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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Can’t Leave My Relationship of 12 Years for Anybody -Olamide

Olamide Adedeji came to limelight with his hit song Eni Duro and has ever since remained one the hottest artistes in Nigeria. In this recent interview with Enquirer’s Faith Irabor, the young and vibrant Yoruba indigenous rapper speaks on his new album YBNL, tour, growing up and many more. Read on.

Hi Olamide, you’ve added so much weight, what’s up with you?
God has been so good, that’s why I’ve been living good life.
Hmmm…Nice one, then you want to share what growing up was like for you?
Ghetto gangster and rough man; there was nothing rosy about my childhood at all. I grew up in Bariga and so far so good, it’s been rough and tough on the streets. Sometimes, I still want to go back to the hood; I miss that lifestyle. Been away from that ghetto gangster life, somehow, I still miss some stuffs like the foul smell I got here and there from my backyard. You can take a ghetto boy out of the hood but you cannot take the hood out of him. When I’m rapping and speaking good English, I won’t know when I say; ‘gbagbe osi’ (forget rubbish) and that’s typical me.
Can you tell us about your last tour?
I just got back from Malaysia and I’ve been away as well, to London, Dublin and a couple of other states outside Nigeria for tour and all that but right now I’m back in town to produce my album because I’ve been working on it for a while even as I was doing the tour and all, it’s titled YBNL I have my producers working on it.
What’s the meaning of YBNL?
YBNL means Yahoo Boy No Laptop.
What is the story behind the title of the album?
Where I belong, no matter what you do in life you can’t run away from the fact that you belong to a certain society or whatever. As for me I am from the ghetto and in whatever I do it shows in some way, somehow. YBNL, Yahoo Boy No Laptop is a slang in my hood, Bariga that simply means a young dude making big money, looking good, looking fine, and not into anything illegal.
So which one is the biggest of the tours?
Truly, you know, honestly I can’t really tell because everything so far has been so huge.
But did you really see stardom coming this soon?
As a dream chaser and a big dreamer like I often say, as you live your dreams you can’t actually tell when the thing is coming but you can always feel it, so I’ve been feeling it all the while, that’s why I’ve been putting all the extra work and all that.
Ok what age exactly did you realize that music is in you?
When I was eleven.
When did you start professionally?
When I was eleven.
What was the first song you recorded at eleven?
Back then I was in a group.
Where are they now and what’s the name of the group?
They are now my big fans (laughs)
 How old is Olamide?
Olamide is 23
For real, what month are you?
Yeah for real, 20th of March
 Wow that happens to be my month too
Where are you from and what’s happening educationally?
I’m a native of Ogun State and right now I’m out of school and it has to do with my career but am looking into it
When do you intend going back?
 Actually I’m thinking of doing a professional course right now
Which department?
Engineering, sound engineer
Why did you leave your ex manager Tony Payne?
 I can’t say anything about that again but I only know that life is a change of direction even if you don’t plan it.
Where do you see yourself and the future of Indigenous rap?
I see it going far away to places like the US charts, UK charts just like the Oliver Twist song by D Banj and it’s time the international market realizes that there is a business with the Nigerian music and with time, everything is going to pick up, so the future is bright really.
Tell us about your relationship?
Yeah I am in a relationship and we’ve been together for over 12 years now
Are you kidding me?
And she is the main reason why I’m here, her name is Music we’ve been together for like 12 years, through the ups and downs she is the only one that has been there for me and it’s always been there, when I’m sad she makes me happy. (general laughter)
So how do you relax?
Do I really relax? I don’t really relax oh.
Where does the inspiration for good music come from?
I listen to good music above all when I listen to good music I hang out with my friends so I can hear one or two slangs too.
Ok let me ask you this question, why is it that you artistes only get inspiration when you take weed or smoke?
That one is part of it too for real but……..
(Cuts in) Do you smoke sincerely don’t lie?
(Laughs) in my dreams I think I do but in real life I don’t.
So what’s your favorite food?
Bread and beans (laughs) ewa agonyin.
Any embarrassing experience that got to you?
Yeah just like recently I was sitting down somewhere and Koffi just hit my head
Why and did he apologize?
I don’t want to go into that now but of course he apologized because I didn’t find it funny but had to be calm because he’s somebody I respect so much.
What about the female  fans?
So many times
Have you ever dated your fan before and can you date one?
So far none recorded
What will you say stands the brand Olamide out?
I think it’s just the fact that I have inspiration and I’m very real you know originality.
So where is mum, dad and everybody?
They are good, they are all in Lagos.
How are they coping with the unanticipated stardom?
It’s hard but they just have to keep praying for me and supporting me.
When last did you visit them?
 Christmas is around the corner what should your fans watch out for?
Yea my fans you guys should watch out for my album it’s dropping real soon 12th of November, it’s titled YBNL next week Monday I have the videos on it with Tiwa Salvage, Reminisce and lots of them, my video for First of All is dropping next week as well.
It’s been nice chatting with you.
Same here.

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