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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Controversies, My Man, My War With Fellow Actresses-Yvonne Nelson

The name Yvonne Nelson is synonymous with the Ghanaian movie industry. The wonderful role interpreter debuted as an actress few years ago and has over time become one of the hottest female stars in Africa. Now a producer with two fantastic movies to her credit. In a recent chat with Enquirers Faith Irabor, Yvonne talked about movies, her lifestyle, alleged romance with Iyanya as well as other controversies that rocked her lately. Enjoy the interesting session.
 You no doubt have a very beautiful skin, can you share your beauty routine with us?
 (Laughs)Thank you. The funny thing is I just stay away from the sun, you know people go like you always getting lighter or whatever (referring to the rumour of her bleaching) when you see someone who is bleaching, Im sure you can tell so I try as much as possible to stay away from the sun, I use Palmers and  I've been using the product for many years now.
 Say precisely when?      
 Yeah, I have been on Palmers for about 8 years now, the thing is, if you stick to one body lotion and don`t keep changing, it will eventually yield a bigger result than what you have in mind.
 Let`s talk about the rumour, how did you feel when you first read it?
 Well what can you do about it, you know people saying negative stuff for talking sake, they say false stuff all the time but I came out with a statement telling my fans the real situation of things.
 Another one that is also rocking you at the moment is your rumoured affair with Nigerian act Iyanya and what gave credence to the gist is the leaked beach pictures of both of you, did you deliberately release the pictures for stunt reasons or are you guys really dating?
 No (laughs) Iyanya is a friend of mine. Yeah we had pictures together but I dont know how the picture went out but it's not a bad picture, I dont mind if anybody sees that picture. I am not dating Iyanya.
 Then why is your name the most mentioned in his latest song titled, "Your Waist" and how does that also makes you feel?
 He is a friend of mine I think we are all Africans he did a song for African ladies, he mentioned Tonto too not only me. Though I will ask him why mine was the most mentioned when I see him (laughs)
 A lot people see you as arrogant and snobbish, why is this so?
 Ok I will tell you what it is and I say it all the time, yeah I think it has to do with my movies because 80% of the movies I have done, I always play a rude girl, I think Im always type casted Im always playing a rude, bad girl whatever, so people are just used to that. But I am not snobbish as you can see now.
 Which means I am not the first person to tell you?
 Oh I`m used to it! You can`t go to everybody`s house and explain to them I`m like this or that so I`m just used to it.
 Can you still remember how you entered the Ghanaian movie industry and which movie shot you to limelight?
 Yeah, it was right after I contested for  Miss Ghana.  I did Miss Ghana in 2005.
 Did you win?     
 No, I was among the last 5, I won 2 awards out of 5 awards, if I had won Miss Ghana I wouldnt be here now. (laughs)
 Which was your first movie?
 My first movie was "The Return of Beyonce" and my second movie really shot me out, thats where everybody got to know who Yvonne Nelson is, the movie is titled "Princess Tara" yeah.
 You were also Mercy Johnson`s Chief Bride's Maid at her wedding, how close are you to Mercy?
 Mercy is a friend of mine and a colleague, I love her, so I feel honoured to be chosen as her Chief Bride'smaid.
 When we heard the news a lot of people felt you would disappoint her?
 No! No! Mercy is very dear to me, I love her, I love her work, you know she is very talented and she told me about it, when she told me I thought she was joking with me, you know and I was like wow I`m honoured, I will be honoured to be a part of your wedding, I was very happy.
 I read an interview of you after the wedding that you said this has really made you feel like getting married but it`s over a year now and nothing has been heard?
 Yeah, you`re right. The wedding made me look into my life like oh my goodness my friends are now married, I believe it's God that knows the right time and I will settle down.
 The right time? how old is Yvonne?
 I`m in my 20`s, late twenties to be precise.  
 For real?
 Yeah late 20s
 So what`s your educational background?
 As at now I have a degree in Human Resource Management, I finished at the Central University College, it`s the first private University in Ghana and I`m thinking of doing law some time soon. I don`t know if I will get the time but I want to do law and my mum also wants me to do law.
 What are the challenges that come with this job and how do you cope with it?
A lot of challenges for example you just talked about bleaching, talk about this and that, so all of these are enough challenges.
 And how do you manage the different controversies that tend to rock you every now and then?
 Just be focus whatever they are saying ignore it, be focus do what you are doing, be hard working and prove everybody wrong; like now I produced 2 movies. One with Majid Michel and the second one with Chris Arthur titled Single & Married. The movie is really doing well in Nigeria you know, even in the cinemas.   There was an alleged ban some time back you know, so I came back really hard and I produced this movie, this movie is doing so well and it`s actually the best we premiered in Ghana. We had the best premiere ever this year in Ghana, so I thank God people came out to support me and I thank God it`s doing really well. The bottom line is I don`t allow all the controversies to distract me in my career because I am a focused person.
So what`s your relationship with your colleagues in the industry especially the female ones because we gathered that you are not in talking terms with most of them?
Like you said we are all colleagues you know so you don`t have to be friends, you don`t have to call actresses and say eh let`s go party or whatever but when it comes to work; if we are suppose to work, we do our work and we go our separate ways, I`m ok with most of them you know and I even featured Nadia Buhari in my second movie. I wouldn`t have casted Nadia Buhari in my movie at all if I have issues with her or any of them.
 I must commend your enviable curves! But seriously what do you do to keep in shape?
Thank you. Just lost a couple of kilos, I do a lot of exercise at least maybe like 3 times a week and I try to stay away from too many fatty foods.
 Are you in a relationship?
 Yeah I am
 Is the person a Nigerian?
 I can`t disclose that (laughs) I`m in a relationship.
 When do you intend settling down?
 Soon I don`t know when but soon.
 And what was the attraction for you?
 Ok, I don`t look out for anything in particular, I don`t look out for physique, I don`t look out for a tall guy or light skinned guy or whatever, if I like someone you know it`s just a natural thing you can`t explain it when you like someone.
 So what do you consider the embarrassing moment you can`t forget in a hurry in the course of your job?
 Yeah. Okay I will go like, any time I make mistake on set! Oh my God!
 Have they per chance left the part un-edited  when releasing any film?
 No! No! I always correct myself but because people are there and they are always watching it you know they expect you to be so perfect you know when you make mistake I go like oh there I go again.
 Where do you see the brand Yvonne Nelson in the next 5 years?
 Producing, acting up and doing more.
 Yeah of course with a baby by then!
 It`s been nice chatting with you

Thank you.

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