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Monday, 1 May 2017

Nigeria’s Celebrity Sworn Enemies...The Bitter War

In the Nigeria entertainment industry today, there are a number of celebrities who would rather forgo an opportunity than allowing a fellow artiste benefit from it, and this acrimony has so grown in some of them that, they care no hoot whose horse is gored. Most of them are in the same business of entertainment but we’re afraid they will never share roles unless probably for a million dollar bucks. Yes, the hatred is such strong. And the amazing thing is, friends have waded in and efforts have been futile many a times, and this is why your darling magazine, National Enquirer decided to look at the various animosities between these top rate celebrities, and role models who’re supposed to be vanguard of civility for the upcoming youths. You would enjoy the feature story anchored by Roving Editor, Jite Usman.

Tonto Dikeh and Rosaline Meurer
It is no longer news that, the drop dead beauty, Roseline Meurer who has just taken a dramatic entrance into the movie business has been in the centre of actress Tonto Dikeh’s marriage break-up. The ravishing beauty, Rosey is the personal assistant of Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband, Churchill Oladunni and people in the know have sworn to high heaven that, there’s more to the relationship between Rosey and Churchill than meet the eyes. The rumour which puffed out like a little smoke eventually billowed and finally breezes away the mother of one from her matrimonial home. We don’t need any soothsayer to read the frame of mind between the duo and if you think we’re saying something different from your thought, please give Tonto Dikeh and Rosey a script to meet in same location.   

Cossy Ojiakor and Daniella Okeke
Sexy actress, singer, video vixen and Nigeria’s famous boobs dangler is synonymous with controversy, the actress looks like she’s bitten more than she can chew several times but trust her, she’s never tired. The sexy and boobs flaunting actress has been involved in more than enough sex scandals, pimping and other immoral behaviors probably more than any other actresses in the industry. If it’s bringing raw cash, just tell Cossy, she’s ready to give it what it takes. The path of Cossy and butty actress, Daniella Okeke might never cross again owing to what Cossy termed a betrayer between her and Daniella when she allegedly pimped the actress for the embattled man of God, Apostle Johnson Suleiman of the Omega Fire Ministries. The daring actress had come out to leak how she introduced Daniella to Apostle Suleiman and how the man of God reneged on his promise of buying her a Range Rover after allegedly having canal knowledge of Daniella and showered her with several millions including choice cars and house in a choice area of Lagos. Same Cossy also came out weeks ago to challenge another Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo to warn the Port-Harcourt based man of God, Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries who Cossy claimed to have pimped Iyabo for. The warning was a threat for the Pastor to release the Ibadan based blogger, Kemi Olunloyo who has been in prison over her audacity to write about his (Pastor Ibiyeomie) alleged sex scandal and true to her threat, the Pastor ordered the release of the detained blogger for the fear of being exposed. So Cossy and Iyabo Ojo too might never have the cause to meet or partner on movie production again.

TuFace and Blackface
The rivalry between these former band members, Innocent Idibia a.k.a Tu Face and his erstwhile friend, Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo popular known as Blackface dates back to their Plantashunz Boiz’ days when Blackface accused Tuface of stealing his intellectual property, being the African Queen, the song that shot him to limelight shortly after the group’s breakup. There was nothing friends have not done to reconcile them but Blackface would not listen, he is ready to throw caution to the wind at any slightest opportunity, the latest was the nationwide protest in which Tuface was meant to lead the youths against the inadequacies of the Nigerian government but Blackface was vehemently against him, he joined opposition to make sure Tuface was frustrated to denounce his interest in the protest.   

Chioma Toplis and Oge Okoye
These two top actresses were best of friends until they became sworn enemies. According to the gist in town, the friendship between London based actress Chioma Toplis and Oge Okoye was so strong at a time that, when Oge Okoye was going to have her baby in England in 2010, it was Chioma that accommodated her and they were so close that Chioma’s Caucasian husband was so fond of Oge. Bubble eventually bursted when Chioma allegedly got the wind that, her friend had began to snitch on her and according to the source, Chioma’s husband started asking JAMB questions, the kind he’s not been asking before then, though, the main gist was sketchy, this office gathered reliably that the duo would rather prefer what they cooked in the dark to remain buried to having a reconciliation agreement and if they think we’re lying, they should both give us an appointment anywhere to put us to shame.

Toyin Aimakhu and Seyi Edun
These are another sworn enemies. People in the know are saying the no love lost between the lanky and baby faced actor, Niyi Johnson and her embattled wife, Toyin Aimakhu-Johnson nee Abraham (please Toyin is not Niyi’s ex until they divorce, we were at their wedding and they’ve not showed us their divorce certificate) might not be unconnected with the secret relationship between the upcoming actress, Seyi Edun and the tall actor. Right now, Toyin Abraham and Seyi Edun are no doubt sworn enemies and it will take the involvement of the Kingdom of heaven before the two actresses can be paired together at a movie location.

Ebube Nwagbo and Anita Joseph
It is an established fact in the industry that, sultry actress, Ebube Nwagbo and the popular Limpopo crooner, Kingsley Chinweke Okonkwo of Kcee fame were best of lovers, the duo was not just lovers, theirs have been sealed with family liaison and it is on record that Ebube gave the relationship all she had with the hope of walking down the aisle with the star musician before the wickedly endowed Anita Joseph surfaced and more annoying was the fact that, this was when man was on the street as a boy (get the drift?) and alas, the source hinted Anita Joseph was only interested to eat the bobo and continue her journey of life. No sooner she got what she wanted that she vamoose. The relationship between Ebube and Kcee ended but a broken heart like they say…we can tell you for free that KCee was actually Ebube’s first love and the original one, but as at the last time we spoke to her, we can’t confirm this again. So actress Ebube Nwagbo and Anita Joseph? Give them a script and call us to direct the movie. 

Doris Simeon and Stella Damasus
We can tell you for free that, there’s hardly a week, if not everyday that, the thoughts of where, and with who her first fruit, her first child, the only child, her suitor and companion lives. Actress Doris Simeon did not just lose her marriage to Stella Damasus, she also lost her child who’s supposed to be her companion at a time like this to a woman she can’t stake. We’re not speaking her mind and Stella Damasus will also have her say if they meet in people’s court, just like they say, there are two sides to a coin, but Doris Simeon and Stella Damasus will never be able to do things fruitfully together in a short while if not forever. 

Julius Agwu and Basketmouth
We’re going to be very careful with this, though, because matters bordering on spiritualism have no firm base, especially in court, so we’re treating this based on gossip merchants’ allegation. This has divided the comedy circuit and we have facts to buttress this if any of them won’t talk. According to the wickedly strange rumour flying around, the strange ailment of comedian Julius Agwu which has made him bedridden for a while is said to be a spiritual attack. We’re not party to this but friends have been rumoring it and this has even brought about division in the comedy kingdom but ask them, they won’t say anything but if you see Comedian Julius Agwu, thank God he’s hale and hearty now, tell him to confide in you but don’t quote this magazine.    

Saheed Balogun and Fathia Williams
This is about the strangest of them even though there’s no new thing under this heaven. Actor Saheed Balogun and his once-upon-a-time betterhalf, Fathia Williams would not come back, and not just that, despite efforts by respected members of the society for reconciliation, the enmity went so petty that, court papers flew around at a time to stop the mother of his children who’re his perfect-replica from answering his name. It’s that bad.     

Sophia Tchikere and Nuella Njubigbo
These are other Nollywood top actresses that may probably not be able to do anything together, whether now or in the future. The elegantly beautiful Sophy lost her legal marriage of 9 years, Chidi Tchikere, a top movie director to an upcoming actress actress, Nuella Njubigbo. Sophy was so pained when she was dumped by her husband for another actress but she seems to have moved on with her life and also doing good in same industry. For whatever reasons, and for any millions, the bringing together of actresses Sophie and Nuella who have both have children for same man might not be probable.

Dr. Sid and Wande Cole
These are members of same band making waves, fame and money together but we doubt if Wande Coal could ever forgive Dr. Sid because according to inside sources, it was Dr. Sid that was at the center of the controversy that broke the chord. Though it’s been quite a while, the gist is that, it was Dr. Sid that caught Wande Coal where he was running his mouth about the group and the source is claiming Wande didn’t find it funny when Dr. Sid told it all to the boss. We were told that, Wande can stoop as low as doing anything to worship the boss but will never reconcile with Dr. Sid, allegedly though.     

Toke Makinwa and Anita Solomon
These are new crop of celebrities in the same line of business. Toke Makinwa is the newest OAP, Vlogger of note and just recently, she joined to her CV, controversial BestSelling author of Unbecoming while her sworn enemies, Anita Solomon is the Calabar based beautician, Lawyer and public speaker who’s her husband’s mistress that eventually stole her man, the popular trainer and fitness instructor, Maje Aiyida. The partly British party Calabar born babe who has been Maje’s girl friend for 8 years came back to get pregnant for him while the legal wife was still waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb, this was what broke the marriage.

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