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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Video: Newly-Wed Nigerian Gay Woman Lashes @ Africans, ‘’You’re All Hypocrites Even God Favours Gay Unions’’

The 53 year old mother of three grown-ups, Moji Solar-Percy who got married to her gay partner in the US has come out to lambast Africans, most especially Nigerians for what she termed as their hypocritical behaviours. The Ijero Ekiti, Nigeria born business woman who describes herself as a mother, realtor, LGBT activist, speaker, coach and TV host got married to her lesbian partner in the United States in a controversial union that had her daughter walk her up the aisle on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

Her marriage took place shortly after the police arrested about 50 people in Zaria for attending a gay wedding in Nigeria, thus compelling the 53-year-old Nigerian woman, mother and presenter to react to the success of her wedding “Today I woke up in a cold sweat. I was drenched with fear, for a moment. I forgot where I was. I ask you all to close your eyes, imagine what would have happened Saturday at our wedding if we were in Nigeria. Even though we went to great lengths to make sure we had security, the thought of the police barging in and arresting all our guests, my wife and I, to be carted off to jail, the women raped and beaten, the men brutalized, and my children beaten along with everyone else. When I got my bearings, I got on my knees and thanked God for his grace of living in the US. Then I remembered all the people that could not do what we did with grace and class. To all of you (gay) all over Africa, #westandforyou. May all our days be filled with blessings and grace.”

Having taken all measures to have a privately secured wedding shindig, the woman was so surprised and baffled to read the news of the negative reactions of Nigerians back home about her decisions to marry her gay partner. In her reaction, she took to the air to lash out at her detractors in a video that’s presently going viral. Just a click away to watch the thirteen minutes video which started with a Yoruba praise song meaning God, open the doors of my joy, don’t make me cry:

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