs, pageants etc. Sometimes, I could spend the entire day at a casting and still wouldn’t be picked for the job. When I got admitted in Olabisi Onabanjo University, I could leave school and come to Lagos for a casting or a job. At this time, my dad has passed on… I did a lot of jobs to the extent that I wasn’t disturbing my sisters for money for my upkeep. I always got myself sorted out. I faced several other challenges, I made mistakes but I always learnt from my mistakes. Somehow, I feel this prepared me for the challenges of life. That’s why when I face certain challenges now, I don’t allow it weigh me down for too long. Life comes with different challenges and the ability to deal with those challenges is the greatest thing that anyone can do for him or herself.

Can you share the genesis of your incursion into the media world with us?
It all started back in 2011 while in my final year at Olabisi Onabanjo University… I had stopped modelling/ushering jobs to focus more on school activities because i didn’t want to have an extra year. One day, a friend of mine called to find out what I had been up to and then I told him I had stopped modelling and all I did was school work. So he advised that I start a blog but I didn’t take him serious until few months later when a lecturer in school invited his friend who had an online media platform to come and shed more light on what online advertising was. Luckily for me, the man advised some of us to start a blog. (I was the only one to heed that advice out of over 150 students) I got home and started my research on how to start a blog, what to blog about etc. After five months of monitoring three of my favourite blogs at that time, I decided on what I wanted to blog about and started mine. Basically, I was blogging to while away time rather than just getting involved with bad friends and unnecessary distractions.

Would you say blogging is lucrative, if so give reasons and if not why?
Yes. Blogging is lucrative if you decide to take it seriously… I mean if you look beyond blogging for fun. When you treat your blog like a business, you invest in the business, market the blog to your potential client, make good contacts.. in no time, you’ll make returns on your investment. But, if you blog for fun, nobody will take you seriously and soon you’ll realize that you keep pumping money into your blog without making double the amount you spend every month in keeping the blog alive.

There's this believe that, blogging is almost getting saturated, is this true?
Yes it is true. Blogging is getting really saturated but like they say, the sky is big enough for everyone.

As a single entrepreneur in the media business, what has life taught you?
Hmmm! Life has taught me that nothing comes easy without hardwork, life has taught me that I have to take my destiny into my own hands and make the best out of it. Life has taught me that my integrity is very important in business. Life has taught me to work smart. Life has taught me never to reply on man a 100% but to believe in God. Life has taught me that all that glitters isn’t gold. Life has taught me to believe in myself and trust God at all times. Life has taught me to learn from my mistakes, life has taught me never to stress myself and wait for someone to validate me. Life has taught me that it’s a waste of time regretting past mistakes. Life has taught me to care, show love and never stop being myself no matter what anybody does, do or say about me. Most importantly, I have learnt that patience is a great virtue.

What stand you out from others in the new media world?
Like I said earlier, blogging is saturated. These days anybody who has a smart phone and knows how to make the best out of social media is almost considered a blogger. But then, what makes that person stand out from the crowd? Nothing! When I started out as a  blogger I was just like every other blogger publishing and sharing links online.. after a while, I figured that I wasn’t fulfilled being a regular blogger. I just knew that there has to be something that stands me out , something that makes me unique, something that keeps me in my own zone and I don’t have to compete with any other blogger. After about a year, I decided to go into niche blogging so I decided to focus on event blogging. What we do basically is offers online publicity services for any upcoming event, event coverage, event review, photography, syndication of press releases to other blogs, social media marketing, venue/vendor sourcing, digital business management, live tweets for event and so on.

Majority of bloggers are copy and paste merchants, how do you think we can tackle plagiarism?
First is, as a publisher, you have every right to contact the person who has used your content without giving you proper acknowledgement for your hard work. Call the persons attention to it and see to it he or she does the right thing. If that doesn’t work, you can go ahead and file a complaint to Google. Google sanctions the site of such people.

Who's Helen Ozor, what makes you tick?
I guess being a strong woman. The ability to pick myself up when I’ve gone through a major challenge makes me tick. Also, the ability to come up with a solution almost immediately there’s a problem.

What's your choice of man?
Lol! That’s a big question o. First I’ll want a man who is more hardworking than I am… I can’t cope being with a lazy man.. it’s a huge turn-off for me. I’d like to be with a man who loves the good life but then he knows that to have that kind of life he has to set goals and accomplish those goals. I’d love to be with a man who has vision, a man who has the zeal to be successful. I’d love to be with a man who can provide security. A man who knows how to take good care of a woman in every possible way he can. I am not so particular about looks whether he is handsome etc but he has to be presentable to an extent. I like my man being generous to a fault and he really has to have a very good sense of humour. I can’t stand having a boring, too serious man in my life. Above all, I would love to have a man who loves God.
Tell us your beauty secret?
Would I say I have a beauty secret? Hmmm! I don’t think so. I love looking very simple. I am not a fan of brazillian hair, fake eyelashes, fake eyebrow, fake bum lol. What I do are the basic things anyone does… bath in the morning, bath at night before going to bed, apply body lotion both morning and night. Apply deodorant, body spray, perfume etc I try as much as I can not to go to bed with makeup on when I’m very tired. I just love to look good, neatly dressed so I can be very comfortable and confident to speak to people I know or someone I’m just meeting for the very first time or even a prominent personality. The way you look determines how you would be addressed… I keep that close to heart and I make sure I do all I can to look my very best.
Who're your role models in the social media business?
I’ve got just a few role models… I look up to Ayo Rotimi, Uche Pedro of Bellanaija, Mr. Ayeni The Great of BHM and Mr. Femi Awoyemi of Proshare
What do you consider as the peak of your career?
When almost anybody who has an upcoming event can’t help but seek our services.. that I’ll consider the peak of my career
What won't you be caught doing if you have your way?
If I have my way, I won’t be caught staying glued to my gadgets.. but I can’t help it.
Lastly, what advice will you give an intending blogger to make an impact in the genre?
Be the best you can be… be yourself. Don’t compare yourself with anybody..be persistent, determined and do not give up of your dreams…

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