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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fayose`s Sister, Apostle Bimpe Premieres Cancer Movie In The Boat
In what looked like a rare daring move, the younger sister of the former governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Ayodele Peter Fayose, Apostle Bimpe penultimate week finished work on the productions of her own movie titled The Diagnosis. The emotion-laden movie which is a true life story of how the woman of God was diagnosed of the terminal illness, a stage 4 cancer of the breast was premiered two days to her birthday, Saturday, November 11th, 2012. It was premeired amidst colourful audience from all over the world who watched the movie in a 5 hours boat cruise with lots to eat and drink.
It would be recall that Apostle Bimpe was diagnosed of a stage 4 cancer of the breast and medical experts had broke the sad story of her impending death in 6 months time. But rather than losing hope, the woman of substance who has found peace and love in God`s vineyard had summed up the courage to wax stronger in the lord.
Days built up to weeks, weeks grew to months until her impending 6 months death period expired last year, December 22nd, 2011, the Apostle of God keep growing stronger in the word. She has since celebrated a year and more of fabulous existence to the glory of God.
According to her, “the thought of surviving this tough, harrowing and life threatening ordeal informed the idea of making an archival reference out of my true life story, the movie which I titled The Diagnosis is meant to immortalize myself whilst still living, I know that this is a rare feat but I give glory to God for making it possible”, she told us during the movie premeire.
As if that’s not enough, the Apostle had amongst her high profile guests to celebrate the premeire of the movie with her, 5 top rate evangelists from the U.S. These Pastors and other friends of the Apostle flew in from America and other parts of the world to witness the epoch making event.    
Inside the double decked boat, S.S Ethalm managed by City Cruises, guests were treated to sumptuous meal in excess and quality fruit wine as the boat kicked off from Greenwich pier taking the guests round the city of London via the House of Parliament and back to base for the 5 hours cruise where the life touching story was shown.
The high point of the movie which was shot by the Theatre Company and directed by Nick was the presentation of Awards and ordination of some men of God among which is Apostle Bimpe`s first born, Dignified Oludamola Sorinolu-Bimpe, the fresh graduate of Architecture from the prestigious Caleb University, Nigeria who was ordained as an Apostle & Executive Director to take charge in the face of her mother`s impending death.
The film has been billed to be premeired in Nigeria next year January to celebrate the graduation ceremony of Dignified Oludamola and later in the U.S before eventually taken to cinema for public view in March, 2013.
Profile of Those Recognised By Apostle Bimpe`s Baba Mission
Bishop Lonnie Henderson
Bishop Lonnie Henderson came all the way from the U.S for this historic project, he is a man whose passion for the scriptures is legendary. Bishop Henderson is the founder and general overseer of the Agape Christian Fellowship Ministries in America.  His International outreach Church with branches in Ghana and Jamaica is reaching out to Muslim, Hindu communities and even backsliding Christians.  In recognition of your passion in the promotion of the Gospel, the Baba Missions International hereby confers on you the esteemed honour of LIFE GRAND PATRON.
Mrs. Shamim Dale Coulter
Mrs. Shamim Dale Coulter is one of our sisters in the Lord from Arizona, U.S.A , as a strong follower of Christ, passionate commitment to the missions of Baba Missions and for your invaluable contribution to Christendom, Baba Missions has ordained you today as Minister and Life Grand Patron.
Omonpee W. Petcoff
This is another worthy Minister of God whose accomplishments in Christ have touched many lives. She is today being ordained as an Apostle-Elect & Patron. She has written a book on Psalms and lives in Irlington Texas.
Chosen Modupe Hyatt
Just like it is in the Holy Book, many are called but few are chosen, Modupe Hyatt has more than the power of Holy Ghost in her, little wonder her great passion for the word. She`s being ordained as Apostle & Patron. She flew in from Chicago, U.S where she serves as a minister of God.
Esteemed Olukunle Adepoju-Oluwa
This man is a not just a blessing to the esteemed House of Christendom, he has served the Lord with all his heart and belongings. He is being ordained as an Evangelist & Administrator.
Dignified Oludamola Sorinolu-Bimpe
At just 19, this young and dynamic teenager no doubt has a place in history as he`s on the verge of taking up responsibilities that even too tasking for grown-ups and the well-to-do. Dignified Oludamola is a fresh graduate of Architecture from the prestigious Caleb University, Nigeria. With the impending news of his mother`s death, this young lad will be charged with the onus of taking care of his 3 younger ones. He is being ordained to lead the ministry today as Apostle-Elect & Executive Director.
Ini Elizabeth Ekaete
Ini Elizabeth Ekaete is a Minister of God with an undying passion for the scriptures. She is a typical example of an exemplary role model in the body of Christ. For these desiring qualities, Baba Missions International has ordained you today as Evangelist & Executive.
Apostle Temi Ogunmefun
Apostle Temi Ogunmefun is one of our role models at Baba Missions International. His footsteps, beliefs and support for Christendom have been an inspiration to us. It is in this regard that we are inducting him as an Apostle & Executive Grand Patron. May you continue to excel in the Lord.
Recognition Awards
Rev. Dr. General Janet Oyebade
This woman of substance deserves more than this plaque as a mark of honour. She has shown the ministry so much love and support that we pray that God in HIS infinite mercies showers the blessings of Heavens on her and her household IJN. Please accept this symbol of honour from us all, Baba Missions International as a token of our appreciation of your support. You`re indeed a Kingdom Celebrity.
Rev. Stephen Olanrewaju
Rev. Stephen Olanrewaju is a testimony to Christendom, he has in him a relentless passion for the Holy Ghost. He is one of honorees today for his belief and support for God`s Kingdom.
Olapeju Agunbiade
Men look at faces but God looks at heart. It is our honour to recognize your belief and invaluable contribution to the house of God as one of the Kingdom Celebrities. Please accept the token from Baba Missions International.
Pastor Rotimi Fajimi
For your kindness and fatherly support to this ministry, especially towards our establishment in the United Kingdom, we have the honour of the board of Trustees of Baba Missions International to recognize you amongst others.
Pastor Kemi Idowu
Pastor Kemi Idowu is no doubt a rare gem and one of the virtuous women in Christendom. Baba Missions International is specially fascinated by your courage to uphold the interest and legacy of your late husband. We pray for God`s continuous support for you and your household. We hereby recognized your person today for the courage to preserve not just your husband`s legacy but God`s work.
 Pastor Friday Irobo
Pastor Irobo is one of the testimonies in Christendom. He has shown and proved that the Kingdom of Heaven is just at hand. You are today being recognized for your belief and support to the work of God.
Pelas Theatre Company.
There are companies and there are organizations who don`t give recognition to the existence of Christ but at Pelas, existence of God and support for Christendom are priorities. It will interest the audience tonite to know that Pelas Theatre Company offered so much support in the reality of this movie you`re about to watch this evening. We thank your team of vibrant expertise for proposing, starring, directing and packaging the historic project that today translate the touching true life testimonies of our own Beloved Apostle Bimpe, The Diagnosis to an archival reference. Please accept this token of honour as our own way of appreciating your support.
Pastor Tim & Shola Oladipo
Your track records as a couple in Christendom is not just rare but legendary. You have convinced the world that there are power in the word of God, this you have done through the preaching and teachings of the Gospel. We hereby recognize you as a Kingdom Celebrity Couple of Note today.
 Tokunbo Kuti                          
Tokunbo has supported the work of God with all his heart and what he`s got. In him, the saying that with God all things are possible has become a watchword. You have been inducted by Baba Missions as Apostle-Elect & Administrator.

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