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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

"Still Searching For My Ideal Man"- Ghanaian Actress, Becky

Ghanaian singer Becca with real name as Rebecca Acheampong  needs little or no introduction, the pretty star boasts of millions fan base in Nigeria thanks to her wonderful collaboration with the award winning artistes, Tuface Idibia and M.I in her recently released songs and video.  The chocolate skinned songstress is presently in Nigeria and was cornered by Enquirers Faith Irabor for an interview where she spoke about her career, relationship with Nigeria artistes among sundry issues.  Come along.
 How can you describe yourself?
 I am Rebecca Acheampong a.k.a Becca a singer and actress. I was born on the 15th of August some twenty something years ago in Kumasi, the Ashanti region of Ghana as the first girl and fifth born of nine children from a Christian religious home.
 So what`s been happening to Becky?
 Oh Becky has been doing a lot, my album is ready now and as you know I just finished shooting a video with 2Face as well for our song, "Bad Man Bad Girl", the one with MI is already playing, so Becky has been very busy you know, in the studio shooting videos and been all over.
 Why did it take a while for your video to get ready?
 I don`t think it`s been delayed already, I had M.I song out and the video is already out, so it's just strategy that you let them enjoy one before the other comes out because when theres a clash, though either way it will be fantastic because 2Face is a fantastic artiste and he is really loved around the world not just in Nigeria and Ghana, its just a strategy anyway.
 Why exactly did you choose to work with Nigerian artistes, why not Ghanaian or other countries?
 I didn`t prefer Nigerian artistes alone, I have done a lot of collaborations with Ghanaian artistes as well and South Africans, I love Nigerian artistes because Nigeria is just too close to Ghana, we are like brothers and sisters, we are like family and when I was doing the songs I was looking for certain artistes that I thought could inspire or could do the song well and so I chose M.I because lyrics-wise, he is a fantastic rapper who knows a very good song and I did Bad Man Bad Girl' with 2Face as well because I thought that he just suited him so well and Nigeria of course is my second home, I love Nigeria, I love everything about Nigeria and it's a good story today I wanted them to feel like Im  a part of them, you know you cant just stay in Ghana and think you're okay doing music, you have to be able to collaborate, let them know you're flexible and can work with anybody, thats the reason for this.
 I quite agree with you that this place is like a second home now but how did you break into the Nigerian market?
 Yeah it is, I think it`s a gradual process everything is just one step at a time, I did a few shows in Nigeria and I started with the Glo Rock and Rule a long time ago like 2008 or thereabout but now I think that I`m a story myself and I`m growing, another thing that helped is my song with M.I, I think it's helping me so much, you know for people to get recognition here and Im sure 2Face' own is going to get blast as well, so we are breaking into the market gradually, strategically and with the help of some Nigerian artistes too.
 Initially when we saw your videos, it was a Becky that tied her hair portraying the true African lady, but you seem to have rebranded and dumped that style for dreadlocks?
 I think the tying of hair just took about 2 years now Im still African and I think this isnt making any different at all because I still have very natural hair, I always want to portray Africa, I think as an artiste once you are growing you have to rebrand, you have to be fresh, people need to see certain things about you, certain qualities about you and thats one of the reasons why I actually did this just to make myself feel good as a woman,  I think you need to rebrand over time as an African, being natural is beautiful.
 What`s your educational background?
 I attended Wesley Girls High School in Cape Coast and also Croydon College, London where I bagged a certificate in Child Care and Education.  I also have a diploma, and a degree in Printing and Estate Management and Im doing my masters right now as well.
 How do you combine music with these you just mentioned now?
 If you have good management and you have a schedule and you do things according to the schedule its not difficult at all and it's determination, sometimes it gets difficult, yeah it's tough going to school and doing it but it is determination, once you have a passion for something and you are determined to do it, it will be easy for you to penetrate.
 How do you relax amidst your busy schedule
I think the best way I relax is that I travel to Italy to rest whenever am stressed up because there's usually so much for me to do when Im in Ghana or even Nigeria Im telling you.
 How many times do you come to Nigeria in a month?
 Oh, it depends on what I have to do here
 Can you settle for a Nigerian man?
 No not a Nigerian guy, Nigerian guys are fantastic, I love Nigerian guys don`t get me wrong oh yeah lovely guys but I`m not married to a Nigerian guy neither am I married to a Ghanaian guy I`m not married yet.
 What if the opportunity comes?
 I could, I love Nigerians, I really love Nigeria in general.
 What`s your favourite Nigerian food?
 I love Eba and Egusi, I love Ogbonno you know I like their Asun meat too (laughs)
 It`s like a second home indeed (general laughter)
 Indeed my second home and I like the Okro soup as well.
 Oh wow you know all our delicacies.
 Yes of course!
 Which of our traditional attire do you like the most?
 Ok the last time I watched 12 contestants on stage in Ghana there was a mix Ghana Nigeria fabrics and I saw so many different beautiful ones you know, when they use these things they put on their hair its so beautiful, I said I wanted one I dont know what Im going to use it for but I want one of that.  Its so beautiful, the Yoruba attires, the Princess attires they are all really nice I know all the attires, I just couldnt remember where they are from but I know all of it, the wrapper is lovely as well then the gele.
 What`s your beauty routine?
 Well naturally I think I love a natural style I do a lot of cocoa butter from Ghana, you know Ghana is a place of cocoa and so it's so easy for you to get things that you dont have to look too far and I love my natural skin colour so I maintain it and I bath of course I scrub my face a lot, you know funny enough when Im getting stressed I scrub my face, I wash my face I bath twice a day you know do my normal cocoa butter routine.
 So what are the 5 items you can`t leave the house without?
 My phone, when Im travelling my Bible always and my makeup bag, clean lingerie and I call the last one my prayer.
 Who is your ideal man?
 My idea man is somebody that is humble, honest, caring, loving, determined and has got passion to do work and he`s funny.
 Have you found him?
 I think I`m still looking (laughter)
 Is nice chatting with you?
 Nice chatting with you too.

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