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Monday, 5 September 2016

Unilag Undergrads Caught With Strange Charm At Midnight

Some desperate undergraduates of the University of Lagos involved in ritual charms were recently apprehended by an innocent boyfriend who had pretended to have slept off.
According to sources, the lady who had just made love to her boyfriend was receiving a call from her friend when the guy eaves dropped their strange conversation. Apparently thinking that, the boyfriend was fast asleep, the lady began to chat with her friend, details of how she was asked to perform a certain ritual rite, ‘’I haven’t taken my bath today because of the charm”, she had informed her friend.  

According to the gist, her boyfriend had overheard her talking on the phone to
someone about not bathing that day because of the ritual. Then she started the incantations. All the while she thought he was asleep but the guy pretended to be deep in slumber to hear everything.  He was frozen on the bed till he heard her snoring then he got her phone which was actually under her pillow and took the pictures of her chat with her friend...
The chats between the two undergraduates might shock and leave you stunned, there’s every reason for the men folks to be extra careful nowadays.

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