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Friday, 12 May 2017

Top UK Pastor, Apostle Adelaja’s Miraculous Teachings Of Faith…His Many Wonders

Apostle Adelaja

Sister Josephine

Many years back when Apostle Adetayo Olaonipekun Adelaja took up the divine call to serve, one major factor he held on to was his Faith as a driving force. Even in the wake of heated challenges, ranging from gathering flocks, coordination of the huge tasks like finance, he remained undaunted. Today, the story is such a fulfilling one, seeing his Divine Surgery for the World growing tremendously and recording highly inspiring testimonies from the awesome works of God through him.
Against this background, the man of God tells us the significance of Faith in the life of a believer. According to him, “Faith is the bedrock of every believer in Christ. Christian simply means Christ-antioch Act 11: 26, The Bible says it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11: 6. This why it is important for everyone that calls himself a Christian to have extreme Faith, that’s the first miracle that will form the bedrock of whatever he or she does”.
In his words, he asserted that Bible is Faith. “Faith gives birth to Faith. Genesis to Revelation, all the believers in God demonstrated Faith from Adam to Apostle John. Believers are those that have Faith in Christ. Christians believe in the teachings of the master Himself. It is a fact that without Christ in someone’s life, he will be miserable and full of crisis”.
Asked how his flocks have embraced the display of Faith in his ministry, Apostle Adelaja said one of the cardinal factors people go to church is to pray and receive that which they aspire and strive for. “It is however pertinent to stress that, “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, according to the word of God. The word of God has been written before given birth to my father’s fathers. Hebrews 11: 1. So, there’s no way we can do anything without Faith but I am particularly happy that the person called “Faith” is what I preach at every singular opportunity, the church have benefitted immensely from this”.
Speaking further, he said, “I am Faith personified, the whole world respect me for my demonstration of Faith. I live by Faith daily. The Bible says the Just shall live by Faith daily, citing Romans 1: 17, and Hebrews 10:38 to justify his expression. “Every day, spectacular things happen to many people around me even across the globe. Before I open my mouth, signs and wonders occur which I cannot explain myself. Miracle has been my best friend.
According to Apostle Adelaja, there’s basically nothing a man of God can do without first instilling the word of Faith on his congregation, “The Bible says Faith without work is death. Every believer must practice their Faith every second of their lives. In my three published books, you will see practical display of raw Faith in action even in the face of opposition. These have been demonstrated in my books titled, “Deliver Thyself O Zion!”, “Heavenly Passport” and “Life is a Teacher”.
He however agreed that, “Yes, many people love to drink milk for the rest of their life. Satan has attacked them with infection that prevents them from eating hard food. For example, studying at the Oxford University in England is different from another university in Africa. All are good institutions, but in the argument of great philosopher, Napoleon Hill, all animals are equals but some are superior to others”. This is why Apostle Adelaja attributes the success of his ministry to his embrace and teachings of Faith in the moving and nurturing of the Divine Surgery for the World, doing great things in London, England.
He was however confident that teachers of the word of God determine either to have little Faith or strong Faith, because this is what will determine how far they will go in the ministry works. “Faithful simply means Faith that is full. If someone is not faithful in something simply means your Faith towards that person is not full. Many have been praying for donkey’s years for miracles and it’s like nothing is coming. It shows that their Faith in God is not complete. But when you have a leader in the ministry that preaches Faith to its fullest, strongholds will certainly be pulled down, those in bondages shall be made free, the oppressed shall be emancipated and those in all forms of needs shall receive bountifully.
Some of the members of the Divine Surgery for the World share their worship experiences and blessings to ascertain the preachings of the man of God, Apostle Adelaja. These are what they had to say:
SISTER JOSEPHINE: “I want to thank God for His mercy and healing power in the life of my sister, Emelda. She was diagnosed with cancer and according to the teaching of Faith we had been taught by Apostle Adelaja, God used me to support her in prayers and fasting and to the glory of God, she is healed totally IJN. Hallelujah to God for His mercy on her life.
MRS. N. MOSES: “I thank God for His Faithfulness for setting my husband and I free from detention and deportation. What seemed to be impossible became possible with God. I was praying with man of God, Apostle Adelaja under the display of my Full Faith. One day, he prophesied that I will be released without bail and the next day, I was called that I will be released the next day, and it really happened exactly the way he prophesied. Again, he gave a word of honour concerning my husband that he will be released too and it happened that same way. Praise God, Allelujah.  
SISTER NUNDDNEE:  “God tested my Faith during my trying times in Yalswood. I really threw myself on His altar when trouble came upon me two times. I was issued with deportation tickets. I was consoled by a man of God, Prophet Adelaja who used to pray with me by Faith. He prophesied that the immigration will free me. I was even applying for bail but couldn’t get guarantors and finally when I got a surety the same day, an application was made the same day and true to Prophet Adelaja’s words, the bronze gate was opened for my freedom. What a joy it was! I sang, I danced, I thanked God, and I rolled in the Chapel’s altar to redeem my vows before God. It is such a honour to serve God of suddenly. He is always in time for His glory. To God be the glory in Jesus’ name.  
SISTER ADEPEJU: “I nearly give up one day due to miscarriage because I was bleeding heavily and Apostle taught us about believing in divine healing under full Faith, I was supposed to call 999 but I believe in the prayers of man of God. The bleeding was gushing out every 3 minutes. Apostle prayed that the blood will cease from coming out, rather I will only be seeing water. I cried, thinking blood was coming but to my surprise, water started coming out. Straight away, I got healed, I regained my strength instantly. To God be all the glory. 
SISTER AMAKA: “In another powerful and instant healing, I have always known that it is God that has the final say in my life. I was in the Kings’ College hospital due to the fact that I noticed that my left leg was swollen. On getting there, the doctors said that my left kidney is not functioning properly so they have to perform a procedure to lift my kidney up to ease pressure. The next morning, when I woke up, as they were making the bed, I just stepped aside and fainted and the next thing I knew was that I was being rushed into the theatre for surgery. I was told I had clot in my lungs, I couldn’t recall all that happened there because it was like I was unconscious and sometimes, I will be conscious and spoke with them. It was later I was told that they lost me on the theatre table but suddenly I came back to life again. The doctors said that I have 20 per cent chances of being alive and that even if I am alive that I will still be a vegetable but today, my sisters and brothers, the God of Faith has made me whole and strong and healthy, there’s nothing wrong with me anymore. It can only be God. I encourage everyone to hold on to Faith in its fullness. It is a mysterious power that brings health and happiness.
THERESA, IRELAND; I was looking for finance for a car. To borrow it, it was meant to cost me 1000 pounds. After praying, my brothers suggested that I go on my knees and ask my dad, (God). I did and my dad gave it to me on Tuesday and I give the glory back to him. There was not going to be any cost of interest to pay back. I thank my daddy in heaven in Jesus’ name. Praise God, I got a testimony. I miraculously got the finance for the car. I picked it up on Tuesday. Praise God, he decided how I get the finance. Thank you for agreeing with me, man of God.
However, in furtherance of his divine calling, Apostle Adetayo Olaonipekun Adelaja will be playing host to fellow men of God at his Divine Surgery for the world at the All Saints Community Centre Monson Road, London SE14 5DJ, when he will be staging the 3 days interdenominational special anointing healing and miracles for the Sons of the Mighty.
Coming under its theme; “Wealth Transfer”, the programme which have in the past editions proven to be highly inspiring and fruitful is attracting worshippers, believers and all and sundry. It holds on Friday, 26th- Saturday, May 27, 2017 from 7pm-10pm and Sunday 9am-11am with the presence of powerful servants of God billed to minister to all.
In his usual manner of impacting great experience to attendees in the presence of God, Apostle Adelaja confirmed the ministering of Pastor Ige Ekundayo, Pastor Olamide Afolabi (Winner’s Camp Church of God, Abbey Wood),  Prophet Martin Onwumere, Pastor Collins Okoloise (Dominion Faith Chapel, East Ham London E12 6SG.) and Honourable Gbenga Omole.
Worship ministers to take all through great worship experience are Minister Clement, Minister Rebecca Fajebe, Pastor Christy Ikemson (Gospel of Peace Deliverance Mission, Bermondsey, London) and Pastor Ena Gustave with the Officer in charge being Apostle Adelaja, The general overseer.
To explore the various spiritual activities of the ministry, more of Apostle Adetayo Adelaja’s exertions like counseling every Saturday and teachings on Saturdays for the community and many more could be accessed through the church website - www.divinesurgeryforthe world.org  

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