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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Kashamu Buruji Siege: How're The Mighty Falling

Today is very important in Nigeria's history. Take it or leave it. As you read this, what can best be described as the fight of the titans is going on! Just before now, President Jonathan and his handlers held sway but today, the incumbent President is so sad, Infact, sources say if Jonathan could have his way, he could do and undo right now.

The siege on Prince Kashamu Buruji residence is one of his embarrassing moments of his life, and according to close sources, President Jonathan was taken unawares when he was informed of the plans to arrest one of his political confidants, right under his authority.

"The President has received different calls today but he doesn't know where to start from since he wasn't carried along, he's just too shocked to the bone marrow", the source told us.

Whilst the combined team of security operatives are sweating it out to forcefully cease the Senator-Elect, Prince Kashamu Buruji in a bid to begin an extradition process to the US, the President is busy calculating how he could safe the day and accord himself some respect.

It's a fight of the titans, Kashamu has vowed never to give himself up like a coward, he's holed up, right inside his bunkers in the bowel of his heavily secured magnanimous fortress in Lekki, Lagos, threatening to commit suicide and not just alone, but with whoever has guts to dare his territory.

It's been up to a long 14 hours operations and no hope in sight yet, and men of the NDLEA have succumbed to the fact that, Kashamu is one of the toughest suspects the agency ever encountered.

This is no doubt the biggest news of the moment as the eyes of the world are fixed to Nigeria once again, for sure, it's going to make international headlines anytime the man Kashamu Buruji is arrested.

Still helicopters are hovering and phone calls are flying in top circle of governments.

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