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Monday, 5 September 2016

Sex In House of God! Randy Prophetess’ Husband Who Harasses Female Worshippers Exposed

Prophetess Amaka Nwabueze
Brother Paul and Wife, Prophetess Nwabueze

All is definitely not well among congregation, especially female worshippers of a new generation church, Glorious Gospel & Deliverance Ministries located somewhere in Alagbole area of Lagos as the better-half of the woman of God in charge of the church is alleged to be an unrepentant sex-maniac.

The man, Brother Paul Nwabueze who’s also known on facebook as Bona Mars is the husband of Prophetess Amaka Nwabueze, the spiritual head of Glorious Gospel & Deliverance Ministries and while the wife perfects spiritual deliverance, the alleged randy man invokes his own deliverance muscles on bed with female church members.

According to a confession from some of the female victims who the Prophetess’ hubby has harassed severally, Brother Paul is said to be a disgrace in the vineyard of God and people like that, Paul and his Prophetess-wife are not worth being addressed as ministers of God, ‘’I think the Christian Association of Nigeria-CAN and other religious regulatory bodies have serious work to do regarding sanity in the House of God, my friends and I had to leave the church when the Prophetess’ husband wouldn’t let us be, more shameful it is that, the man was harassing my friend and I at the same time, it is that bad, in fact, it is an open secret in the church, you guys can go talk to any member of the church or even ask any lady to add him up on his number, 08065259980, he’s a shameful man who jumps at anything in skirt’’, the victim told us.

Stating further, the lady who has promised to go extra mile to expose the excessive randy nature of the Prophetess’ husband said, ‘’isn’t there any punitive measure to checkmate these people calling themselves ministers of God who exploit people both sexually and financially, just imagine someone calling himself a Prophetess’ husband using a fake facebook name, Bona Mars while his real name is Paul Nwabueze, it is so shameful.’’ Her words.

We gathered reliably that, the man’s modus operandi is usually getting phone numbers of female worshippers or even any lady and appointing them to meet him at a nearest brothel in Ajuwon/Akute or Alagbole axis, and he’s so notorious that, he’s a popular face among ‘brothelians’ in those neighbourhood.

In our facts finding mission, National Enquirer took the pains to get across to Brother Paul and when we confronted him with the facts, all he was saying is, ‘’I don’t get it, please who’re these ladies, what did they say my name is, from where, please I don’t know what you’re talking about,’’ his words before he cut the line.

The situation is that terribly disturbing that, the lady insisted the wife is aware of these strange happenings and true to her words, when we reached the wife, this is what she said, ‘’you say a lady is saying rubbish, and do you think that’s a story you should write, you want to throw stones in the House of God, okay, go ahead if it will pay you’’, she bluffed.

Jite Usman  

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