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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Billionaire Dangote's Aide Lives Large In US, Sprays Dollars At Social Gathering

One of the aides of Africa's richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote is really living up to the billings as a big boy, the gangling man of many parts is sure competing favourably with his billionaire boss, this much National Enquirer can authoritatively disclose.

Back home, whilst his boss, Alhaji Aliko Dangote is gnashing his teeth for the recent sexcapades with an ex-beauty Queen, Sylvia Nduka, who he’s been lavishing millions of Naira on, Esan on his own is painting the US red on a spending spree.

You would recall that, your darling magazine, National Enquirer broke the story of the sizzling romance between the billionaire, Alhaji Dangote and the former beauty Queen, Sylvia Nduka and their relationship has since become public knowledge.

After we broke the news, the love birds had since firmed up as one of the billionaire’s personal assistants, we gathered had tongue lashed the beauty Queen calling her names for her recklessness to allow the secret leak 
and Sylvia, the source told us has been crying her eyes out begging and sending emissaries to her billionaire-husband-to-be to forgive and forget.

“Sylvia is so down right now, she has run to the US, she can’t even cope because she didn’t expect the publication to come out, that’s why she’s been begging him-Alhaji Aliko Dangote.”   

According to informed sources who confided in National Enquirer from the US where the big boy, Esan Sunday is currently enjoying his annual leave, he's, as we speak the talk of town and biggest fish around as no social gathering is complete without his presence.

"It must have been that, the young man is working to break another "Forbes" record to complement his boss' revered title of Africa's richest man going by the way he sprays money at events, attracting beautiful women, both married and single and oppressing the men folks", the source told us.

"Who knows, he might also want to be named "Africa's Richest Employee-ARE" since his boss is Forbes' reigning ARM- Africa's Richest Man", we were further told.

We gathered reliably that, the tall, formerly dark and now toned skinned dude, Esan Sunday who's also a movie producer of Okiki fame is now the cynosure of all eyes at most parties in New York where he sprays American dollars to mostly women, as if it were going out of fashion.

People in the know are saying the cankerworm is not just a simple case of "like a boss like an aide or a matter of "show me your friend and I'll tell the kind of person you're but a typically new cliché of, "show me your boss and I'll say what you're capable of doing".

Some of Esan's colleagues at Dangote Group have spilled the beans on his exploits and adventure including the story of his moribund news tabloid and how he squandered multi million Naira on the venture.
Jite Usman


  1. Can you see who's talking,why can't you continue to publish the print version,you wasted all the money given to you by your investors and you're here calling someone failure,who is a failure between you and the guy you're talking about.youre senior failure.na jealousy go kill you because your life is not settled


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