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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"Obasanjo Never Had Any Political Platform"-Ex-PDP Chair, Fadairo

Former Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party in Ogun State, Chief Joju Fadairo is not just a major stakeholder in the Political set-up but also a respected High Chief in the State. The Fiwagbayi of Egbaland recently turned 70. In this exclusive interview with National Enquirer’s Seyi Onifade at his Oke-Ilewo office in Abeokuta, the experienced politician opened up on life at 70, crisis in Ogun PDP and very private life. Excerpts:

Recently you celebrated your 70th birthday. How does it feel being 70h sir?

When you see me, how do you think I would feel? I feel very much younger than before. I am happy still living at 70. I can do whatever I want to do. And then, I would say, contrary to what people normally say, for me, life begins at 70.

Could you please share with our readers what life has taught you at 70. The experiences of Life?

Well, from my own life experiences I believe it is good to be honest. It’s good to prepare for the future and try to be careful all the time. And then I give glory to God because He has been very kind to me. I have children who are graduates. I have a wife who is always there for me. I married some 43 years ago. As a matter of fact, my marriage became 43 years on December 22nd, 2012. And I married on the 21st. And I became 70th in December, 2012. As a matter of fact, my bachelor’s eve was my birthday. So If I celebrate my birthday today, my wedding anniversary would also come up. I am grateful to God. He has done a lot for me. The experience of Life was ok. When I was a youth, I behaved like one, that time we were going to parties in places like Paradise hotel in Ibadan then to Yaba, just name it but we were much focused. We had nice siblings. And we are happy. And all of us except those that passed way, everybody is doing fine. We thank God life has been good. And again the Lord has been very kind to me.

Looking back now, Is there anything you would have done differently. Looking back at what has transpired in your life in the last 70 years?  Is there any regrets?

Nothing at all. I can’t remember, you know I told you the Lord has been very kind to me. I don’t think I have any regrets. The Lord has been kind to me, I need to marry I married, issues I have. And all of them doing well. And my wife is ok, maybe... maybe... I can’t categorically say now of anything that would have caused regrets but looking back I am trying to think about it uptill now I cannot honestly say because one, I never allowed anything to bother me not because I am careless or I don’t think. If I have problem, I would try to solve it. And if I can’t solve it, I forget it. I don’t allow anything to  bother me. I can’t have hypertension. I have never had one. I don’t have any disease that would be consuming my money. The Lord has been very gracious to me. I didn’t remember anything now because you know 70 years is a long time. I had two jobs in those days. I started on my own, I think about 1978. And ever since I don’t have any regrets to go back to ministry employment. Everything has been fine for me.

A lot of people want to know what has been happening to Chief Joju Fadairo after the exit of the PDP govt. in Ogun State. Are you still in active politics? Are you still in PDP?

When people mention something like that it doesn’t mean anything to me. As you know the only thing that is permanent is change. It’s been a form of change. And by the grace of God we are coming back in 2015. I wish the people that are there well. I am highly active in politics and in PDP, only that I am no more in Exco.
What is the latest about the crisis rocking Ogun PDP, the factions. What do you think it is the way forward?
You know I was the immediate past Chairman, you journalists don`t know what is happening. We never had crisis. We are moving forward. And we are coming back, that is the way forward. We never had Exco before but we did our congress. And now the Exco are there. They are working.

How confident are you about PDP regaining power in Ogun come 2015?

Very confident. Let me tell you, Obasanjo sincerely never had any group. The only reason they are saying Obasanjo group is because people like us are there. In 2011, we are in Daniel’s group. I never foght Daniel and he didn`t fight me either. We are brothers and friends but I decided not to be in PPN and that is the only difference between us. Kashamu’s group is there, some people there are coming to us. I remember when I did not go to PPN, Olurin was to contest, Kuye was there and Sarafa was there. All of us were together but for some funny reasons some went to Kashamu and some went back to PPN. And that is nothing to write home about. The Kashamu’s group are coming back to mainstream now and some from OGD’s camp are here too. I believe people in Daniel’s group are with us and we are with them. I have not seen anything separating the Daniel’s group from us we are all one. And we have no fear that come 2015 we are going to make it. The house is been united very well.We have never relented in our efforts, we are reaching out to our people.

As an elderstateman, what is your assessment of the current ACN govt. in power now in Ogun State?

Thank you very much. It is you people that are supposed to assess the politicians. You go assess and see how far he has gone. So I am not to assess. The people that are voting for us are in position to assess the performance, you know I am in the opposition camp. I don’t want to be seen as being bias or otherwise. Anyway, I am not biased even the flyover he has done, I have said it before it will decongest this place and ease traffic and free movement. The road project is not just quality but done well. It is a good project and I identify with it.

At 70, do you see yourself slowing down in terms of political activities?

No, I can’t slow down. Why do you want me to slow down? I am energetic. If we are to trek somewhere now, you will be running after me. Are you in the group of ‘Baba e senpe, eyin omode woyii na, e senpe”.

What is the secret of your strength  at this age?

One, I tell my wife to give me good food, take good care of me. And I cannot lie nothing bothers me. I don’t even allow anything to bother me or bring me down. I have a bicycle that I ride. I do exercise. I do not have anxiety or fear. Once you have that then you would have other problems coming in. The secret is I serve my God, I believe in others and I try to be fair to others. I honour people that deserve to be honoured because I know honour is a two sword when you honour me, you are honouring yourself.

Finally, what is your message to PDP faithfuls in Ogun State?

Well, first of all I thank God for making us to be here. Secondly I thank all the PDP faithfuls that have stood firm with us and that are still there. I want them not to lose hope because the future is very bright, we are working together. And except you want to deny us, when we were in government, we did a lot of things. We did roads like the current government is doing, housing projects, a lot  of places were opened up, investors came to Ogun State. All we have done before, they should think about that. For example the Laderin Estate, Gbenga Daniel did that and it cost only N850,000 to own a house. The free trade zone in Igbesa was done by Daniel. We did well. And now the people are complaining that it was better during our time. And we are ready to give them dividends of democracy again.
Thank you so much for your time
You are welcome.

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  1. Chief Joju Fadairo is a true gentleman. Long live sir! Miss yah! GB


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