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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hard Times! Kehinde Kamson Rents Out Sweet Sensation Outlets…Debts, Salaries Unpaid

The economic recession presently shaking various household and businesses in Nigeria must have found its way into the boardroom of one of the nation’s popular eateries, Sweet Sensation owned by Mrs. Kehinde Kamson as things are said to be allegedly looking down for the upscale restaurant.

According to sources, the management of Sweet Sensation is alleged to have recently found solace in renting out some of its outlets to interested investors and food vendors just in order to meet up some of its financial obligation.

National Enquirer gathered reliably that, the Sweet Sensation management has been struggling with the paltry sum it pays its staff and that is said to be in arrears of three months or thereabout while debts from meat/fish suppliers, pepper sellers and other expenses from other contractors are piling up day by day.

‘’We don’t know what the woman is really doing with money because we make heavy money everyday but it’s been difficult for her to pay people working for her of late, she has started letting out some of the outlets collecting N4m from these investors every month and I even heard she’s planning to give out the Alagomeji branch which is one of her biggest outlets very soon’’, the insider who prefers anonymity told us.

We were further told that, it is that bad that staff have even began to down tool but the management has threatened to sack anybody who dares to try that.

We however tried to reach the Sweet Sensation management by putting a call through to one of their contact numbers, 08052090025 which rang endlessly without any response. We shall feed you more as events unfold.

Jite Usman

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