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Monday, 15 May 2017

Gory Video…Stupendously Rich Igbo High Chief Caught In Robbery Operation…

A stupendously rich young Igbo high Chief was among the dare devil bandits that confronted a team of armed policemen in a bank robbery operation in Lagos yesterday. 

The operation, which eye witnesses have described as one of the deadliest in recent time left so many policemen wounded but the gun totting kings of the road were also not opportune to go Scott free. The nouveau-riche high chief, Chief Ugoebenaja who led the robbery operation paid with his dear life. 

According to sources who identified the young multimillionaire as High Chief Ugoebenaja from Orsumuoghu, Delta State, no one will ever believe he's an armed robber, "what an irony of life, this is a young man who gives money at will, he spends as if he doesn't work for the money, we all believe he's a drug baron because he's always saying he's traveling abroad", the source told National Enquirer. 

‘’These are the kind of guys that throw heavy parties where moneys are being splashed like water, they’re obviously not making the money with their sweat, they’re armed robbers or Yahoo Plus guys’’, the source told us.

Chief Ugoebenaja, the source told us further is in his late 30s but he has so many wonders on wheels and his all-marble architectural masterpiece-his country home in Delta is a fortress to behold. 

Before he was eventually caught and shot dead in the I'll fated robbery operation at a Lagos bank yesterday, Chief Ugoebenaja is one of the richest young men from his village, Amaduru Orsumughu but nobody knew him as an armed robber. 

The man is known for his undying penchant for worldly accomplishments and sophisticated beautiful women who're mainly fair skinned undergraduate school girls, " he likes to always be in the midst of beautiful women with his friends, they like to throw party every time and each time, they sprinkle money, mostly US dollars as if it were mere powder", the source informed us. 

He was part of the armed gang that were terrorising a Lagos bank before he got shot in the tough gun dwell with the Police. Below is the video of his last hours in the throes of death.

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