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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Blo1st Daughter Fights Lagos Speaker, Kuforiji Over Romance With Best Friend

The embattled speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Adeyemi Kuforiji might need to have a rethink if feelers reaching us are anything to go by or how best can we explain the latest rumour trailing the controversial Lagos` No. 3 man? Yeah, it was exclusively revealed to this office that Olaomo, the first daughter of the politician and her dad are currently at loggerheads over her father’s romance with her best friend.
Our grapevine disclosed that Olaomo, when the going was good introduced her friend Felicia Anyogo, to her parents who immediately accepted her as she soon after that started spending weekends in their home.
Felicia, a native of Imo state and daughter of an ex commissioner of Police in Enugu, we squealed allegedly kicked off an affair with the Speaker few months after her friend Olaomo travelled to Dubai for her Master’s Degree Programme and as expected the speaker allegedly showered her with cash and material gifts.
The Speaker’s daughter, our source divulged however got wind of the alleged romance tale of her dad and her friend through her mum who did not just break the shocking news but also accused her daughter of conniving with her dad on the shameful act forgetting that she’s also a woman.
Explaining further, our source revealed that it was at this point that the furious daughter of the speaker, put a threatening call through to her friend warning her to stay clear from her dad or be ready to draw the battle line with her as she never knew she had an evil agenda all along.
 Olaomo, according to the source flew into the country recently shunning her father’s instructions of not waging any war against Felicia on the ground that her mum’s allegations were totally false, she according even went as far as sending series of nasty text messages to her once upon a time friend, we also learnt she embarrass her public when they met in an occasion recently.
Olaomo and Felicia according to our source have been friends since secondary school days when their path crossed at Home Science Secondary School, Alakuko where they were boarding students but lost contacts to reunite again on face book.

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