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Monday, 25 May 2015

Funke, Femi Kuti Dream Each Other’s Comfy Arms Again…Their Reunion Game Plan

This might be a good and happy time for Funke and her estranged husband, the Afrobeat King, Femi Anikulapo Kuti, according to reports flying around town.
The couple who divorced and have lived apart for several years (though they refused to reveal the reason for their separation) according to facts reaching National Enquirer, are back together as lovers!
The fire of their love, we exclusively gathered is seriously burning that they can no longer hide it to friends and close family members since they got back sometimes late last year 2014.
Funke and Femi who have been frequently spotted together lately unlike when they shared just platonic friendship because of their child are also said to be planning having another child if their trial reunion go as planned.
 "They keep painting this ‘we’re best of friends picture’ because they are afraid of failing again but ironically you all buy it even when Funke is not flaunting any man as pretty as she is with her nice character and Uncle Femi is also not proud of his babymamas and yet they go everywhere together " a close family source revealed.

However, our suspicions were confirmed when they were spotted together again at Tunde and Wunmi Obe's house party, the two held hands, laughed, conversed and even posed for the camera in a way typical of lovers. Although this is not the first time in recent times they were seen together but this last outing got the public asking if they were back together as couple hence our reason for investigating.
 “The truth is, they are working on coming back as husband and wife reason being that they’ve not gotten over each other in the real sense of a divorce despite trying different relationships, this might be coming as news to some people, but seriously, it isn't news to us”, she added.
Another insider who is privy to the affairs of Funke (but prefers to remain anonymous) disclosed that the mother of one is seriously considering having another child and have seen the father of her only son, Made as her best choice if she must go ahead with the decision.
"Apart from the fact that she loves Uncle Femi unconditionally, she wants more children and she prefers him over the relationships she tried in the past" The insider said.
Meanwhile we also gathered that, Made who is their only child together had always advocated for the reunion of his parents. Who knows, this might just be the reunion the new graduate of a London varsity had prayed for as we also got to know that despite Femi's many liaisons that have produced other children, Funke happens to remain the love of his life.
National Enquirer took a step further and contacted Funke for confirmation, while she did not out-rightly confirm it, the beautiful mother of one did not deny it either.
According to her” did you people see us together to confirm if we are back? Anyway you can go ahead with your story because whatever I say won’t change what you’re already fed with, she told us laughing away as if she was enjoying the conversation.

Faith Irabor

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