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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Upcoming Actress, Tessy Dickson Sizzles In Captivating Hips-Style Shoot Says, “My Hips, My Asset”

The name, Tessy Dickson might not readily come to mind but the beautiful damsel is one of Nollywood’s emerging actresses to watch out for any moment from now. Quite curvaceous, sexy and stylish, the talented Tessy who cuts an image of a cosmopolitan diva has featured in a number of interesting movies such as Vex Money, The Devil Lives Here, Ifunanya, 7th Commandments, After The Vow etc, in just few years of her involvement in acting. Like never before, the elegantly charming upcoming actress bares it all with National Enquirer’s Editor in an exclusive chat when she was cornered at the Clone Studios where she had a fabulous photo session the other day.   You'll enjoy the brief interview and few of the superbly sexy lovely pictures taken by Ifeanyin Michael.      

How did the acting thing start?
It all started when I was auditioned by Jeta Amata and got a role in his TV series Mary Slessor a while back.

Can we perceive what makes you a working class?
The dedication, time and effort I put in my work, I'm a go-getter and I go all out for me to be the best and get the best results 

Tell us about your family, origin and birth?
I'm from Cross River State, Obubra Local Government Area to be precise. I was born in Jos and grew up in Kano state, I'm the last child of the family.

Can you describe what beauty means to you?
For me beauty goes beyond the physical appearance, it comes from the inside.  It's about your personality, the things you do behind closed doors when there's no one is watching...

Which movie would you say brought you out?
The Devil lives here

What are your eventual calculations in life as an actress?
To be at the very top and have my fans wanting more of me on screen with the best of the bests with my talent speaking for me always.

Describe your relationship right now, is marriage on the card?
I am in a beautiful relationship but please let's leave it at that. 

What won't you do for a million dollars?
There're are a lot of things I would not do for a million dollars but most importantly I wouldn't kill for a million dollars 

And how daring can you be for a million dollars?
Daring enough not to upset my family, loved ones, fans and my integrity. 

Which part of your body is your most priceless possession?
That should be my hips because back in school, I had people that sang "always Coca-Cola " when they saw me and some called me Beyonce and some “hips don't lie”.

There's this gist one time that, a movie producer is asking you out for a role?
Errrrrm… where did you hear that from? lolzz

What other interest or talent do you think you're good at to make money?
I have a lot coming up, so, let’s just wait and see 

When will you like to start having babies if you have your way?
At God's appointed time

Tell us about your sexual orientation, what turns you on?

Errmmmm… shouldn't that be private? 

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