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Monday, 1 May 2017

''My Heart, Richest Part Of Me''-Italy Based Supermodel

 By virtue of her detailed body features, slim, long legs, well manicured tiny fingers with an imposingly intimidating height which are characteristics of most international models, Cynthia Omorodion no doubts epitomizes what she’s got passion for-modeling. The daring lady is one of Nigeria’s catwalk queens plying the walkway trade at the modeling market abroad. Basking on the euphoria of her victory as the winner of the second edition of the popular Nigeria Next Supermodel, the leggy fashion model has further honed her skill to meet global demands for stiffer competition in the international fashion market. Quite intelligent and down to earth, the beautiful lady who’s the only child of her parents played host to editor, Tunde Moshood in far away Italy where she’s currently living her life to please no one but herself. She spoke candidly about her lonely heart, what life has taught her among other interesting things.  

Can you give us a brief of your background detailing academic and family?
I'm from Benin City, Edo state Nigeria I was born in a small village called Urhokuosa, I'm the only child of my parents, I attended Gauis Obaseki Primary and Secondary School and have a diploma in Law from the University of Benin, Nigeria.
How did modeling start for you?
It started from an indigenous modeling agency in Benin when I was in the University of Benin called Imose modeling agency, I saw a poster for a casting, got there and got picked, I got lots of encouragements from the owners of the agency and I'm eternally grateful to them- Biggy (of blessed memory) he was a great guy, he practically pushed me into modeling, he made sure I got my catwalk lessons right and he wasn't ready to listen to any lame excuses from me which I'm very good at, and also Mr. Elvis and Isi, all amazing people.
What would you have been doing had modeling not beckon?
I would have been a Lawyer like my dad, it was always my dream to be in the same court with my late dad, was seen him as the prosecuting counsel that he was and myself as counsel for the defendant, but sadly it was a dream that never came true as I lost him quite early to death in 2007. So aside that, I would have probably been into photography, I love creating images, or a writer, writing for me is like one of the GREATEST gifts God has given to mankind. I have lots of interests and modeling is just a part of it, I still do all these except practicing Law.
Who's your role model?
Nobody, but I admire lots of people; I admire Barrack Obama, Iman-Zara Mohammed Abdulmajid, Naomi Campbell, Chimamanda, Martin Luther, they all have a combination of things I'd like to be, all in one! Naomi's strong character is a force to reckon with, her beauty and strength, for Iman her drive, being an ageless supermodel and after decades in the industry, she didn’t go 'to rest' but owns one of the biggest make up brands in the world, that's huge and something totally inspiring, Barrack Obama made me love politics and the love is been there since his inauguration, he's probably the best and coolest president America has or will ever have, his intelligence is also very inspiring. Chimamanda, her style of writing completely blows me off, her intelligence is unmatched and she greatly inspires me, for Martin Luther King Jr., I  practically know all his quotes and I greatly admire his consistent avocation for peace despite negativities and his positivity.
Which of your modeling jobs would you say is the biggest?
I've done too many jobs both in Nigeria and abroad some I don't even remember anymore after winning the second edition of the Nigeria's Next SuperModel show. I haven't been modeling since a long time now, not because I lost interest but I have been influenced with greater interests (politics) and school, all the jobs I did were with great pleasure so I can't say which was bigger or not. I've had both low and high points
So what are you doing in Europe presently?
Studying and living life one day at a time.
In a single breath, who's Cynthia and what are her sweet characters?
My heart is the RICHEST part of me
Are you in an altar bound relationship now or you still up for grab?
Very up for grabs (even though I don’t consider myself like a pack of popcorns) I'm single but that doesn't mean I'm willing to settle for the next man, I'm not ready for just any man but the one that really wins my heart!
What do you look out for in a man?
A man with a large heart does it for me.
There's this belief that once our ladies stepped out, they prefer Caucasians to black men as husbands? Do you share this view or you already seeing one?
It''s a matter of choice, some of our ladies might prefer a Caucasian because he treats her better or just for material security, or because of the craze of having mixed babies, so it's different strokes for different folks, for me the color of one's skin has NEVER been a problem, what I look for is the composition of one's heart and this composition has absolutely nothing to do with the skin colour at all, no I'm not seeing anyone neither Caucasian nor African, nor Hispanic nor Asian.
Have you got a bedmate or how do you cope with sex if you’re not seeing anyone?
I don't do that and I don’t believe in bedmate, not seeing anyone at this time means I just broke up with someone, don’t get it twisted, Lolz
And as a beautiful lady, what are your domestic attractions that you think will keep a man attach to you?
I'm a very real person, I don't know if that can keep a man, as most men like the fake trend, but it surely will keep a REAL man, I've had a tough life but I'm usually very positive, I like to serve, I like to make people around me feel comfortable, if I have a boyfriend I like to treat him like he's my big baby (in a good way) not like an actual baby and the mess that comes with dealing with one, but in the sense that I'd care for his needs more than mine and always want to make sure he's happy. 
What do you consider as most priceless asset in your body?
I don't consider anything most priceless, everything we have physically was given to us by God and can be gone in a giffy, so with every part of me I'm grateful to God for making me, me!
What makes your typical day and what makes you fulfil and happy?
I am a Gym gym person, I find joy and happiness walking out.
What's your state of living now, would you say you still struggling, just there or you've found your feet in Europe?
A bit of all
What other areas of interest do you see yourself delving into very soon?
Fashion and politics 
What has life taught you?
To be positive irrespective of one's situation and never ever to put your trust in anyone but God the creator of the universe.
There’s this belief that models are exposed to life of drugs and sex, have you been tempted once?
Noooo, that's not my case, nothing like that, drugs or sex are personal choices nobody forces you to do that being a model or not. Never, I’ve never been tempted, not at any time.
Are you thinking of relocating home soon?
What are your weaknesses for a man?
The way he smiles, a very very big heart, his sense of humour (there's a saying if you can make a woman laugh you can make her do anything)
And what are your dos and don'ts in a relationship?
Mutual respect is very important, don'ts; control freaks, it's a relationship not a 'controlship'
What won't you do for a million dollar?

Nothing comes to mind right now, I'm quite daring but I know where to tie the limits knot so maybe a porn movie!
What will you say are your regrets as a model?
Ummm…Do I have any? I think my joys of being one supersede them.
It’s been nice talking to you
My pleasure thanks.

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